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posted by Ziggles999
Hi Diary, well, I'm here at Camp Wawankwa and I'm on TV for Total Drama Island! It's exciting really, I'm on TV! Today was the Tag I arrived. I was on a boot and couldn't wait to be there and when I arrived I saw I was at a Summer Camp instead of a Spa Resort. Also the other bad thing was the people didn't look that nice, especially a girl with dark hair, who I forgot her name. To make things worse, I arrived with a friendly greeting and all I got was a mumble from someone except Chris who introduced me. I stood in the crowd and waited for other campers, who were all so different from me! Later...
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posted by GWENxTRENT
[b]NOTE: THIS MIGHT NOT MAKE ANY SCENCE. I'm a little off this week, so yeah...
Why do some of Du guys hate Gwen? She never did anything bad! I know I can't change your minds, but still!
1st, GWEN DIDN'T MEAN TO BEAK UP WITH TRENT! I know all about that 9 thing, it was really funny at first, but then, woah. Anyway, I would've broken up with Trent too! Even if I Liebe him to bits, I still would! I mean, throwing challenges for her and stuff like that? No thanks.

2nd, GWEN DIDN'T STEAL DUNCAN FROM COURTNEY! I know alot of Du are saying that, but she and him just found alot in common, and HE started...
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posted by obssesedTDIgirl
 Left-Suzie, Right-BRITNEY
Left-Suzie, Right-BRITNEY
It was the end of the first 2 weeks of school and time flew right by. Drama and I were walking in the hall to get to 3rd Stunde and there, I saw were 2 girls that seemed like the beliebt ones. I talked with Drama and she told me that well they kind of were; if Du stereo-typed them. Their names where Suzie and Britney. As I saw Suzie walk away after they had their conversation, I saw a guy with a green Mohawk and piercings in various parts of his face. His skin tone was a normal pfirsich tone and he had teal, knickente, blaugrün eyes. His hemd, shirt was black with a cream colored skull on it and wore a cream colored long...
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posted by gothemo1234
before ellen and duncan were born everything was paceful and all the kids will always play outside and go to the park but one Tag everything change now no kid whould play outside

ellen:come twin brother lets go beat up cody intill he crys

duncan:good idea twin sister

soon they go to jail and cops always check on them

duncan:ellen to u have the rope?

ellen:yes duncan

everytime they get out of jail they beat up poeple and scare them




trent:plz dont kill me plz


trent:(starts crying)i dont know

ellen:(pulls out gun)

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Thoughts Of The New Total Drama Fresh Meat. Part 1 

 I couldn't believe I'd actually even think about joining this, Deathtrap. But.. It was better than babysitting annoying little brats for miminum-wage. 
  Bur, Hey? Maybe I could actually have fun—Or Not—. 
 "Hey, Nikki." A boyish voice squeaked. 
I glanced down and saw My little, Brother Sammi. His teal, knickente, blaugrün eyes glistening with tears. 
 Sammi and I were Mehr close than anything could ever be. Even though he was only 4, He knew Me and My parents didn't get along. They wanted me to do my best in school. I could've cared less about school....
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"Dude, this party is going to be epic!" sagte Cody setting up tables on on the beach.
"No dip! This spring break is gonna coolio!" Geoff sagte with a can of soda in his hand. "Me and Bridge are gonna party until we puke man!"
"Puke? Gwen is gonna dig me for throwning this party!" Cody yelled winking at Gwen. Gwen rolled her eyes and went to put on the rest of her dark, flashy makeup. Seirra finally arrived at the strand in her new dress. It was yellow a little short and it had red hibiscus Blumen on it, and it had thin straps on it and she had on white sandals too. Cody immediately ran away.
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posted by Radvile
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Globe, Heather and Alejandro got kicked out.
*theme music*

**First Class**

Rochelle: First class rules, i loove first class.
Kayla: I know first class has some good sides, but there are ater people there. *thinks of Duncan* Hey wheres Margo?
Katherine: I think she went to the common area, to talk to Duncan.
Kayla: What!! I mean, Du can do that?
Cristal: Yeah, that's why it's called common area.
Kayla moves and looks awkward.
Cristal: Are Du ok?
Kayla: *shakes again awkwardly* Yes...
Crystal: Ok... So Miz, do Du have so trick up our sleeve.
Miz: Don't have any now, but...
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posted by soxfan89
Camp Wanakanawa-The Rec Room
(Guys are Sitting There Talking)
(Girls Eating)
Alejandro:Alright Guys, Who's Your Favorit Disney Princess?
Duncan:I Like Belle, One Dance With Her And You're Good To Go!
Noah:Ariel Is Pretty!
Geoff:Cinderella Is Totally Hot!
Owen:Jasmine, If I Were Her Guy It Would Be A Whole New World For Me!
Alejandro:Good Point!
Trent:Tiana Is Just Beautiful!
Alejandro:You Like Black Girls? Leave The Table!
Trent:Oh, Alright!
Harold:Snow White Is So Helpful And Nice!
Cody:You Got That Right!
DJ:I Just Adore Aurora, I Really Don't Mind Kisses!
Tyler:Mulan Definetly, She Knows No Mercy!
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trent: Goin' down to south park gonna have myself a time!
ellen and gwen: Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!
trent: goin' down to south park gonna leave my woes behind!
duncan: ample parking Tag oder night, people spouting howdy neighbour!
trent: goin' down to south park gonna see if i cant unwind,
harlod: (muffled) i like girls with fat tittes, i like girls with big vaginas!
trent:come on down to south park, and meet some Friends of mine.

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Itly! Home of Italian foods! Here are contestents had to make ether a pizza oder some kind of Pasta! Owen ate all of Team Mexico's food. and just as Zoey was threting to Vote off Owen i told her it was a reord challange. Over all the winners were Team London, all thanks to Blaine who made a rockin Pizza! Who will win? will Zoey KISS Owen? find out on this episode of Total Drama Around the World!

*Theme song*

*non-First class*

Owen: *stumic rumbles* Man am i hungy. i could have gotten that Italian food. i need it.
Zoey: Du don't need any!

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RECAP: I may have a crush on Duncan and he may like me back some, but I'll do all I have to just to keep him from getting too close to me... No way I'm letting another Juvie boy close enough to me to break my heart.


Duncan and I had the same class schedule; every class we had, we had together. It was going to be really hard for me to stay away from him at this rate since he's pretty much following me all over the place. Still, I have my ways of avoiding people; I've had every excuse in the book in my mind so I could keep...
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Before Du ask,yes,Jared sagte I could write this aftermath...

Blainley: Welcome to the Total Drama AFTERMATH! I'm you're host,Blaninley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran!

Josh: and I'm Josh!

Blainley and Josh: Right here live,at the Total Drama Studios!

Josh: Well,lets meet out erdnuss gallery!

Blainley: oder also refereed as,the 'losers'.

Josh: Meet Duncan,Vanti,Jake and Penny,Alejandro,Owen,Harold and Jude!

Blainley: Well,there has been alot of drama on the show,and heartbreak!*looks at Alejandro*

Alejandro: *rolls his eyes*

Josh: But first,lets talk about--

Blainley: How Jared flirted with Lindsay,while he...
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Mollie-Sue: Umm why anit I A princesse?
Harold" Opps... We like to change our princesse!
Kuki: Too late! Okay the prince has to climb up the castle! Then KISS the princesse! the last person up their has to go to elimination!

*Everyone runs up their except Cedric*
Kuki: Now KISS the princesse!
Jared: Okay.. *Kisses Saphira*
Cody: *Kisses Annie*
Trent: *Kisses Bridgette*
Noah: Ewww *About to KISS DJ*
Mollie-Sue: NOOOOOOOOOOO! *Pushes himand kisses Noah*
Cedric: *Finally comes up* Yes I made it!
Kuki: Since Noah didnt KISS DJ Cedric still has a chance just KISS Heather!
Cedric: *Kisses Heather*

Kuki: I will see the Dynamite amazonas, amazon in the eliminaation room! I think the name is cursed!

*Elimination room*
Kuki: The dynamite goes to Noah,DJ and

MOLLIE-SUE! Jude and Harold are both voted off!

J%H: What? She Lost the challenge for us!
Noah: Shes hot!
DJ: And sweet!

Kuki: *Pushes Harold and Jude out the RV*
posted by Duncan_Courtney
Just a little AleHeather poem, It's suppose to be both of them describing how they feel about each other at the same time, cuz ya know they have that whole 'Sharing a Brain' thing in African-Lying Safari.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hate you
I hate everything about you
I hate the way that smug smile creeps across your face when Du win,
and I hate the way Du laugh with such pride when I loose.
I hate the venom Du spit out at me every time we speak.
I hate how Du think that you're going to win everything, when it's so obvious that I own this whole game.
I hate those awful distrustful...
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Kuki: Welcome! All the teams are slit up!

Ray: The merge already!?

Kuki: Nope! Your going in 5 different teams! Team Exploding Victory is Jared,Katie,Saphira,Ryan and Riley!

Jared: Alright!
Saphira: Cool!

Kuki: Team Dynamite amazonas, amazon is Harold,Cody,Noah,Jude and DJ!

Kuki: Exploxion Gophers are Lisa,Ray,LeShwana,Cedric and Heather!

Kuki: Dynamite bass is Annie,Lindsay,Cody,Jessica and Venessa

Kuki: And team Exploding Grips are Izzy,Eva,Bridgette,Trent and Beth!

Rikki: Umm what team am I on?

Kuki: NONE! YOUR VOTED OFF! *Pushes Rikki out the RV* Your challenge is a fairy tale! The first part is a prince and...
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Jordan: Oh how am i'm glad i wasn't in the last round. Our team would have lost. We would have lose anyway if it wasn't for Owen Mc.Farty pants.

Katie: *crying and Coughing* wow ! What did Owen eat? *Barfs* well anyway.......... i'm votting off my self! *stamps her* *coughs and Barfs*

Harold: *coughing hard* Why owen why??????

Draven: *coughing* I got some of Owen's Fart in my mounth cause it hit me! aggggggg....... at the merg...... if Owen is still in........... He is outty!
*Chris walks in*
Chris: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......... No merg this season!
Draven: what???

Jasper:*Cheers.* Yes!...
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chey:last time bridgette went Home who will go this time
(tolet flushes chey heard a zipper zipping)
duncan:ahhhhh Hey sis
chey:total drama world tour Hey duncan
*losers part*
duncan:hey girl friend
lindsay:hey bf
(duncan & lindsay make out)
*winner part*
leshawna:i Liebe 1st class
chey:today`s challenge is a Singen contest teams are duncan & lindsay vs. alejandro & leshawna
duncan:cool what song do we sing
chey:if i didn`t have you
lindsay:eeeeewwww my fav
chey: team d&l go 1st
(duncan & lindsay sing the whole song duncan falls off the plane chey jumps)
chey:having your sister...
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Use the link (or type in the URL) And Vote for who YOU would like to see make a return of epic proportions in TDS5! Only 13 old characters will make it back in 2012, to Mitmachen the newbies! It's about time we found out which 13 old characters will make it to Season 5!
And who knows, we may actually find the best character our Fans Liebe for real this time! oben, nach oben 13 will make it! So come on Ezekiel, Noah, even Eva fans! Come on everybody! It's time to rejoice, because the Producers have FINALLY decided to get our voices written down! All Du have to do is vote! Its about time we FINALLY get to...
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Kuki: Dynamite Amazon! Your up here again!? Shame Shame. Well the Dynamite goes to

Kuki: Tha last Dynamite goes tooo.................... IT'S A TIE!

Alejandro: BRING IT OWEN!

Kuki: Your both going home!

Both: WHAT!?


Saphira: Payback's a hündin Alejandro! I knew Du were gonna BRERAK BREAKKKKK BREAKKK MY HEART! *Kicks him out of the RV*

Kuki: Owen, OUT! *Kicks him out too*
Sorry for the long wait! :3

DS: Last time on Total Drama Nippon!
*flashback begins to play*
We got off on a weak start when no one seemed too excited for the Scavenger Hunt challenge. Luckily Nagisa-chan and Ranma-kun gave each team some encouragement. When each group went their separate ways, things got shaky. At least TR had one thing in common! Most all of them agree that Ranma is a total jerk!

What "fun" awaits the members of TDN today? Find out, right now!

*link Plays*


Lolly and DS: **laying in separate lawn-chairs in front of the bus*
Lolly: *yawns* Man... when are the teams coming back?
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