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Jade: *wakes up* Hey guys what that noise?

Hollow: Go back to sleep! It's 12:00 at night!

Jade: But i heard something!

Jared: FINE! I'll go with you! *walks out of the cabin*

Katie: What are Du guy's Doing out he- *Trips and falls on Chris* AHHH! CH-H-H-RIS IS DEAD!

Jared: What!?! *touches the blood* OH MY GOD! ITS REAL BLOOD!


Hollow: Im going to get something to eat *walks to the kitchen*

Jared: GUYS! CHRIS AND CHEF ARE DEAD! Wheres Hollow!?

Gabby: She went to get somoething to eat!

*AT the kitchen*

Hollow: MHHH Brownies! *start's eating them*

???: *hits her*

Hollow: Hey WHAT AR- AHHH!! *runs*

????: *Chases her and stabs's her*

Hollow: *crawl's*

????: *cuts her head off*

*Back at the Kitchen*

Lindsay: WHAT DO WE DO!?!?

Katie: IDK! Im gonna go check on Hollow *walks*

???: Hellow Katie!

Katie: Who are you?

???: Your worst nightmare! *shoots her*

Katie: *drops to the ground*

Noah: So are Du guys telling me theirs a killer on the island?

Lindsay: YEAH!

Noah: Pfft. It's just one of Chris's challenges!

Lindsay: No it's not!

Noah: Whatever *walks out* Wow that Katie head is sooo fake! *gets stabs and falls to the ground*

Gabby: *falls threw the ground while still holding on* THE KILLER GOT ME!!

Jared: GABBY! *tries to pull her back up*

Gabby: *get's killed*

Lindsay: OMG! *tripes on a wire and she get's tangled*

Zoey: LINDSAY! *tries to untangled her*

Lindsay: *get killed*

????: *knocks on the door*

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