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posted by obssesedTDIgirl
 Headshot of Hea
Headshot of Hea
Name: Hea Jeong
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Birthday: April 2d
Personality: active, adventurous, animated, unargumentative, brave, fearless, charming, clever, clumsy, courageous, crafty, curious, daring, dependable, eager, easy going( most of the time), energetic, facetious, glamorous, humorous, imaginative, independent, easily gets jealous, poised
Employment: works at tee Party schloss part time and on weekends when her family isn't doing the circus.
Love Life: Recently broke up with boyfriend, Ethan, and most likely won't have another anytime soon. The kind of guy she wants HAS to be at least charming,...
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posted by totaldramafan01
Total drama is return to your world in the shocking new season Total Drama USA. Here, our campers return to Fernsehen (or in this case, Fan pop)For a trip around the USA!(including the Bahamas and D.C.) They will live, eat, and sleep and the Total Drama Express! It's a Train that will take them to their destination. Except for Hawaii and the Bahamas, that is. For those, they will have to fly (or swim)!But if Du count D.C. and the Bahamas, plus the 50 states, thats 52 episodes!!!! So, TDUSA will be slipt into TWO seasons!!!!! And thats not the only surprise. The cast will be Mitmachen Von 24 NEW campers!! Here's a sneak peek. Be sure read the epic new seasons to Total drama!!!!!
~Episode 1~
Chris:It's season 4 *points out 4* of the hotest reality Zeigen Total Drama!This season we told the campers that they're gonna be
living in a 3-stared hotel and the new season is gonna be called Total Drama Waiters,but instead of that we took them back to one
of their favourite places-Camp Wawanakwa *spreads his arms* in the new season Called "Total Drama Deja Vu".The new challenges are gonna
be bassed on old challenges as the campers remember the good-old times back here!O,that's them!*boat coming by*
Ronny:*supprised*We're back in Camp Wawanakwa?This can't be happening!What The...*boat...
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posted by gothemo1234
good im still alive from ellen and duncan but anyway poeple dont like Halloween in the twin's nighborhod because they do really bad stuff like......

ellen:come twin brother lets go still everyones pets and sell them for 5 bucks

duncan:or we can use dads hair and prented thats its the rarest pet of all time that cost 5,000 dallors twin sister

ellen:good idea duncan

duncan:then later on we can scare courtney

ellen:yeah and i still cant belive u used to datum her

duncan:come on thats was the past i like some ulse

oooooo now this is cool

ellen:come on twin brother of mine who is it?

duncan:its gwen

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posted by onepiecefan59
I loved Total Drama Island when it first came on "Cartoon Network", I loved how everyone had a unique personality, how Chris was cruel to the campers, and I thought the Zeigen had good character and relationship development.
But then, Total Drama Action premered, and I was not that Impressed. Any character development that had occured, was erased from the Zeigen all together, The contestants became annoying as hell(especially Geoff and Trent), And all the good couples were destroyed(but I don't like the GwenXTrent couple at all). The Geoff and Bridget couple was just awful, she needs to ditch him and go with DJ, and I thought that "Teletoon" and "Fresh Tv" had decided to get rid of any words like crap and screwed so there wouldn't be so many edits.
I wont even mention the abomonation that is Total Drama World Tour. They shouldn't sing at all. But I will say one thing about the two new contestants, they were created to annoy the hell out of everyone.
posted by jen-fer-realz
Were in a pyramid not a highschool
Ooo stockerlicous

No wonder my cousins cant watch this show

Haha codys got a tiny sausage

Hows the hoseing treating you
- noah

What does this botton do

Oh yea izzy touch downs

When owen breathes his nose whistles the national anthem


Cody!i have dreamed of this moment,except Du werent wearing a shirt

I vote for heather,haha i rembered when i used to say that all the time in my bathroom mirror

Who needs Friends when i got cody!!!

When cody agreed with me in front of everyone i heard wedding bells
- sierra
Jessi: I like CRACK ... couples! 8DD
JG: Oh yes, Everyone likes CRACK ... couples. :3
Jessi: Oh yeah, because CRACK ... couples are soo awesome! 8D
Me: I just like crack. :DD


Me: *poking Duncan with a stick*
Duncan: Du need a life.
Me: I'm glad we agree on something.
Leshawna: *runs to us* I THINK LINDSAY IS GOING BLIND!!
Me: *continues poking* . . .
Me: *pokes Lindsay with a stick*
Lindsay: Oh, Sarah! Du found my hairdryer. :D


Alejandro: Ooh, I am lyke so hawt and smexy. Don't worry Heather, I'mma comin' for ya..
Me: *points* NARCISSIST!...
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This is not mine, this belongs to The Kobold Necromancer on FanFiction. net, she is an awesome writer.

Disclaimer - The rights of Total Drama Island and its characters belong to Teletoon, Cartoon Network, and all those associated with the show. No profit is being made Von this fanfiction, only sheer unbridled joy that I am allowed free writing. Bless you, First Amendment, haha. And don't try any of these stunts at home, Du could get really messed up.

Note - This story takes place shortly after TDI. To all those avoiding spoilers, the winner of...
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I decided to throw in a couple of new people..

"Ranma? How long until we get there?" Yuri pestered her brother as he drove to Niagara Falls.
Ranma looked back. "How would I know?!" Ranma groaned, then winked at Sofie. "If she asks, though, I might consider telling her."
Sofie looked down and blushed. "How long until we get there?" she asked nervously.
From the steering wheel came Ranma's laugh. "Like, ten minutes?"

Yuri scowled. "You told her? RANMA. I was the one who sagte Du could come with us."
Penny and Christy nodded in unison. "Yeaahhhh, she did," they chorused.
Sofie said, "That was a good...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
(in duncans "barowed" car same morning)

Courtney: what if i am pregnet what will duncan say what will he do my head is starting to hurt.

Gwen: courtney, calmb down if Du are pregnet then i am sure that duncan will not leave Du oder make Du abourt the baby, he might be mean but he isent eveil.

Courtney: *takeing deep breths* he hoo he hoo he hoo...

(they arive at the hosbital)

Gwen:ok Du go in and i will wait out here, everything is going to be fine.

Courtney: NO i what Du in there i don't want to be alone.

(phone rings)
Gwen: ok Du go in and i will be right in there after i take this, it's...
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Courtney’s thick eyelashes fluttered open, and she nearly screamed when she saw Duncan’s face merely an inch away from hers. She gasped and rolled of Duncan’s torso, then scrambled to her feet.

“Well, good morning to Du too, Princess,” Duncan says, “You know, your rude awakening really hurt me. It hurt right here.” He grasps the left side of his chest and calmly stands up.

Courtney’s jaw was hanging open, staring at him in disbelief. But then she regains her composure, smacks him on the shoulder, and glares at him. “What did I do this time?!” Duncan demands. Instead of answering,...
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posted by sumosabs
*After sadie was voted off*


Sam is sitting Von herself.
Duncan comes over to annoy her

Sam: Get Lost Duncan
Duncan: Its a free country, I can sit where ever I want!
*Sam stands up*
*Everyone stares*
*Sam sits down*
Sam: Just please go away.
Duncan: Since when do Du say "please"?
Sam: Shut up before I beat the crap out of you
Duncan: OOOO! Im so scared
*Sam Stands Up and pours her haferbrei, brei on Duncans head*
Duncan: *shocked* What THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!!!
Sam: For being you
*Sam Smirks*

*Chris walks in*
Chris: Did any of Du actually eat the crap, I mean...
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posted by coolthingsfan14
as u know there are tdi characters but there will only 12 characters coming back that are










and Harold

the new ones are
katie crawford









and me alexander ( alex for chort)

host cris and chef (as ussualy)

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I woke up the nest morning and screamed. I had to do a broadway musical...with Douglas...I gagged. I wanted to stay Home and keep myself locked i nmy room until I rotted. Anything was better than being with him.

Then, my rosa rhinestone-studded cell phone started ringing to Miley Cyrus's Party In The U.S.A. I turned over and picked it up. Caitlyn Thompsett. I picked my cell up anyway and answered it. "What?"

"Hey, get up and go!" Cait said. "You'll be late!" Then there was a knock at the door, and I ran outside, hanging up my phone, go get into Cait's mom's car to go to New York.

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I was in the emergency room. I'm going to die, sience I had a rare blood sickness.
"You're going to die Von sunrise. That's three minutes."
"Kay, doc."
I was shaking. I was frightened. I had three Minuten to live. That's it. The end of my life.
I knew Trent was in the waiting room. He came, sience no one else couldn't. I hope he will visit.
Two minutes.
My legs were shaking. I was as hot as fire. I was scared to death. I thought I would think out my life then. In one minute.

Learning to walk talk, and read.
Grade school.
High school.
Spelling bee.
Class president.
Total Drama...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn: So can Du remind me why i'm here?
Doctor: Your therapists and other doctors give Du too many pills
Dawn: So I have to stay here for seventeen days like Amy Winehouse?
Doctor: It's different for everybody
Dawn: Whatever. *goes in to group room and sits in chair* Izzy?
Izzy: Too...many...RAHHR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn: I missed Du too... HOLY SHIT IS THAT MILEY CYRUS????
Miley: Sssshhh! I don't want any press to know about me!
Group leader: Hello, my name is Sammuel Jackson, but call me Sam. I'm here to lead the group!
Random dude: You're gay.
Sam: Jonothan, we are not allowed to say things like this...
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posted by Lolly4me2
I looked out my dorm window into Duncan's. Splitting up in TDI made me think I would never see him again, but here he is, the building right Weiter to mine at the same collage. As Duncan walked out of the room, Leshawna suddenly walked in. "What up, girl?" She asked and set her bags down. I turned around and tackled her. "SHAWNI!" I screamed. "Hey, Sofie." She laughed. "It's been a while." I didn't stop hugging her. "Uh, honey? Shawni can't breath." I let go and stood back sheepishly. "Ha, sorry." "No problem, girl. So, I can pick my bed?" "Yeah." "Sweet." Leshawna jumped onto the oben, nach oben bunk and...
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Dr. Harris Ligawitz, a successful scientist, lived on his own in a big mansion in the forest. He wondered if there was a human who contained special abilities. To figure this out, he studied comic Bücher and compaired them to real science. He took a trip to London to study more, when he saw a baby girl lying down in a dark alley, alone. He picked her up. She was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. She had beautiful, nutmeg colored hair, and piercing green eyes. She reminded him of the autumn, and he named her Autumn.
He did a few tests on her, and figured out a way to give humans special...
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 People who are gone
People who are gone
Misty:Great Tag for a challenge

Duncan:Whats the challenge hot chic?

Misty:Wishing me up a gift it has to be good to oder Du will be in the bottom two

(Everyone wishes and Misty hears)

Harold:I wish misty had gum

Geoff:I wish Misty would be me party Princess

Duncan:I wish Misty looked like Courtney on TDI

Cody:I wish Misty would be mine

D.J.:I wish Misty had a Bunny

Justin:I wish Misty would KISS me

Tyler:I wish Misty had a football

Trent:I wish Misty had a Liebe song made bye me

Misty:Time to go to the bond fire

(Everyone goes to the bond fire)

Misty:Geoff your safe,Justin your safe,Cody your safe,D.J. your safe,Tyler your safe,Trent your safe

Misty:The bottom two is Duncan and Harold and whos safe, sicher is...Duncan your safe, sicher but sorry Harold Du wern't my type at all

(Harold leaves)
justin:the last name I'm about to call is heather

eva:you know what I don't need Du anyway I got 50 boyfriends at home!!!!!!!

justin:lier!!! go Home and walk the dock of shame!! Du were never my type

justin:ok then that's all taken care off I guess it's time for the Weiter challange this challange is a boyfriend girlfriend Favorit it's called a movie

izzy:you mean one about two gorrila's kissing

justin:well kinda

izzy:yay big stück, hunk of hotty

(justin watched alot of movie's with the girl's but one movie was not justin's favorite!)

justin:ok then girl's Its time for the name call out first is bridgette,leshawna,izzy,katie,courteney,gwen,lindsay, ok then it's sadie oder heather and heather I'm kinda despised at Du since this is the Sekunde time Du went to the bottam two heather
the last name I'm going to call is......................