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 Nurse Lindsay
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There is one group that rules the school. They are called the Perfs ( Yeah I got that on How to rock ). But one person ruled them all, her name is Courtney. Her two Friends are Bridgette and Gwen. They both supported her and she supported them.

Courtney is the most beutiful girl that Du will ever meet, she owns the school and is really sweet. Only people who are new and want to get thier way to popularity will get in her way, but Courtney has the strongest guys in the football team to be her body guards. All the guys want to be with her and all the girls want to be her. She is the leader of...
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RECAP: I looked, and soon, my smug look became shocked, and my arms fell to my sides. I couldn't believe who I was looking at, but every quality I remembered about him was there; the blue-green eyes, the familiar nonchalant look on his face, the piercings, the green Mohawk, and even his black wristband was still on him...the only thing that wasn't the same about him right now was the fact that he had on my school's uniform hemd, shirt and a pair of black pants instead of his usual skull hemd, shirt and jeans. I couldn't believe it, but I was staring at the Total Drama Island star, sterne and the long-time object...
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Cody (voiced Von Peter Oldring) (who also voices Ezekiel and Tyler) is the scientific dork.

* Basic: Cody has been spoiled all his life and uses his money to buy techno gadgets. He claims to study the cool crowd (not really) and believes he is one of the cool kids. He is slightly obsessed with girls and getting one (Gwen, Lindsay, oder Any girl who wants him!) to be his girlfriend.

* Total Drama Island: When Cody arrives, he immediately starts to "hit" on some of the girls on TDI. He is chosen to be on The Screaming Gophers. Cody competes well in some of the challenges, such as the dodgeball...
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2 years back at the graveyard
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Harold was walking along the path with his bag containing his pokeballs that Wartortle, Jolteon, Pidgeotto, and Gligar were in until he got to a patch of gras, grass that a Scyther was hiding behind.The bright green pokemon had finished its meal of Cheri
berries and scanned its head around.Harold carefully moved towards it.Unfornately the wild Scyther had good hearing and picked up on his movement and assumed a battle stance.Harold sent out Pidgeotto to battle it.The wild Scyther started off with Double Team to confuse the brown bird pokemon, but Pidgeotto wasn't falling for that trick.Pidgeotto used...
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I kind of have an idea for the third season of TDI/TDA, and remember it is just a suggestion. I think it should be called TDO. Total Drama Occupation. It could be about real life and jobs, and what people have to do. Everyone would come back and two teams, Chris, and Chef. Screaming Chauffeurs(it rhymes with Gophers and its a job) and the Killer Cops ( it is just an idea). The guys can start on one team and the girls on another team, then they merge later. They live in crappy motel across the straße from Chris and Chef's amazing hotel. And they compete in challenges based on jobs, like police,...
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