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GPOV (Gwen)
"Everyone!" sagte Chris, "You Will Be In Class 11 C, With Seven Other New Contestants!" He Cheered, There Was Silence, "Who Are They??" Asked Beth Anxiously. "Well...." sagte Chris Slowly "Go Inside And FIND OUT, However I Can Tell U Athena And Axel R Joining U" Sniggered The Host, Pointing At The Tall Girl And The Drunk Looking Guy. We All Scooted Inside To Find A Smaller, Blonde Haired Boy With Bright Eyes, A Emo Looking Boy With his Head In A Book, A Naughty Looking Boy With A Dirty Blonde Mullet, A Sleepy Looking Boy With Black Hair Styled Like The Small Boy, But With Red Tips, Red Eyes And His Nose Was Pierced, Weiter To Him Was A Blonde , Chesty Girl With Gold Eyes And A Strange Seductive Look,And Weiter To Her, A Green Haired Girl With Green Hair And Flatter Chests, Yes, That Sound Les >.< "Everyone, This Is Ur New Castmates, Roxas (The Small Boy),Zexion(The Emo),Demyx(The Mullet Boy),Tadia(The Red & Black Boy),Nikeyuko?" "Nikoyoku" She sagte " Ok Then! And Okayaki(The Greenie) Ok Be Nice BYE!" He Chriped

They Look Nice!
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