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ok lets play "Bring me to life" Von Evanescence-Jacki
ok what should we do?-Brittani
ok Brittani i want Du on the drums and Duncan i need Du on the gutar and i also need your help with Singen and im gonna play the Piano and sing-Jacki
ok sounds good-Duncan

(After they play the song)

ok what next?-Brittani
ok we should play "My Immortal" Von Evanescence, Brittani i need Du on drums and back up Singen and Duncan your on guitar-Jacki

(After the song)

im not really comfortable with the name-Brittani
well any idea's?-Jacki
how bout "Immortal"-Brittani
im bourd-Duncan
well im leaving-Jacki
why do Du always leave-Duncan
because i like to be alone-Jacki
were not-Jacki
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"Good morning,"
"Morning, Sofie!"
"Good morning." Sofie sagte in return to her friends, and gave them a warm smile. She walked briskly down the sidewalk with Ranma at her side, early the Weiter morning.
"I hear your going to represent us in Rythmic Gymnastics!" The girls grinned. "Don't let us down!" Sofie nodded. "Leave it to me."
Oh, right, like you've mastered anything! Ranma shook his head in silence as he walked ahead of her.
Sofie flinched, and her herz pounded. WHAT?! DANGER!?
"SOFIA TENDO, PREPARE YOURSELF!!" Courtney flew from above, clamping down her sword at Sofie. Sofie grabbed...
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 Noah & Emily<3
Noah & Emily<3
am sleepy LOL the Titel of chapter 6 was blah bkuz i couldnt think of sh!t! LOL

Chapter 6: Blahh!

Courtney got up from bett and so did Cody. They both got out of their bedrooms at the same time. And it was only 5:30 AM. "Hey Courtney! Want to come joging with me? Lauren and Jared run in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons with Andi and Emily. " " Oh no thanks w8 umm...Jared? Uh...sure.." "Kay get your watch an change into something else. " Mmmm...k." She came back out and they headed out. Courtney didnt know where but somewhere he must of known already. They where near a liqor and...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
 "Duncan is going down...I hope..."
"Duncan is going down...I hope..."
My mind burned. I was terrified. I thought Duncan loved me, and this was how he shows it?!

I turned the TV off and ran out of the room, screaming, desperately looking for a place to hide. Duncan was gonna kill me. If I fought him, I'd be roadkill. But I still wondered why he was pissed.

My nightgown fluttered around my ankles as I darted around the foyer. All the dorms weer closed, and my voiced echoed around the large couloir. I gripped onto a metal brunnen and fell to my knees as if a twister was batting the university. My body shivered, my head throbbed, my entire world was spinning as I...
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(X)You are a wannabe at sometimes

() Du have a best friend

() Du wear/used to wear braces

() Singen is one of your hobbies

() Du easily fall for the eye candy

() One of your Favoriten Farben is pink

() Du work/have worked on a farm

Count: 1

() Du surf

() You're a vegetarian

(X) Du care about the environment/Mother Nature

(X) Animal Cruelty is wrong to you

() Du usually wear your hair in a ponytail

() Du have a boyfriend/girlfriend

(X) Du get along with everybody

(X) Everything should be natural to you

Count: 4

(X) Du Liebe technology...
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I sat in the Boy's Trailer just waiting for a new challenge.Things had been going so badly since Courtney came.I wasn't supposed to admit that I loved Courtney,which I now did.Stupid stupid!I thought to myself.I was supposed to keep my bad-boy reputation.I would have to redeem myself.....then I heard Chris on his megaphone."Everyone meet outside the trailers!Time for a challenge!"He all walked outside slowly."Alright everyone!Today's challenge is to get a partner,drawn Von random,and Du must stay with them the whole day.Here's the catch;you have to wear lie detector watches and mood rings to...
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 &quot;She's gone...&quot;
&quot;She's gone...&quot;
"Bridgette, please!" Duncan pleaded to take over.

"NO!" She pushed him away, "You killed my best friend!"

"I didn't mean for it to go this far!!!" Von now, tears began streaming down Duncan's cheeks.

"If Du didn't mean it, Du wouldn't have done it!" Bridgette started crying.

"She's MY girlfriend, let me take over!"

Bridgette shrugged, having no other option. Duncan kneeled down and picked Courtney up. He took her hand and kissed her forehead. "Baby, please, please stay with me. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to go this far, and Du gotta stay with me. Don't leave me here." Duncan started crying,...
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Ok let me explain this to everyone...
Bridgette(My best friend)
Noah(TOTALfan's boyfriend)
Duncan(Sumerjoy11's boyfriend)(GwenXTrent's best friend)(tdigirls' best friend[they like each other)
Justin(My enimy >:) he can be urs too)
Izzy(Sumerjoy11's best friend)
Gwen(tdigirl's best friend)
Trent(GwenXTrent's boyfriend)(My best friend)

Here are the availble spots:
(they're girlfriends/boyfriends,yes theres no couples yet so if Du wanna have a crush on one of them,you can...but i might like Cody)
(All best friends)

Thanks and i hope all these spots are filled

I might like Cody,it's undecided.... but i'll let him have a girlfriend.But thier gonna break up[sorry,again undecided]
Du can have 2 spots (max)