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posted by nocofangirl218
That's right, I'm FINALLY updating this! XD Anyway, sorry I've been slow, but I've been busy with school and some other stuff. But it's nothing really serious! :D Okay, lets get this story started!


*Elimination Ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to the podium* Alright, it's time for, yet, another elimination ceremony for Du all! Anything to say before we begin Alex?

Alex: *is all in the dumps* No.....

Gladys: *has a guilty look*

Chris: *is laughing* Uh, man, I Liebe Alex all quiet and depressed like this! It really makes my day! *sighs happily* Anyway, it is now time to get this thing started! So, the first one automatically is safe, sicher is......Rayla! *tosses Rayla her popcorn bag* Okay, and for the rest of you, lets get this elimination ceremony rolling!

*everyone but Griffon and Alex are gegeben a popcorn bag*

Chris: Aright, looks like we're finally down to the last two! So, who will it be?

Griffon: Oh please, we ALL now it's gonna be Alex leaving! Du should just give me the popcorn bag right now and we can end this whole thing!

Chris: Well Griffon, I would Liebe to be sending Alex Home tonight, but....I'm afraid that won't be happening. *sighs sadly* As much as it kills me to say this........the last popcorn bag goes to........Alex. *throws a popcorn bag to Alex, but he doesn't even attempt to catch it* That means you, Griffon, will be leaving the the cab-of-shame tonight!

Griffon: What?! *turns to everyone* How could Du all pick that...that....sister stealer over me?!

Duncan: Maybe because, oh I don't know....your INSANE!

*Griffon then gets this pissed look, and makes a lunge for Duncan. But, before he could even get close, two huge guards catch him in mid-air. Griffon starts to flail around, but the guards have too good of a hold on him. They then drag him to the cab, throw him in, and it drives quickly away*

Gladys: poor big brother...

Chris: Yeah, so sad, too bad, moving on! So, it is now time to go back to the cabins, get some rest, and get up tomorrow for another hard-core challenge!

Alejandro: ….like then gender-bend challenge? -__-

Chris: …..........your face! >3< *stomps off*

All: *go back to the cabins*

-The Weiter morning-

*In Craft Services*

*They are all eating and talking calmly until they hear a loud shriek. Right after that; Crystal runs into the tent. Her hair is all messed up, and her clothed are askew*

Noah: Wow....did a tornado blow through oder something? *nudges Alex*

Alex: …........ *sighs sadly*

Crystal: No! Something FAR worse has happened! Du see, I had this cool idea for a challenge today, but, when I went to check the budget.........THERE WAS NOTHING THERE! The shows totally broke, and no one knows where the money went oder where it is!

Duncan: Uh, the Zeigen basically has no money anyway, so why is this an issue?

Crystal: This is an issue because, if we have no money, that means no challenges! No challenges means no viewers! No viewers means.......NO SHOW! If we have no show, then that means that TDR will be canceled, and no one will win the million!

All: O_O What?!

Crystal: I know! All the crew is freaking out, and I think a few of them went to the Mexican boarder to become orange sales-men....

Gwen: So...that's just it? The shows canceled, and there's nothing we can do?

Crystal: Well....we haven't been canceled yet, but, if we don't have a challenge today, we WILL be canceled! Okay, so, Du all stay here, and I'll come back with, hopefully, a awesome challenge that will keep us on air, and, if we're lucky, get us some needed money. Anyway, if Du need me, I'll be brainstorming ideas with the other frantic people. *starts to leave*

Destery: *runs in front of her* Wait, Du forgot the re-cap!

Crystal: *groans* Destery, can't we please just skip it today?

Destery: NO! I must here the re-cap, oder I'll go on a missive killing spree! *pulls out a chainsaw from no where* And Du all will be the first to go!

Crystal: o-o *turns to the camera* So, last time on Total Drama Rama, the contestants had to participate in a pie-eating contest. Of course, that wasn't the real drama! After losing last Minute to Rayla, Alex also got dumped Von his GF Gladys! How will Alex get through his first Tag without Gladys Von his side? Find out right now on..............Total Drama Rama! *theme song plays*

Destery: *sighs happily* Much better. =w= *looks at chainsaw* Huh....where did this come from? *throws the chainsaw aside*

Crystal: ….. *leaves the tent*

Destery: ….whats her problem?

All: …. *go sit down at the tables*

Destery: *shrugs, and goes to a tabelle and sits down*

-At tabelle 1-

*Rayla, Destery, Gwen, Duncan, Noah, and Cody, and Gladys are sitting here*

*at the beginning of the table; Gwen, Duncan, and Gladys are talking*

Gwen: So, Gladys, Du and Alex are really broken up, huh?

Gladys: Yeah, and.....I'm really having mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I'm glad I can finally find someone who I know better, and have a little Mehr on common with. But...on the other hand...I really hate seeing him so sad. *gets teary eyed*

Duncan: *scoffs* Please, he's just pulling an Elvis on you.

Gladys: *gets a confused look* An....Elvis?

Duncan: Yeah! When someone pretends to be sad to make the person who broke up with them jealous; I call it pulling an Elvis!

Gladys: ….but...why?

Gwen: Because of Trent. Duncan thought he pretend to be sad, and, to a point, he was right.

Gladys: .__. Oh.....I see....


Gladys: never crossed my mind that Alex could be faking being sad so I'd pay attention to him! And I BET that's what he's doing! Well, guess what, I'm not gonna fall for it! No matter how sad and depressed he looks, I won't fall for his little act! His little....sad...tear jearking....miserable act.... *gets teary eyed again*

**End of Confessionals**

*Further down the table; Rayla and Destery are laughing loudly*

Destery: Man Rayla, it feels so awesome to finally be talking to Du again! a hundred-percent don't like Alex....right?

Rayla: Of course I don't! :D Besides, I'm Mehr into a different type.

Destery: And...what type would that be?

Rayla: Cute, funny guys with black hair, and who are obsessed with re-caps.

Destery: ….that guy on Survivor? .__.

Rayla: -__-

*at the end of the table; Noah and Cody are doing what Noah and Cody normally do*

Cody: Wait, Noah, slow down would you?!

Noah: No way! *speeds up*

Cody: Hey! Don't speed up on me like that!

Noah: Whatever! Du know I'm gonna get there first!

Cody: No your not! *tries to speed up*

Noah: Oh man, I'm almost......there....Ha! *takes his hands off his gameboy, and throws them up in victory* I win! I TOLD Du I'd beat Du at Super-Mario cart!

Cody: Yeah, but only because Du cheated!

Noah: Aw don't be such a sore loser! Now, come on, let's go get some milk!

Cody: ….fine. -__-

*the two then leave to go get some milk*

-At tabelle 2-

*Melody, Rae, Riley, Robin, Mirra, Alejandro, and Alex are sitting here*

*at the beginning of the table; Riley and Robin are talking*

Riley: So...are Du worried the Zeigen will be canceled?

Robin: Not really. :) Truthfully, I'm thinking this is all an prank, and, when everyone finally figures it out, we'll be presented with our real challenge.

Riley: My thoughts exactly!

Robin: Yay for thinking alike!

Riley: Yay! ^w^

*further down the table; Melody, and Rae are Lesen a magazine*

Melody: Oh, look at this one! *points at a picture* Isn't he SO adorable?!

Rae: Totally, but, not as handsome as him! *points to another picture* He's WAY batter than that guy!

Melody: ….actually, I think that guys pretty ugly.

Rae: *gasps, and gets a mad expression* Well what do Du know!? Oh, wait, your going out with Justin, so that should tell me Du have bad taste in guys!

Melody: *gets a mad expression as well* Take that back!

Rae: Make me! *they have an intense stare-down for a few minutes, but then cry and hug each other* I'm SO sorry Melody! Let's never let guys get in the way of our friendship again!

Melody: Agreed!

*at the end of the table; Alejandro and Mirra are making-out while Alex is staring at them sadly*

Alex: *sighs sadly* I remember when me and Gladys had make-out sessions like that....

Alejandro: *pulls away from Mirra, and gives Alex a 'please go' look* Okay, Alex, I know your upset, but, I think it'd be best if you-

Mirra: Go sit somewhere else!

Alejandro: Exactly! :D

Alex: *stares at them for a moment, but then sighs, and slumps off* *mumbles* Nobody wants me... *trips, and just lays there on the floor*

Mirra: *gets a guilty look* Were we....a little too hard on him?

Alejandro: Maybe, was worth it to do this. *kisses Mirra, and they resume their make-out session from earlier*

-30 Minuten later-

*they are all chatting when the intercom clicks on*

Crystal: *over the intercom* Hello all contestants! So, I have wonderful news! Me and the others have finally thought of something that will be a challenge, AND make us some quick cash! What is Du Du all ask? Well, come down the the Quiz studio, and we'll tell you! *intercom clicks*

Noah: Oh, this I have to see. *leaves the tent*

The rest: *shrug, and follow him out*

-At the Quiz studio-

*all the contestants walk into the studio to find that it now has a huge area with black tile and a red curtain. They also see it has those phone things that a telethon usually has. Crystal then comes out in a knee-height purple dress*

Crystal: Welcome, contestants, to the first annual....TDR telethon! :D

Noah: ….seriously? This is seriously the best idea Du could think of? I mean, even a BABY could think of something better than a telethon!

Crystal: -___- Geez Noah, rude much?

Noah: Actually, I need to fill in for Alex. .3. Without his rudeness, the world would be unbalanced.

Crystal: Speaking of which, wheres- *at that exact moment, Alex slumps in. He then goes over to the group, and sighs sadly* Ah, there he is! Okay, let me lay the challenge on Du guys! So, since this IS a telethon, we need three thing! One is a host, Sekunde is people to take donations, and, most importantly, acts! And, since we have no money to pay professional people to take donations oder be the acts, Du all are gonna be both! :D

All: o_o

Crystal: Now, now, don't give me those looks! >3< Alright, here's how it's gonna work out! So, I want Du all to pick a talent, a partner if needed, sign up for a slot, and rehearse for the show! And, whenever your not preforming, Du will be taking donations!

Mirra: actually a good idea. But, after all is sagte and done, how are we gonna decide a winner? Is it gonna be, like, Von the acts? And will there be any other host tonight, oder are Du gonna be the only one?

Chris: *comes in with Kate following him, and their both in formal wear* I'm glad Du asked that Mirra! Yes, me and Kate are gonna be helping Crystal run this little show! Now, here's how the winner will be decided! Du see, we're gonna give everyone their own little tally board! And, each time someone calls Du for a donation, your board goes up! Whoever has the most money on their board Von then end of the night is the winner!

Kate: Very well sagte Chris! :D

Crystal: Eh....not really. -__- Oh, and, before I forget, we're requesting there be only four to five song acts. That way not everyone is singing. Okay everyone, we have one Stunde to Zeigen time! Get your acts ready, signed up, rehearsed, and we'll meet up then! Good luck everyone! *the three then leave*

All: O_O ….. *they start to frantically get ready*

-With Rayla and Destery-

Rayla: *walks up to Destery with a blush* So....Destery...would to preform with me in the show?

Destery: Of course! :D

Rayla: *gets a super happy smile* Awesome! So, what shall we do?

Destery: Lets do a musical number!

Rayla: *gets a happy look* That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! Okay, so, since we both agree we need to do a song, how about-

Destery: I got it! Lets do....Do Du like waffles!

Rayla: *gets a sad look* Oh....uh....sure, I guess we can do that.

Destery: Yay friendship! *hugs Rayla*

Rayla: Yay. -__-

-with Gwen and Duncan-

Gwen: So, Duncan, wanna preform with me?

Duncan: *scoffs* Are Du kidding?! Of COURSE I wanna preform with you! But...I do have condition. I DON'T wanna sing, period.

Gwen: *gets a disappointed look* Oh well...that's to bad. I had this perfect song picked out....

Duncan: *gets a semi-guilty look. He then gets a momentary thinking idea, but then gets a sly smile* Du know....if Du really wanna could always do it with one of your friends, or, just Von yourself. That is, if Du really want to.

Gwen: *smiles* Thanks, but...what's going to be your performance?

Duncan: Oh, I'll think of something. Now, go get your Singen thing signed up!

Gwen: *hugs Duncan* Thanks babe. *runs off to get the Singen thing signed up*


Duncan: So I'm a sucker when it comes to my pasty. Big deal! She wanted to sing, and I told her she could! Doesn't mean I'm not tough....cause I am!

**End of confessionals**

-with Noah and Cody-

Cody: *awkwardly goes up to Noah* Hey Noah! So....yeah....I was wondering; since we have to preform anyway, why don't we preform together? Du know....just to get it out of the way?

Noah: *smiles* I'd Liebe to. So, got anything in mind for the show?

Cody: Actually....I do! *pulls out these two plastic light-savors from his pocket* I found these in the Requisiten closet, and, also, there's these sweet Star Wars costumes there as well! And I was thinking we could do a reenactment of a famous Star Wars fight!

Noah: Sounds awesome.

*the two then go off to get their Star Wars fight signed up*

-with Alejandro and Mirra-

*the two are together and giggling*

Mirra: Okay, since we're preforming together; I think we should do a duet of some kind. Of course, if Du wanna do something else, I'm always open for suggestions. :)

Alejandro: *smiles at Mirra* Actually, Singen sounds like a fun idea. Besides, your voice is so...beautiful. It would be a crime if Du didn't sing!

Mirra: *blushes, and smiles* Thanks. But...I don't have a song picked out.

Alejandro: That's okay, because I have the perfect song idea. *whispers the song in Mirra's ear, and her jaw drops* So...what do Du think?

Mirra: *hugs Alejandro* Alejandro, your a genius for thinking of that!

Alejandro: *hugs Mirra back* Thanks mi amor. Now, lets go get signed up!

*Mirra nods, and the two go off to get signed up*

-with Robin, and Riley-

*Riley and Robin are at a tabelle thinking of idea*

Riley: Okay, so we've eliminated singing, dancing, and anything to do with Justin Beiber for our performance. *gets a thinking look* Hm....oh! How about we do an improve routine!

Robin: *gets a confused look* What does improve mean?

Riley: Oh, it's easy, I promise! Improve is basically a comedy routine Du do off the oben, nach oben of your head! It's random, it'll make people laugh, and I'm positive it'll raise tons of money!

Robin: *gets a happy look* Okay then, lets go sign up!

*the two then go off to sign their comedy routine up*

-with Melody and Rae-

Melody: Okay....any ideas for an act Rae?

Rae: *thinks for a moment, and then snaps her fingers* I've got it! *pulls out a Lady Gaga CD from her pocket* I brought this with me, and I think it'll be perfect!

Melody: *gets a confused look* Okay, but...hows a Lady Gaga CD gonna help us?

Rae: Simple! We just pick a song, make up a few dance moves to go along with the music, and, boom, instant act! Plus, a lot of people Liebe hearing Lady Gaga music!

Melody: That's....actually not a bad idea.

Rae: Thanks! Now, come on, lets get signed up so we can start practicing!

*the two then rush off to sign up*

-with Gladys, Alex, and Duncan-

Duncan: *walks up to Alex* Hey Alex! So, since Gwen's doing this song routine, would Du like to be my partner for the show.

Alex: *sighs sadly* What does it life is meaningless without Gladys....

Duncan: *groans* Alright, your depression is getting annoying. *looks around, and sees Gladys nearby – doing something* *smiles* And I know just what to do! *grabs Alex Von the hemd, shirt collar, and drags him over to Gladys* Hey, Gladys, Alex has something to ask you!

Alex: *sees Gladys, and gets a nervous expression* H-hey Gladys! S-so....I was wondering....i-if your not preforming with anyone...if you'd like to...preform with me...

Gladys: *stares at Alex for a moment, but then sighs sadly* Sorry Alex, but....I can't preform with you. I'm already doing a musical performance thing with Gwen, and, besides, it wouldn't be right – since we just broke up and all....

Alex: But...but....why?!

Gladys: *sighs* Look I think your a really nice guy, but....someone I know sagte he doesn't think your right for me. So, as much as I hate to do it, I have to listen to that person's advise, and not datum oder even preform with you. I'm really sorry Alex.... *goes off*

Duncan: ….ouch....sorry Alex.

Alex: …. *falls onto the ground* I hate my life....

Duncan: -__- Guess I'm stuck with Du now. *picks Alex up Von his feet, and drags him off somewhere*


Gladys: *sighs sadly*'s getting REALLY hard to ignore Alex! I mean....just look at him! He's walking around all depressed and crap! But....Griffon sagte he was bad news, brothers usually right about things like this....I think....

**End of confessionals**

-One Stunde later-

*In the Quiz Zeigen studio*

*The studio now has an audience, and the contestants are in place*

Camera man: Picture in 3...2....1! *music then comes on, and these spot-lights come on*

Chris: *over the speaker* And welcome to TDR's first annual....Telethon! *the audience applauds* And now, your main host for the evening.....Crystal Greyson!

Crystal: *comes out, and the spot-light hits her. The audience then applauds once more* Thanks for that warm welcome from the audience! So, as Du all may have heard, the Zeigen is in danger of cancellation due to financial reasons. *the audience noes* But, tonight, we have a chance to raise money to continue the show! *audience yays* The goal is 10,000 dollars, and I know we're gonna make it! *audience cheers enthusiastically* And now, please give another warm welcome to my helper for tonight.....Kate!

Kate: *comes out, and stands Von Crystal* Thanks Crystal! And we have an amazing Zeigen set up for Du all! And, standing by, we have the cast of TDR ready to take donations! *the spot-light then hits the contestants, and the audience goes nuts*

Crystal: And, as an added bonus, we ALSO have them as the entertainment! *the audience then goes Mehr nuts than before*

Kate: *whispers to Crystal* Man...I wish I had ear-plugs.

Crystal: *whispers back to Kate* I hear you, but, come on, their our audience. The Mehr they applaud, the Mehr chance of us raising tons of money. *to the audience* Also, if Du at Home want to make a donation, please call the toll-free number at the bottom of your screen! Alright, are Du all ready for our first act of the night? *the audience Yeah's*

Kate: Alright then, please welcome to the stage.....Rayla and Destery preforming “Do Du like waffles?!” *the audience cheers*

Rayla and Destery: *walk out, and the crowd goes silent. The Musik then instantly starts*

Destery: Do Du like Waffles?
Rayla: Yeah, we like waffles!

Destery: Do Du like pancakes?
Rayla: Yeah, we like pancakes!

Destery: Do Du french toasts?
Rayla: Yeah, we like french toasts!

Both: Di bi di bi di, can't wait to get a mouth-full!
Wa- Di bi di bi di, can't wait to get a mouth-full!

Rayla: Do Du like Waffles?
Destery: Yeah, we like waffles!

Rayla: Do Du like pancakes?
Destery: Yeah, we like pancakes!

Rayla: Do Du french toasts?
Destery: Yeah, we like french toasts!

Both: Di bi di bi di, can't wait to get a mouth-full!
*they then stop, and the audience goes wild*

Kate: Well, looks like this crowd REALLY loves waffles!

Crystal: I don't think waffeln is the only thing this crowd loves! *the camera then does a close-up of a group of girls holding “I Liebe Destery” signs* Well, looks like someone has their own fan-club! *snickers* Alright, time to go to the phones!

*The camera then goes over to the phones, but only a few cast members are taking donations. In total, they raised 53 dollars*

Kate: Well...looks like people at Home don't like waffles...

Crystal: *turns to camera* Du heard her! If Du like waffles, and wanna prove Kate wrong, please call the number on the screen! Okay, and now, please welcome as our Sekunde act.....Gwen and Gladys Singen “The Howling” Von the Within Temptation! *the audience cheers*

Gwen and Gladys: *come out, and the crowd is, once again, silents. Soft Piano Musik then starts to play, but then gives way to a guitar*

Gwen: We've been seeing what Du wanted
Gladys: Got us cornered right now
Gwen: Fallen asleep from our vanity
Gladys: Might cost us our lives

Gwen: I hear they're getting closer
Gladys: Their howls are sending chills down my spine
Gwen: And time is running out now
Gladys: They're coming down the hills from behind

Both: When we start killing
It's all coming down right now
From the nightmare we've created
I want to be awakened somehow
When we start killing
It all will be falling down
From the hell that we're in
All we are is fading away
When we start killing

Gladys: We've been searching all night long
Gwen: But there's no trace to be found
Gladys: It's like they all have just vanished
Gwen: But I know they're around

Gladys: I feel they're getting closer
Gwen: Their howls are sending chills down my spine
Gladys: And time is running out now
Gwen: They're coming down the hills from behind

Both: When we start killing
It's all coming down right now
From the nightmare we've created
I want to be awakened somehow
When we start killing
It all will be falling down
From the hell that we're in
All we are is fading away
When we start killing (x2)

Gladys: I feel they're getting closer
Gwen: Their howls are sending chills down my spine
Gladys: And time is running out now
Gwen: They're coming down the hills from behind
*There is a short musical break, but then they start to sing again*

Gwen: The sun is rising, the screams have gone
Gladys: Too many have fallen, few still stand tall
Gwen: Is this the ending of what we've begun?
Gladys: Will we remember what we've done wrong?

Both: When we start killing
It's all coming down right now
From the nightmare we've created
I want to be awakened somehow
When we start killing
It all will be falling down
From the hell that we're in
All we are is fading away
When we start killing(x3)

*They finish, and the crowd, once again, goes nuts*

Kate: Wow! Okay, I admit, I never really liked metal music, but Du two mad it sound....plain snazzy! Lets see if the viewers agree!

*The camera then goes over to the cast, and they are all taking donations. The total is now 182*

Crystal: Oh my pumpkins! The total has went up dramatically!

Kate: Yeah it has! And, for those viewers at home, please call the toll-free number at the bottom of the screen and make a donation! And now, out third act of the night! Please welcome everyone Favorit couple....Alejandro and Mirra Singen “If I didn't have you!” *the crowd yells enthusiastically*

Mirra and Alejandro: *come in, and the crowd goes silent. Musik then starts up*

Alejandro: If I were a rich man
With a million oder two
I'd live in a penthouse
In a room with a view
And if I were handsome
It could happen
Those dreams do come true
I wouldn't have nothing
if I didn't have Du

Both: Wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have
Wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have
Wouldn't have nothing

Mirra: Can I tell Du something?
For years I have envied
Your grace and your charm
Everyone loves you, Du know

Alejandro: Yes, I know, I know, I know

Mirra: But I must admit it
Big guy, Du always come through
I wouldn't have nothing
if I didn't have Du

Both: Du and me together
That's how it always should be
One without the other
don't mean nothing to me
Nothing to me

Alejandro: Yeah, I wouldn't be nothing
If I didn't have Du to serve
I'm just a punky little eyeball
And a funky optic nerve

Mirra: Hey, I never told Du this
Sometimes I get a little blue
But I wouldn't have nothing
if I didn't have Du
Yes, I wouldn't be nothing
if I didn't have Du

Both: 'Cause we
both know it's true
I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have(x4)
You, you
A, E, I, O
That means you, yeah.

*They finish, and the audience is in a practical uproar*

Crystal: That. Was. AMAZING! Lets see if the numbers agree!

*The camera then goes over to the phones, and it shows everyone taking calls again. The grand total is now at 385 because of Alejandro and Mirra*

Kate: Wow! It looks like out total is getting higher! *turns to camera* And, to Du viewers at home, remember, if Du wanna be apart of this great event; please call the toll-free number at the bottom of your scree there and donate! Even pocket change will do!

Crystal: Exactly, but, we're still far away from our goal, so lets keep this Zeigen going!

(A/N: Okay, since I'm lazy, I'm just gonna tell Du what everyone else did, and how much money it raised. :P Noah and Cody did an epic Star Wars fight, and it got the total to 566. Melody and Rae danced to “Just dance” Von Lady Gaga, and it got the total to 783. Riley and Robin did their improve act, and it got the total to 999. And, finally, Duncan used Alex as a “Dummy” and did this ventriloquist act. Unfortunately, it only got the total to 1,034)

Crystal: Well.....that's the end of our Zeigen folks. I'm sorry to say....we did raise enough, so....this is the last TDR episode. *the audience noes*

Kate: But....but HOW can that be?! *the camera the goes over to the phones*

Noah: Hey, don't blame all of us phone people! We were all taking calls like crazy, and, in fact, Alex was the only one that wasn't taking calls!

All: *gasp*

Alex: *sighs sadly* Whats the point? Without Gladys at my side, this Zeigen is useless to me.....everything's useless to me now....

Crystal: ….well....I guess this is the end.....thanks to all of Du that donated, and- *the phone rings*

Gwen: I got it! *picks it up* Hello, TDR telethon, whats the amount of your donation? *the other person talks, and Gwen gets wide eyed* Du will?! But...but there are no Mehr acts! *the other person talks some more* Well...of COURSE we can do that! Thank Du so much sir! *hangs up*

Duncan: What was that about pasty?

Gwen: Guys....the guy who just called, and sagte he'd give us the rest of the money we need!

Crystal: *gets a shocked look* Wait.....he did?! But....but doesn't he realize that's a lot of money he'd be giving to us?!

Gwen: I guess so! But he said, to get the money, the entire cast of TDR needs to sing “Lean on me.”

Crystal: Well, lets do it then!

Duncan: No way! Du aren't gonna make me sing!

Kate: Oh, come on Duncan! It's to save the show! *turns to the audience* Come on people. Help me get him to sing! *the audience then start to chant the word sing*

Duncan: Fine! If it gets the audience to shut up; I'll do it!

Crystal: Fantastic! Alright everyone, lets get going!

*all the cast then rush onto the stage, and Crystal and Kate run off to behind the curtain. This giant TV then comes down, and the Titel “Lyrics for Lean on me” is seem*

Chris: *through the speaker* Ladies and gentlemen, our final act....the whole TDR cast Singen Lean on me! *the audience cheers*

*Music hen starts, and the lyrics start to appear on the screen*

Alejandro: Sometimes in our lives
Noah: We all have pain
Cody: We all have sorrow
Duncan: But if we are wise
Alex: We know that there's always tomorrow

All: Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help Du carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Gwen: Please schlucken your pride
Melody: If I have things Du need to borrow
Gladys: For no one can fill those of your needs
Robin: That Du won't let show
Rae: Du just call on me brother, when Du need a hand
Rayla: We all need somebody to lean on
Riley: I just might have a problem that you'd understand
Gwen: We all need somebody to lean on

All: Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help Du carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on
Du just call on me brother, when Du need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you'd understand
We all need somebody to lean on

Noah: If there is a load Du need to bear
Cody: That Du can't carry
Alejandro: I'm right up the road
Duncan: I'll share your load
Alex: If Du just call me

All: Call me (if Du need a friend)
Call me (Call me) (x4)

*The Musik stops, and the crowd howls in cheer. The total then is raised to 10,000*

Crystal: *comes back on stage* Well, there Du have it! TDR is back, and it's here to stay! *the crowd then gives one last round of applause*

-after all the people have left, and the cast are back at the phone thing-

Crystal: *come in front of the phone thing* Thank Du all for a night of wonderful entertainment! There was singing, dancing, and even comedy! But, now, we need to pick the all important winner! *a screen then comes down over the stage* This computer will give us the person with the most money collected! And, that person is.... *the machine then starts to go through all the casts names, but it then stops at Alex's* Alex?!

All: WHAT!?

Alex: Wait.....I....I actually won?! is that possible?!

Crystal: I don't know, but....congratulations Alex! You've just one this weeks elimination, and....immunity. *smiles sheepishly*

Alex: No.....this isn't fair! *bangs head on the schreibtisch repeatedly*

Crystal: *turns to camera* Oh well, Du just can't please some people. Anyway, it's my Favorit time.....questions at the end of the episode time! Okay; could Du see Noah and Cody having an epic Star Wars battle? Who do Du think was the mystery caller? And how on EARTH did Alex win if he didn't pick up the phone?! All these Fragen will....actually be answered Weiter time on....Total Drama Rama! :D


And that's the episode! >W<

Anyway, please vote off someone as usual, and....yeah...have a good day! XD

Till Weiter week!
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Just want to say, I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!! I found it on and thought it was amazing. Requisiten to owner!

Rated M

It all started at the end of a rock show. Gwen was walking home, enjoying herself. The night was dark and it was very late. She knew she should have been Mehr careful, but the acts of an rebellious youth thought nothing bad will ever happen to her. She's Gwen, the scary goth girl of her high school. No one would even dare to come near her. She was safe. At least, that's what she thought.

Last memory she had was hand over her mouth and another over...
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that sounds like Sierra XD
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LOL at this xD
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Not mine,FlashQuatsch on youtube's
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watch it and youll laugh so hard,youll gotta pee.
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Reflection from Mulan sung Von Christina Aguilera. Credit goes to fatimaandariel13 from Youtube
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SO F**KING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
high school
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I told u Mehr so heres more!!Sonny with a chance!Mi fave show!!Dis is my first!!!!TDI IS MI FIRST!! nEXT:TDI:Hannah Montana
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