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Jordan: Oh how am i'm glad i wasn't in the last round. Our team would have lost. We would have lose anyway if it wasn't for Owen Mc.Farty pants.

Katie: *crying and Coughing* wow ! What did Owen eat? *Barfs* well anyway.......... i'm votting off my self! *stamps her* *coughs and Barfs*

Harold: *coughing hard* Why owen why??????

Draven: *coughing* I got some of Owen's Fart in my mounth cause it hit me! aggggggg....... at the merg...... if Owen is still in........... He is outty!
*Chris walks in*
Chris: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......... No merg this season!
Draven: what???

Jasper:*Cheers.* Yes! We won! *Grins.* Ow. Yeah.. Grinning not so much for me.

Annie: Im seriously good at tennis, but im not used to playing with amatures. im used to playing with pros. Im a pro Tennis player in illinois. Only if they would know. *sighs*

Blaine: Tennis really chris can we just get to the lucha libre wrestling already. wait lindsays up for elimination crap!!!! *runs out of confessional to elimination room*

Ray: (tired look) DJ is wearing me out...I don't think i can stand any Mehr of this crap -.-
DJ: (runs in screaming, jumps in her lap) VAMPIIIIIIRRE
Ray: >///< Devin Joseph! Get off me!
Duncan: (leans against the door with a smirk) Oh, whoops, that vampire was just Ezekiel. Du two having fun?
Ray: I hate Du -///- NOW GET OFF ME, DJ

Natalie: The only thing that would make today better is my brother failing to save the world and me having to save his butt! That oder a little spark of romance for me. It's been kinda slow since last season...*sighs* Every season has it's slow episode. But that can only mean that the Weiter episode will be twice as awesome as the best episode in the series! I hope. Man, I do really long confessionals, don't I? I just have so much to say. But if I started randomly babbling during the show, I'd look weird. Heck, I'm already an outcast, no problem there. I should talk more. Maybe I can tell them the story of when this huge mo- *camera runs out of battery*

owen:*farts* hehe sorry
*cut to static*

lulu:*with a peg on her nose* well well well my noggin got me somewhere and owens farts are usefull but i still used my nogin *taps head*ahhh i think its safe, sicher to take the peg of my nose now *takes peg of nose and smells owens fart from before* ohhh gross was owen in here before ????

Sam: Oh yeah!, me and Draven won!!!, awesome!!, oh wait.....WHERE THE F**K IS MY MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE CD?!!?!? *sreams then runs out of the confessional*

Gabriella: WE LOST! I hope I don't get the parachutte!

kasey:zekey-poo your doing good this season
*ezekiel sets on kasey`s lap*
ezekiel:roof roof i know
kasey:well me and zekey-poo watched the 2nd part and if we would pick katie k team Japan bye
*end confessanail*


Chris: Ok I know Du all had a long Tag today so I'm just going to tell Du who is out! *opans door*
Katie: Hand me the bag!
Chris: Katie your staying.
Katie: Du say what now?
Chris: Trent is outy!
Trent: what????
Katie: huh????
Chris: See ya Trent!
Trent: what how did this happend?
Chris: don't know. see ya *pushes Trent out*
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 this happen later that night xD
this happen later that night xD
Ok, i took a 5 min nap, then wach lion king, oder the other way around....i 4get. but this is the super Funny dream!!! DxH Heads-up
(NOTE: 4 an unknow resion Heathers wearing Duncans shirt...and pants....and their VERY louse on her....its AWESOME!!)

Heather Walked into the boys kabine to find it totally enptey; except for one person.

"Umm, sweethart this is the boys cabin." sagte Duncan

"So?!" Heather Snaped

"So: get out." He said

"Why?" She asked

"Well are Du a boy?" Heather rolled her eyes at the question

"Really Duncan!? No, i am not a...
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hey! my name is courtney370 and im a courtney Fan and a leshawna Fan and i made mind over matter and i made this spot where leshawna and courtney can be Friends for ever and i need Fan to make cool pic and everything,so plz Mitmachen anyway my fanfic is about courtney and duncan are getting married but gewn like him and duncan only like courtney but how will he say. part 1 the angel, duncan this is the cuteist ring ever sagte courtney think Du priness sagte duncan then he kisses her. so,duncan how is my wedding dress going to look? sagte courtney white with black sagte duncan Du think all my friends...
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im Zufällig now..time for the Zufällig spot Ok...I know that Ezekiel, Noah and Tyler aren't very good :/ no bad Kommentare about that!!!
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Titel says it all