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This True Writers foto contains strauß, korsage, sträußchen, sträusslein, blumenstrauß, posy, nasegay, corsage, japanische aprikose, mei, ume, prunus mume, kamelie, and camelia. There might also be rose, röte, stieg, rosiness, pembeliğin, begonie, türkischer mohn, papaver orientale, orientalischer mohn, and orientalische mohn.

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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

It was many years after those tragic events and Yajuu had grown into a young woman...

"Yajuu, ring the bell! Du know what time it is?!" Himako yelled to Yajuu.

"Yes mom!" Yajuu replied as she ran to the oben, nach oben of the tower and rung the glocke as the Summer Festival started!

"Nice work, Yajuu" Himako sneered at Yajuu.

"Can i please go to the Festival mom? I did all my duties" Yajuu asked Himako in a kind tone of voice.

"No!" Himako barked at her, "Your a Monster who no one will ever care about!".

"I'm sorry mom..." Yajuu sulked as she walked back to her room.

"You better be sorry Monster" Himako...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

Once upon a time...

"We must get away!" A Female Kitsune panicked to her Husband, while holding a crying baby Kitsune.

"Right!" The Father sagte as he started to run with his Wife and his infant child.

"Stop!" A Woman in a mantel holding a sword yelled as she charged on a Horse, chasing them.

"I will take the child!" The Mother sagte as the Father handed the baby to her.

"Now die!" The Woman sagte as she ran and slashed the Father, killing him in one slash.

"No! I will not let Du take my child!" The Mother sagte as she stood her ground at the Woman.

"Such foolish nonsense, dirty Kitsune!" The...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 3

Lawrence and The Dragon Princess now were thinking about their relationship, as they heard screaming outside.

"How dare Du take Lawrence away from people!" Adele yelled as the Townsfolk started to break down the walls!

The Dragon Princess had been taught Love, Compassion, and other nice things while with Lawrence, but now, she had just seen red. She attacked the Townsfolk.

"I shall destroy you, Bloodthirsty Beast!" Adele roared as she slashed the Dragon Princess!

"No..." The Dragon Princess thought about her doom, and that she would really never have true love.

" finish what i...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

Lawrence was an odd man. He lived in a gossipy town, but he didn't gossip. He just read Bücher and studied History, Science, and the Arts. Every Girl loved him, but he just Read and Studied.

"He is so dreamy!" One Girl sagte as she saw Lawrence while Lesen a book about Philosophy.

"Hello" Lawrence sagte as he looked up from the Book.

"Hey, do Du want to go out sometime?" The Girl asked him as Lawrence just looked at her.

"No, thank you" Lawrence replied politely, as he continued walking down the street.

"Soooo dreamy..." The One Girl wooed.

Lawrence continued walking down the straße as...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

Once upon a time... there once was a Beautiful Princess... named Twilight...her hair was White...her eyes were blue...and she was the most beautiful in the land...

But there was only one problem... she had never loved... and that was her undoing... she had brought a young Wizard into the Castle... She was the most rude and mean person he had ever met...

So the young Wizard cursed her... and she was turned into a terrifying Dragon... and no one visited her ... Now no one would ever Liebe her... everyone was afraid of her...

But she knew she would embrace Liebe someday... someday ...

And that is where our story begins...
Okay, this is a look into the really dark part of Ryker's mind, so if Du don't want to read that, don't. Just letting y'all know.
It's Ryker's point of view.

Not sure how I feel about Fawn. Sometimes I feel like I like her, sometimes I feel like using her.
    I could so easily. She’d fall right into the trap. She likes me. I could.
    But I’m not sure what I would use her for. What would I get her to do? Get wodka for me?
    There’s an idea. Do...
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posted by Gryffindork99
(I'm so sorry for the super-long delay guys :( I was having dreadful writers block. But I am back now! Enjoy the Sekunde installment of me and flabaloobalah's story :D)

Later that morning, I trudged into my school with less energy than a sloth. That sleep I Lost earlier was starting to catch up with me. Also, my finished project must have added at least a pound and a half to my already heavy backpack, so it was even harder to move.
With a tremendous effort, I finally reached my locker. I pressed my thumb to its scanner and there was a loud, long beep as it analyzed and confirmed my thumbprint....
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Note: This one's from Ash's point of view. Hope the few people who are Lesen it enjoy.
Also, can't wait until they get older and I can make them do other things: strip each other, make out...XD. My mind is so sick.

My clock read 9:47. I lay I my bed, my face buried in my kissen to muffle my sobbing.
    What was wrong with me? What had I done to deserve this?
    I felt the tight feeling in my stomach, Mehr painful than it usually is. I needed to throw up again. I got up and...
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posted by MissCarolyn143
Hey Guys!
I'm so sorry for the 13 Tag delay!!
I had an awful case of writer's block!
So here's chapter 4 I hope Du enjoy it!!
Oh! I might think of changing the Titel to something else!
But I'm sure to tell Du guys before I do!
Lynn ❤

Part Four:
It'd been two weeks since the incident and the doctors sagte that Autumn was well enough to be discharged from the Hospital and be put to rest at home,they also sagte that if she had headaches she should go straight back to the hospital to be checked.
She stood now in front of the...
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