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5 years have passed since all the Total Drama contestants were freed of Chris and his challenges and the monatary prizes. After the Zeigen ended, the competitors had their minds wiped. None of them knew where the past Jahr had went. They were unconcious for an Stunde after the mind wipe, just enough time to bring six ccastmates into a large buisness like building. The rest were sent home. One competitor slyly escaped the mindwipe. She was still knocked unconcious Von the shock, though, and was dragged off to that building with 5 others. They could only vaugely remember their fellow castmates names....
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posted by Mp4girl
 Sonicluver101 drew DuncanxYurie! Thanks! Image credit goes to her ^^
Sonicluver101 drew DuncanxYurie! Thanks! Image credit goes to her ^^

I pushed open my apartment door, still sobbing breathlessly. Tears still drop from my eyes as I pressed "6" in the elevator and slowly elevated up to my apartment.
My life was over. My boyfriend, Ryan, had rejected me, he had dumped me. How could he?
I needed Gwen to come over. I reached for the phone, my slim black cell phone, and punched in Gwen's number.
At least, I thought it was Gwen's. I didn't care. Someone answered. I was still crying so I said, "Gwen, come over, please. I need you."
I hung up, because I couldn't stop crying.
Five Minuten later, I heard the elevator come up....
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Crap and The Meeting

The phone rang, waking Courtney up from her wonderful dream. It was about a hot criminal and he was—

No, he is not hot! No, it was not a wonderful dream! Courtney’s denial side screamed in her mind.

Courtney tiredly searched for the phone in the dark. She accidentally knocked off her alarm clock off the nightstand. At least it didn’t die under my hands every damn morning.

She pressed the button and put the phone on her ear. “Hello?” she mumbled drowsily.

“What’s this I heard about a hot criminal coming in through your window, Küssen you?” a voice she knew oh-so-well...
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Disturbing Bilder and The Virgin Manager

Duncan was currently being interviewed Von the manager of Starbucks, Frank Harrington. He seemed to be a meek virgin in Duncan’s point of view. He looked about twenty-two years old, though Duncan looked much older than him—in a good way. He was a puny man, compared to Duncan’s 6’2” stature.

Normally, Duncan wouldn’t get a chance to be interviewed in beliebt jobs like this. He would usually threaten the owner of the job he was interested in, and, like magic, he’s an employee in that job the Weiter day. Now, he didn’t have to do that since Trent...
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posted by bubble_babe
Heather Sat In Her Room, Awaiting Duncan, Over The Curtney Week She Had Fallen In Liebe With Him, And She Needed To Know If He Loved Her, Thats All She Wanted, Was For Him To Tell Her EveryThing She Wanted To Hear. Then A Sudden Nock Came To The Door.

"Come In." She Said. She Was Gushing When She Saw Duncan

"Al Right, Wha Did Du Want?" He Asked Rather Nicley

"I'm Doing A Survay For A project, And I Need To Ask Some People Some Questions." She Told Him.

Of Course It Was A Lie, But If He Didnt Liebe Her, And He Found Out That She Did Would just Ruin Their FriendShip; And That Would Be All They...
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posted by xcv_2013
Last time on Total Drama High:
DJ & Trent ended up going to P.E. for class & to help Duncan's little sister, Brooke, to not drop out without knowing that they knew. At first Trent seemed pretty confident about it since he & Brooke are Friends till they saw Brooke tossing their gym teacher around like a drag doll. She even gave DJ the chills Von threating to hurt him the same way. What will Brooke do now? Will she make other friends? Will she find out that everyone now in the world knows her secret? Find out today in Total Drama High!!!

Soon it was lunch time. As everyone started to...
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posted by bubble_babe
Gwen: *Runs in room with blond hair* DAMNIT HEATHER I FALL ASLEEP FOR 1 Stunde AND Du DO THIS?!?!?!!?!

Noah: Hey Chef, do Du do crack?

Chef: No!

Noah: Befor the Show?

Chef: No!

Noah: During the Show?

Chef: NO!

Noah: After the show?

Chef: NO! There is no crack on this island!

Noah: OMG Du sold it all!
Duncan&Courtney: *kissing*

Courtney: Mhmhmh duncan...

Duncan: mhmhmhh Gwen...

Courtney: GWEN!?!?!?!

Duncan: Fuck....
Linsday: heather heather heather heather heather heather heather...
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posted by rockzsanders
Natalie, known as the sweet artist, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Screaming Gophers team.
Natalie hails from Edmonton, Canada. She signed up for Total Drama Island because she thought it would be a great way to practice her artwork. Natalie loves to draw. She says she wants to be an artist when she is out of high school. Natalie, oder “Nat”, is one of the sweetest people on TDI. She doesn’t hate anyone, except Heather and a little bit of Duncan. She doesn’t really know how to ‘hate’ someone, but since Beth and Lindsay are 2 of her best friends, Nat doesn’t like...
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posted by TDIlover226
Chapter 6, Your ghost hunters?
JG sat outside at the old abandoned baseball dimond (as she usually did). Vanita looked at the sun, "Dang it's hot!" he said. "I don't know if I'm just dreaming but....but....I can't even say anything stupid, it's so hot!" sagte Seiamica. JG's phone rang, it was Cody.

"Hows the old thorn house" sagte JG. "IT'S FREAKIN HORRIBLE!" yelled Cody. "Need my assistance" sagte JG. "yes, thats acsactly what I was calling for, Heather has locked us in with electronic force fields" sagte Cody. "K" sagte JG.
"where we going" sagte Vanita. "One huge mansion in Iowa" sagte JG.

Cody was...
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It was the last Tag of school. I put on my splatter-painted black tee, white footless tights, a blue plaid skirt, and my multicolored converse. I went to the mirror in my bathroom. I looked at myseelf in the mirror, touching my three lower lip piercings. I smiled at myself, scence it was the last Tag of my junior Jahr in high school. Molly yelled "C'mon, Dawn. You'll mis your last Tag at school!" I lived in a foster home, and Molly was the housemother. I grabed my regenbogen skateboard, and rushed to the kitchen, ate my egg as fast as I could, grabed my lunch, and skateboarded to school. I got...
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posted by GroovyAhma2010
2 Hosts, 1 Chef, 84 Contestants, and 2 Characters from Another Zeigen will know where they go after death.

*Alejandro - Hell
*Amy - Hell
*Anne Maria - Purgatory
*Silent B - Heaven
*Beardo - Purgatory
*Beth - Heaven
*Blaineley - Hell
*Brick - Heaven
*Bridgette - Heaven
*Brody - Heaven
*Cameron - Heaven
*Carrie - Heaven
*Chef beil - Purgatory
*Chet - Heaven
*Chris McLean - Hell
*Cody - Heaven
*Courtney - Purgatory
*Crimson - Heaven
*Dakota - Heaven
*Dave - Purgatory
*Dawn - Heaven
*Devin - Heaven
*DJ - Heaven
*Don - Heaven
*Duncan - Hell
*Dwayne Junior - Heaven
*Dwayne Senior - Heaven
*Ella - Heaven
*Ellody - Heaven
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Well, many of Du wouldn't probably know me, but don't worried, I'm just an old and back member here. But however. I'm just decided to made this to Zeigen my oben, nach oben 5 Favorit couples, and it's only canon, so fanon couples wouldn't be listed here ok let's star:

5. Owen and Izzy
I just don't even know why I ship those two, but I Liebe how adorable they were and their relationship was the most zest and crazy of all the couples.

4. Gwen and Trent
Yeah, the tipical Gwent pairing, they used to be my Favorit couple, but after all the trouple caused in season 2, they moved down of my list, but I still love...
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posted by trentsgangrulez
 I bet Trent was with his boyfriend whilst Cody was giving birth
I bet Trent was with his boyfriend whilst Cody was giving birth
Cody was giving birth to his baby twins Trent was with topher his boyfriend he heard his friend screaming from the distance did Du hear that babe sagte trent hear what sagte topher I heard my friend Cody giving birth to his baby twins I’m so sorry for him sagte Trent me too sagte topher Cody should have an epidural I know sagte Trent we have to go go to help him babe Du with me
Yeah sagte topher he really needs a helping hand from the two of us the greatest couple / future hosts of total drama ever great sagte Trent now let’s go together and help him and care for Cody
posted by PeachyKeen1994
Harold- Trent told Harold to quit the game, stating that it's his own fault for Team Victory's loss.
Bridgette and Geoff- Trent seduced Bridgette and left her stuck to a pole.
Leshawna and Heather- Told Leshawna to seize the day, Von slapping Heather across the face. In TDAS, Trent eliminated Heather unjustly, Von using the immunity idol she found and eliminating her with HIS sole vote. Trent admits that he did that, as retribution for how Heather eliminated him in Season 1, when she kissed him in front of Gwen.
DJ- Sabotaged DJ's run in the bobsledding, bobfahren challenge.
Noah- While Trent didn't get Noah...
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There is the Liste of some of the Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race Characters, with some Positive Qualites.

*Alejandro: High Intelligence, Suave, Sophisticated and Competent
*Silent B: High Intelligence
*Beth: Politeness and Good-Natured
*Brick: Well-Deciplined, Politeness, Remorseful, Noble, Strong, Good-Natured and Well-Mannered
*Bridgette: Politeness, Kindness, Remorseful, Calm, Sympathetic and Good-Natured
*Brody: Cheerfulness and Politeness
*Cameron: Politeness and High Intelligence
*Carrie: Politeness and Good-Natured
*Cody: Cheerfulness
*Courtney: High Intelligence, Sophisticated and Competent...
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My Favorit characters from Total Drama (TDI-TDPI) (Most Favorit to Least Favorite)

1. Courtney (Most Favorite)

2. Duncan

3. Brick

4. Shawn

5. B

6. Owen

7. Ella

8. Dakota

9. Sam

10. Topher

11. Trent

12. Cameron

13. Bridgette

14. Cody

15. Mike

16. Lindsay

17. Dawn

18. Samey

19. Gwen

20. Jasmine

21. Sky

22. Zoey

23. Beth

24. Izzy

25. Sierra

26. Noah

27. LeShawna

28. Katie

29. Sadie

30. Geoff

31. Tyler

32. DJ

33. Harold

34. Ezekiel

35. Max

36. Eva

37. Jo

38. Anne Maria

39. Beardo

40. Lightning

41. Dave

42. Leonard

43. Rodney

44. Scott

45. Scarlett

46. Heather

47. Staci

48. Sugar

49. Mal

50. Amy


51. Alejandro (Least Favorite)
My oben, nach oben 20 Favorit episodes of Total Drama Series!

20. Mo’ Monkey Mo’ Problems (TDPI)

19. brunch of Disgustingness (TDI)

18. Hook, Line & Screamer (TDI)

17. Trial Von Tri-Armed Triathlon (TDI)

16. Wawanakwa Gone Wild! (TDI)

15. The Obsta-kill Kourse (TDAS)

14. Not Quite Famous (TDI)

13. Eat, Puke & Be Wary (TDROTI)

12. Grand Chef Auto (TDROTI)

11. Broadway, Baby! (TDWT)

10. The Princess Pride (TDA)

9. I Triple Dog Dare You! (TDI)

8. One Million Bucks B.C. (TDA)

7. Are We There Yeti? (TDI)

6. That's Off The Chain! (TDI)

5. Dodgebrawl (TDI)

4. No Pain, No Game (TDI)

3. The Sucky Outdoors (TDI)

2. If Du Can't Take The Heat... (TDI)


1. Basic Straining (TDI)
There are 2 Hosts, 1 Chef and 64 Contestants will be either on Santa Claus' Nice Liste oder the Naughty List.

*Alejandro - ?
*Amy - Naughty
*Anne Maria - ?
*Silent B - Nice
*Beardo - ?
*Beth - Nice
*Blaineley - Naughty
*Brick - Nice
*Bridgette - Nice
*Brody - Nice
*Cameron - Nice
*Carrie - Nice
*Chef beil - ?
*Chet - ?
*Chris McLean - Naughty
*Cody - ?
*Courtney - ?
*Crimson - Nice
*Dakota - Nice
*Dave - ?
*Dawn - Nice
*Devin - Nice
*DJ - Nice
*Don - Nice
*Duncan - Naughty
*Dwayne Junior - Nice
*Dwayne Senior - Nice
*Ella - Nice
*Ellody - Nice
*Emma - Nice
*Ennui - Nice
*Eva - ?
*Ezekiel - ?
*Geoff - Nice
*Gerry - ?
*Gwen - Nice...
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With enough edginess to be censored Von Cartoon Network, Total Drama Island teeters on the borderline between milder Adult Swim shows and regular CN shows. With CN not caring much about the series anymore, maybe it's time to go in the Adult Swim direction. This would allow for Mehr of that mature humor that made TDI so great, and was kinda Lost in later seasons. But would Adult Swim accept the pitch? Here's why I think so. While TD's ratings may not be good enough for CN, Adult Swim has renewed Squidbillies, which got even lower ratings on its latest season. Adult Swim also recently revived...
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Here's the Liste of 40 characters:

Group 1
1. Zane Damsworth
2. Dylan Damsworth
3. Seth Damsworth
4. Makayla Jones
5. Maddie Barnes
6. Harper Jameston
7. Kevin McLean (Chris's son! Duh duh duh!)
8. Nathan Peterson
9. Liam Wayne
10. Rosie Robinson

Group 2
11. Isaac "Ike" Johnson
12. Nolan
13. Mackie
14. Bruno
15. Evan
16. Zack
17. Aidan
18. Alex
19. Kate
20. Cade

Group 3
22. Joseph "Joey"/"Joe"
23. Adam
25. Eliza
26. Elliott
27. Allisa
28. Tracy
29. Shane
30. Austin

Group 4
31. Derek
32. Daniel
33. Greta
34. Hannah
35. Will
36. Liam
37. Jackson "Jack"
38. Jeffrey
39. Wyatt
40. Peter

Kommentar on who Du want to see a million dollar richer! And remember, whoever receives the most Kommentare here goes Home first!