Hello! Sorry I couldn't write for a bit. I had an operation on my nose and was sick, so I couldn't use the computer :\ I'm back now though :) Also, some of your past ideas that you've gegeben me will appear later in the story. I also couldn't proof-read again... So, enjoy :)

I slowly stood up in the dark room, trying to find away to get out and disappear like the others did. I walked across the darkness, putting my hands out in case I felt anything to help me escape. Pushing my hands out, I felt something hard and brick-like.

'Is this... a brick wall?' I asked myself. I tried banging my fist against the cold, hard Wand but nothing happened. I tried pushing at the wall, wondering if the it would open. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

'Please, anyone? Get me out of here!' I yelled banging my fists against the wall. I let go of the wall, sliding slowly to the ground and landed with a thud on the floor. I just sat there, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, the floor I was sitting on dropped. I yelped in surprise, as I reached out to the wall, trying to hang on before I fall with the ground too. I tried grabbing one of the bricks but couldn't get my grip, then slipped from the wall, making me fall in complete darkness.

'Augh! Someone heeeelp!' I screamed as loud as I could. I fell further and further from the brick wall, getting ready to land on absolutely anything. That was until the whole place around me flashed with a bright light, making me close my eyes because of the brightness appearing before my eyes. Again, my view was blurry and I couldn't make out the picture of what was staring right in front of me.

'He's opening his eyes!' a voice spoke with much concern. After my view got back to normal, I saw everyone looking over me with much panic spread across their faces. I blinked with confusion asking 'Whoa, what happened?' steadily sitting up from my lying down position, putting my hand on my head.

'Mike! I'm so glad you're alright,' Zoey yelled with happiness crouched down to the floor, wrapping her pale arms around my body. My face blushed, light rosa appearing on my faces as I felt her hugging me. She let go and sagte 'Mike, Du gave me a huge shock! Du hit your head hardly on the brick wall,'

'Yeah, I'm starting to remember now,' I answered with everyone staring at me. I started to rub my head with my hand, as it felt hard and heavy. I rubbed near the corner of my head to feel something very sore and feeling liquid on my fingers. Taking my hand away, I looked at my fingers seeing blood. That was the most likely spot where I had hit my head.

'I came running out straight away when Izzy told me what happened,' Zoey replied standing up.

'Izzy?' I asked. I looked towards the crazy girl, who had a huge grin across her face.

'I saw Du hit your head! I was looking to see if we had any chickens at our school,' Izzy answered back. 'I saw Du fell, it was like in slow motion! Everything these days, always in slow motion!'

'Uh... thanks?' I replied not sure what to say to Izzy.

'Glad you're alright man,' Sam told me, for once not playing his console.

'Wait, who pushed me again?' I asked the group while some of the people walked away, after seeing that I was alright. Well, except for my head.

'Scott. He was very annoyed about B and Dawn in a relationship so he pushed Du to an angle of 32 degrees left as Du hit the hard wall,' Cameron answered, B and Dawn nodding in agreement. Zoey's face angered up and mumbled 'He will pay,'

'Yay! Are we going to get revenge on him oder something?' Izzy asked with excitement.

'Well, we could I suppose,' Zoey replied, her face still annoyed.

'Izzy likes revenge! We could use bombs oder something-,' Izzy said, an evil look appearing on her face.

'B-bombs?' Cameron asked in fear.

'No bombs! We want Scott to not get hurt, just some small way to make him learn his lesson,' Dawn assured Cameron, who's face got less worried than it was.

'Well, alright fine. But, I'm kind of worried,' I answered.

'Don't worry, we'll look after Du if anything happens again!' Zoey reminded me, spreading a gorgeous smile across her face. The glocke rung and everyone offered to help me to class.

'Honestly guys, I'll be alright,' I replied with complete honesty.

'Ok, then. If Du do need help though, we'll be right here,' Zoey sagte in a very kind tone. My face set off a bright, rosa blush and we ran off to class.

I lay in my bed, with my legs and arms spread across the blue coloured sheets. Staring up at the ceiling, I thought that I would never be able to get to sleep. The room was dark, barely able to see anything in my bedroom, only seeing the lurking shadows of many of my things that lay in the room. I tossed over to my right, facing myself to my Wand trying to get to sleep. It was no use though. I kept thinking about what happened in my dream when I got knocked out. I didn't understand how I was in a dark room Von myself... that was until people randomly appeared and laughed at me. Slowly getting up and out of my bed, I crept towards my door opening the handle as quietly as I could. Exiting out of my bedroom, I entered the lounge room and swiftly tip-toed across the soft carpet making my way to my backyard. Maybe some fresh air will clear my mind?

Making my way down the few steps from the backyard door, I tripped falling over the small stairs and slamming my face in the wet, slippering, green grass.

'Augh! These dang contraptions these days! Always gonna get someone hurt,' I argued turning into my personality of Chester my whole body still spread across the grass. I turned back to normal with a gasp again, and became worried in case someone like my parents had heard me. I knocked my head with my fist whispering to myself 'Chester! Keep it down!' I sat up on the grass, my feet sinking deeply into the ground. I cocked my head, looking up to the bright, shining stars in the sky. Across the way, the moon hung like a light in the darkness shaped in a smile. Lucky stars and moon, they don't have to worry about anything. I tried thinking about what happened in my dream again.

'Why did I have that dream? D-does it mean anything?' I asked myself quietly, putting my fingers across my chin. Staring up into the sky, I tried to think about my dream until my head almost felt like blowing up. Furiously, I asked myself again in annoyed tone 'Please? Does it mean anything at all?' My head fell, hanging low to only see the ground and tiny little ants crawling away, minding their own business. I never told anyone this... but once I felt the urge to try killing myself.

Life was so hard. No-one liking me... having no friends...

It was back in 8th grade, only last year.


I arrived Home from school, struggling to open the door for my house. When I arrived inside, I landed on the couch with a groan. I got beaten up at school today for the millionth time. My personalities broke out at the wrong time.


Later that night, I couldn't tell my parents what happened about me getting beaten up. They wouldn't care anyway. They don't even understand me at times. The last time they sagte 'I Liebe you' was when I was younger. I remember my parents telling me that I was special and unique in my own way. That was many years ago. I sat at the tabelle that night, just mum and I. Dad hadn't arrived Home from work yet, his always seems so busy rushing around the house... well, whenever he is at Home which is very rare. Poking at my food, I wasn't hungry to eat anything. My mum finally asked 'Is there something wrong? Why won't Du eat your dinner?' Gasping, I turned into Chester and slammed my fist down on the table.

'Always thinkin' I need help! I can do what I want!' I shouted in my elderly voice. Mum jumped back a little, like she always does when I change into a different personality.

'Well... alright. I'm going to go clean up the dishes now, ok honey?' she told me in a nervous tone. Grabbing most of the things from the table, she rushed into the küche as fast as she could. I let out an annoyed, heavy sigh. As usual, this always happened. Dragging myself across the room and making my way to my bedroom, my body filled with pain then Mehr than ever before. Closing the door, I turned to sit on my bed. Taking off my shirt, I saw purple bruises across my skin. I had a rough graze across my ankles, blood still trying to dry. I almost had enough of everyone!

My eyes started to fill with tears, that was until my eyes gazed towards my desk. Across the room on my schreibtisch was a pair of scissors, the blade gleaming in the light. I must of been crazy at the time, because I started walking over to the scissors, getting closer with every move. Picking up the sharp tool, I thought for a moment.

'Is this really the end?' I asked myself silently. Lifting up the scissors, I kept my eyes staring at the sharp object thinking about what I should do. I felt to urge to cut myself, but is it really worth it? Pulling the scissors towards my wrists getting ready to cut but, I quickly stopped me from doing so. I dropped the scissors on the ground and yelled 'No! What the hell am I thinking? I can't do this!' It was the right thing for me to do. I shoved the scissors in my drawers and never wanted to look at them again.

Cutting myself just wasn't the answer to my problems.

I will feel Mehr pain than ever before.

*Flashback ended*

Looking over the flash-back, I should have never done that in the first place. That meant I would of never met my great group of friends. Including Zoey. If only I could tell Zoey I loved her. I wish I could have the courage but... I'm just nervous. I need Mehr time to spread it out. Yeah. Just wait a little.

Brushing the dirt off my PJ pants, I tip-toed back to my room and fell asleep that night.

The Weiter Tag at school, two other Geography classes and our own piled onto the large bus. Everyone was just about chatting with excitement oder annoyance, as today we were going on a Field Trip to Gravers Forest.

'I'm very excited that we can go to Gravers Forest! I've read about difference types of forests, this one for sure is has pine-trees and needle-leaf trees and-'Cameron chatted away with excitement. Everyone just again pretended to listen, but nobody really cared. It was his first time going into a forest anyway. We all piled onto the bus, spotting a bunch of seats towards the back of the bus. B and Dawn, as a couple sat down Weiter to each other in a seat. Cameron still explaining the many types of trees sat Weiter to Sam, who was in his imaginary world of pixels coming from his video game.

'Come on, let's sit here,' Zoey giggled, grabbing my hand as she pulled me towards the sitz in front of the others.

'Thanks Zoey,' I sagte giving a large smile. Across from us, I saw Stan and Lance sit down on the bus seat. An annoyed look still hung across their face as they stared at me right in the eye. Behind them, Scott sat down and the three began talking.

'We have another person in our group now,' Lance told me loudly over the noise, still with an evil glare.

'Scott's joined. We are now Mehr powerful than before,' Stan laughed, Lance laughing in the background. Scott just rolled his eyes, sitting further in his sitz and mumbled 'What a bunch of retards,' Leaning over the sitz Scott threatened 'Stop trying to be cool and do what I say, got it?' Stan and Lance stopped laughing, nodding in agreement with Scott. I frowned in disappointment. Now they have Scott too? Walking down the aisle was Brick walking with his head up high in proudness. Scott looked dazed for a second, Lost in his own thoughts when he asked 'Hey Brick! Want to come sit Weiter to me?' Brick was very susprised, his eyes open wide.

'Well, alright then,' Brick replied with confusion, sliding into the sitz Weiter to Scott.

'Do Du want to be part of our group?' Scott asked. The cadet blinked for a Sekunde and replied back with a salute 'Sure! Thank-you so much sir!' Scott faked a smile back and mumbled 'I'm stuck with a bunch of losers. Hopefully... this will work though,' Zoey and I exchanged strange looks at each other, when the bus started to leave the school. Dawn and B were talking silently to each other, both smiling and giggling. They looked so happy together. I was very glad for the both of them. Cameron was still babbling on.

'I've never been in a forest before. I can't wait!' Cameron told Sam trying to speak over the oben, nach oben of the noisy people on the bus.

'Yeah... cool man!' Sam sagte carelessly, tapping his thumbs against the buttons on his console.

'How are Du now after what happened yesterday?' Zoey asked.

'Yeah, I feel much better. But, I couldn't get to sleep last night,' I sighed pressing my elbow against the ledge from the window, turning my head to see the view past by.

'Oh, really? Why's that?' she asked with surprise. I turned my head to face the red-head. Her face was full of concern, tilting it to the side waiting for me to give her an answer.

'I, well, was thinking about a dream I had while I was knocked out,' I told her, leaning back further into the cushion on the seat.

'How come Du never told me about that? Was the dream bad?' Zoey asked, looking even Mehr confused as the bus bounced down the bumpy road.

'Yeah. Mehr confusing, heh-heh. I don't know if it has a meaning oder anything,' I replied, scratching my head as I remembered the dream I had. Zoey nodded, and I could tell she wanted to know. I read her face clearly, as she wanted the urge the ask me.

'Do Du want to hear it?' I asked. Zoey gave a nod in return.

'Well...,'I started and told the story to the red-head. Her beautiful smile transformed into the complete opposite, a sad frown as I continued on. I didn't tell her the part about her being there. She would be freaked out if I did.

'So, that's what happened,' I sagte as I finished explaining the story.

'Aw, Mike! That story was bad! Hey, we could ask Dawn if it meant anything,' she thought out aloud as I pictured a light-bulb appearing above her head. My herz filled with happiness, why didn't I ever think of asking the psychic? Making sure the teachers didn't see my, I darted down two seats to slip in Weiter to the two, luckily there was just enough space.

'Hey Dawn! Could I ask Du something?' I asked the pale blonde.

'Sure. Do Du need to ask something about a dream of yours?' she asked. I nodded, remembering that it was possible of her to read minds, plus knowing my aura. I explained the story, trying to remember full detail.

'Well, as I see it, the darkened room meant Du were waiting for something to happen. Later, when the others came, they seemed to be your enemies oder people Du disliked. Your dream doesn't mean that much, but I think it means that Du need to come out on oben, nach oben and Zeigen the people Du don't like that Du can be better than them,' Dawn deeply explained, B nodding in agreement.

'Wow, really? Thanks Dawn!' I sagte giving a huge grin. Dawn smiled back as I quickly jumped back into my seat.

'Ok, I think I have the right idea now,' I told Zoey with a smile.

Coming out on top... maybe, this revenge thing would be the perfect idea.

*End of Chapter 10*