Their first KISS on TDI.
It's been a Jahr since TDWT and everyone thinks that Gwen and Trent have forgotten all about each other.

*Gwen waking up*

Gwen: *Yawn* I don't wanna get up...

*Walks out into the kitchen*

Gwen's Mom: Morning Sweety!*Cheerful*

Gwen: Good morning...what's for breakfast?

GM: Pancakes. Why are Du so...sad ever since Du got back?

Gwen: What? I'm not sad!

GM: Well Du sure seem sad. But, Happy Birthday anyways!

Gwen: Thanks, Mom. *Tries to be cheerful*

GM: You're welcome, Honey. Do Du have any special plans with you're Friends today?

Gwen: No, but Izzy wants to take me out for ice cream...*Sits down*

GM: Oh, that's sweet! Du guys should go!

Gwen: I'll think about it.

*They eat breaskfast-Her, Her Mom, and Brother*


*Trent's House*

Trent: *Wakes up and looks at his secret pic of Gwen* *Sigh* Why did Du ever break up with me??

*Gets dressed*

Text from Geoff: Me & Bridg r goin out 4 a movie 2nite. wanna cum?

Trent: Really?? What else is there to remind me of that sweet, wonderful...sweet...gorgous...*trails off*

*Goes into the living room*

Trent's Dad: Mornin' Trent. What do Du wanna do today?

Trent:*Tries to hide his longing* Uhh..nothing. Can

TD: Why? Is it because of that girl?

Trent:*whispers* Maybe...

TD: Tell me 'bout it, Son.

*Back to Gwen*

*In her room*

Gwen:*On the phone with Bridgette*Hey, Bridgette. How's life?

Bridgette: Hey Gwen. Good, I guess. Your's?

Gwen:*sighs* Not too great.

Bridgette: Why? It's your Birthday, Du should be having the time of your life!*Wishes Gwen was happy*

Gwen: That doesn't change anything. Huh..

Bridgette: What is it, Gwen? Duncan break up with you?

Gwen: We broke up a while's...Trent.

Bridgette: What's wrong?*Eager*

Gwen: I..miss him...*Sigh, again*

Bridgette: Hey, me and Geoff have his number! We could give it to you! He isn't in his boy band group anymore, so he's pretty much single.

Gwen: I guess. Sure, text it to me, please! Thanks! *acting happy*

Text: Hey srry bout trent. Heres his #: 123-456-7890

Gwen: UGH!!!

*Trent at the store*

Trent: Today would be me and Gwen's anniversary. Hmm..What should I get?

*Phone call*

Geoff: Hey Trent. What's up, dude?

Trent: Just at the store.

Geoff: Getting what?

Trent: Uhh..nothing. Just milk...?

Geoff: No you're not.

*looks around*

Trent: Yeah huh.

*Walks up to Trent*

Geoff: I'm right here, dude.

Trent: How did you-?

Geoff: Du think I'd forget when my guy's ex-GF's anniversary is, especially yours.

Trent:*Sighs* You're right. I miss her!!

Geoff: No worries, bra. Got her number right here!


Trent: Oh my gosh! Thanks a ton, dude.

Geoff: No probs Bra.

Trent: See ya 'round.

*Geoff leaves*

*Gwen with Izzy*

Izzy: Just call him already!! *BOOM BOOM*

Gwen: I can't! I don't have the nerve!

Izzy: Explosivo wouldn't have this problemo! *BOOM BOOM*

Gwen: Well I'm not exactly Explosivo oder you. I don't have the guts...*Sigh*

Izy: Sure Du do!

Gwen: Umm..No!

*Izzy dials trent's number*

Gwen: NO!!!!

*Trent answers*

Trent: Hey, Izz. What's up?

Izzy: Actually, It's Explosivo righ tnow! HAHA! *BOOM BOOM*

*Gwen hangs up the phone*

Gwen: NOO!!

Izzy: But I was trying to help...:(

Gwen: I'll do it later...

Izzy: OK, but make sure Du do oder Explosivo will come and do it for you!

*Izzy backflips away*


*Meanwhile at Gramp's Cofee Shop*

Trent: I wish I could call Gwen..but I don't have the guts to...

*Gwen walks in but neither of the notice each other*

Gwen: I'll have a dark Schokolade Latte with whipped creme.

Employee: Coming right up. You're number 31.

Gwen: OK. Thanks.

*Sits down*

Employee: Dark Schokolade Latte!

*Gwen and Trent both walk up*

Gwen: Oh, that's probably your's...*awkward*

Trent: Oh, Hey Gwen...haven't seen Du in a's it going?

Gwen: Umm..Good... let's go sit down..

*They sit down at a table*

Trent: Soo..

Gwen: How's life been..?

Trent: Good...but I've been...*freezes*

Gwen: ...what??

Trent:*unfreezes* Oh..uh...I've been missing one thing in my life....

Gwen:*thinks* What?

Trent:*loses confidence* Oh, my watch! But I think I know where it is...

Gwen:*sigh* Oh...

Trent: Yeah.

Gwen: I'll be right back!


Gwen's thoughts: OHMYGOD!!!!IT'SHIM!!!! WHATSHOULDIDO???????

*Comes back in*

Trent: Hey, again...*awkward*

Gwen: Hey...

*They both reach for the kekse, cookies in the middle of the tabelle and Mitmachen hands*

Trent: I've missed you...

Gwen:*blushes* Missed Du too...

Trent:*blushes, too* Thanks.

*They still haven't moved their hands^_^*

Gwen: I've been thinking...

Trent: Yeah? *Gets excited*

Gwen: Do you..wanna get...back together...?

Trent: OF COURSE!! OHMYGO-I mean, sure.

Gwen: Great! Then how about we go to movie tomorrow?

Trent: How 'bout that! And I'll drive Du back Home tonight too.*Tries his luck*

Gwen: Ok, good idea! Thanks! *EXCITED!*

Trent: Cool.

*Gwen blushes*

*They get in Trent's car*

Gwen: Woah, nice car! *Checks it out*

Trent: Yeah. She's pretty sweet. Don't know what I'd do without 'er.

Gwen: I wouldn't either!

*They get to Gwen's house*

Gwen: Du know what, let's go for a drive actually. Let's go to that one park...

Trent:*thinks hard* Oh, yeah! Let's go!

*They arrive*

Gwen: It's so beautiful!

Trent:*stares* Yes Du are.



Gwen:*blushes* Umm...that was a really nice move...

Trent: Wanna do it again?


Gwen: I am so sorry I broke up with you! I've been so miserable since...if Du just wouldn't have cheate-

*Trent cuts her off*

Trent: Owen told me girls Liebe to win, and I just wanted to give Du what Du wanted...

Gwen:*blushes* Well, all I'm ever gonna want, is YOU. Nothing else.

Trent: Same here, I just didn't realize that then...

gwen: That's ok!!


*5 years later*

Gwen: I do!

Trent: And I do!

'You may now KISS the bride'


*The Honeymoon*

Gwen: I can't believe we're married!!

Trent: Me either!

Gwen: Geez weddings cost a fortune!

Trent: I know, but it's all worth it!! It makes it so I can spend the rest of my life with this one girl...


Gwen: You're right!!



*2 years later*

Bridgette: How's the baby doing, Gwen?

Gwen: Great! Angela is the sweetest baby I have ever known!!

Bridgette: And she's so beautiful!

Gwen: *TeeHee* She takes after her Daddy...

Trent: That's right, huh Ang? Who's your Dad? I am! I am! *baby voice*

Angela:(1) Wight Daddy!! I wove you!

Trent&Gwen: WE Liebe Du TOO, SWEETY!!!


THE END!!!! <3
Gwen and Trent getting married.