True Blood Time to stake this turkey

IrishRanger posted on Jul 30, 2012 at 05:29PM
True Blood; time to stake this turkey! It started out as a great new series but has devolved in to an absurd pile of soft core porn, bad acting and idiotic plot lines. I was a big fan in the first season. I thought the concept was very clever - vampires with "switch blade" fangs coming out in public. Throw in some refreshing new characters with good writing and acting and it was genuinely entertaining.
But now, it's like the fascination of watching a train wreck. You want to see just how bad the writing can get. I think someone kidnapped the original writers and replaced them with a bunch of silly, horny high school kids. Look at the "plot lines" since season One:
A "menad" that hypnotizes a town in to a 24 x 7 orgy and is eventually killed by a cow.
A pack of drunken, redneck werewolves who are about as scary as a herd of poodles.
A group of anti-vampire religious zealots led by a prissy preacher - who subsequently becomes a gay vampire.
A silly black fag who is such an absurd stereotype that he makes Amos & Andy sound like Shakespearean actors.
A fag Latino with black Mexican magic who dates the silly black fag and they take turns, turning in to a black demon with a bone through its nose. Then the fag Latino gets his heap chopped off but comes back as a ghost.
A heroine who starts off with some refreshing modesty and southern charm, then turns in to a foul mouthed bimbo who also happens to be a fairy that shoots light beams out of body. Who is eventually kidnapped by a group of ugly fairies who harvest humans by feeding them rotten apples.
A witch who controls the dead but is controlled by an older witch who subsequently eats her and is then eaten by the black fag.
A drug addicted sheriff who stumbles around like bozo the clown.
The heroine's dimwitted brother who keeps getting accused of murders he didn't commit but is too stupid to explain. So they let him join their Keystone Kops police department.
A tribe of inbred redneck "were panthers" who are so retarded they can't feed themselves and gang rape the heroine's stupid brother to get some brains in their gene pool.
A dumb, socially challenged Iraq war veteran who, along with a few of his fellow war buddies, is being pursued by a "smoke and fire" monster that is a curse placed on him by a homely Iraqi woman they murdered when high on drugs.
An assorted collection of sexual misfits called the Vampire Authority who take turns raping, torturing and killing each other and anyone else they can get their hands on.
In some shows we get upset at the writers for killing off the interesting characters too soon. Like Wild Bill Hitchcock in "Deadwood" or Sean Bean in "Game Of Thrones". In the case of True Blood, you have the opposite problem. The writers will not kill off any of the main characters so they have to invent sillier and sillier plot contrivances to keep all of them around.
It's amazing how Hollywood writers never seem to learn that good writing and good acting are the real keys to long term success in television shows.

Irish Ranger

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