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I wrote this before Christmas. Hope Du like!!!

Andre Louis sat quietly in the library. His butler, James, was standing Weiter to him with a phone on a silver platter. It have been half and Stunde since his mom called him and explained that they were not coming Home in time for Christmas.

His parents have been in Italy for 3 months. They only called about twice a month.

"James," sagte Andre, "We may need to make other arrangements for Weihnachten this year. Abbrechen all of the decorations and abendessen parties. Tonight, i will take a walk. Make sure Katy is in bett on time."

Andre did not want toshow his misery...
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posted by hippy-hoppy

5 years ago

As I crouch in the wardrobe, trembling with fear, I hear shouts coming from down the stairs, I don't know who it is but I know that there's 2 men and 1 woman. No rewards for me guessing who one of the men and women are, my mum and dad, but the other one, who seems to be shouting the most vile and mean things I've ever heard, I have no idea of who it is. As I'm trembling I think to myself," whats going to happen to my mum and dad?" and other Fragen like," why did my dad hide me in here?" and "why are they shouting at the man so violently?" I keep thinking about...
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Chapter 1
October, 1964

I lied awake on my bed.

I couldn’t sleep.

My mind was wandering, racing to different topics at the same time. I couldn’t stay on one subject in my mind for Mehr than ten seconds. I was restless.

Just then, out of nowhere, I remembered something that I particularly didn’t want to remember. But I did anyway. It was something that I hated thinking about, and something that I thought about all the time. I got up, clad in only a pair of jeans, and walked over to my closet and turned on the light. I pulled down old, dusty boxes and yellowed papers off of the closet’s...
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Source: Google,Just Type Schreiben Inspiration!
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