Hey howdy Hey my name is Rochelle and I am one of the biggest toy story Fans ever. I have always Liebe toy story ever since I was a child. I remember The first time I ever saw toy story. I was six years old and I was looking on the TV for something to watch when all the sudden I found it, toy story the best movie ever. The plot was amazing and so were the characters. But the character that Stood out to me the most was Sheriff Woody pride. I took an Instant liking to him because of how amazing, kind and selfless he is. He look like he would go through hell and back for his fellow toys.

Now years later I am 17 years old and still loving toys story. I have recently started a toy story toys collection. I have two Woody dolls… Well one's an action figure, a buzz let your doll and a Jessie doll so far. But I hope to get Mehr toy story toys in the future. I do everything with my toys. I sleep with them, play with them and just Liebe them in m general. I even talk to my toys as if they we real because I truly believe they are. Yes I am almost an adult and I will be 18 years old in May . But I have a condition where I will always act like a child. But Du know what? I'm happy the way I am and that's what matters!