ugh who's there??" gwen sagte with tierd eyes. "it's just me sweetheart!!" i sagte looking at gwen. "duncan?? why are Du here??" gwen sagte wondering why i came. "i came here to talk" i sagte winking at gwen. "talk about what??" she asked. "i wanna talk about us!!" "yeah what about us??" she sagte as she leaned closer to me. i felt numb all over my body when she did that. "our relationship!! i guess..." i sagte looking hopeless. "" she sagte while looking confused. "i broke up with cortney" i sagte with a frown. "really?? Du broke up with her??" she could tell i was lieing. "no it's Mehr like she broke up with me" i sagte looking down. "don't worry it'll be okay" gwen sagte holding my head up. then she kissed me and i froze up because i did not see that coming. "wow...really??" i sagte with my eyes in a daze. "yes" gwen sagte while trying to get me back to earth agian. "i want there to be an us!!" she sagte while looking in my eyes. "okay what??" i sagte speetchless. "come with me" she sagte pulling me to her room. "wow your room is awesome!! so many posters of Filme i like!!" i sagte while looking at the posters. "i know i Liebe these Filme but there's some one i Liebe Mehr than all those movies" gwen sagte while leaning close to me. "really who???" i said. she giggled while saying "you!!" "oh me?? who whould have guessed" i sagte while leaning in for a kiss. she kissed me agian,then things started getting weird i don't know why but i had a erge to push her down on the floor and i did,it was weird cause after i pushed her down we started making out,then she pulled off my spike collor and my shirt. it was the most weirdest yet romantic thing i've ever done in my life. i don't know why but then i took off her hemd, shirt of caurse she had a brawl on but i still don't know why i did that. after we made out we watched a scary movie "blood bath two summer camp rade of terrer" "i Liebe this movie!" i sagte while cuddleing with gwen. she kissed me on the cheak,after we made out i have no idea what came over me all of a sudden i started liking gwen which is good cause in my case courtney broke up with me and i need a new relationship with some one and i guess that some one is gwen. so i cuddled with her on her bett as i was watching my Favorit movie. i don't know how i got these feelings for gwen but i think it's nice.after the movie we where frenching for awhile then we went to bed. when i was sleeping i had this weird dream about gwen and me having sex it was weird but i didn't know gwen was having the same dream and we actually had sax in our sleep. in the morning gwen found out she was pregnat. she came out of the bathroom in tears saying "what am i gonna do now??" i shook my head i don't know what in the world we are gonna do know,but now that she's pregnat i have no chose but to merry her. i whent on my knees saying "gwen...will Du merry me??" she had tears in her eyes but of course she sagte yes!! we had our own little liguster, privet wedding in her room. after our privit wedding we where talking aboout the baby oder babies. "well if it's a girl i wanna name her alex." gwen sagte looking at me. "if it's a boy we'll name him zack!!" i sagte holding gwen's hand. a couple mounths passed Von and Du could tell gwen was pregnat. gwen picked up her cell and called her mom to tell her the news. "hey mom uh i have news..." "what kind of news good oder bad" gwens mom said. "it depends on how Du take it" "oh ok well what's the news??" gwens mom asked. "i'm pregnat!!" gwen sagte with excitment yet worried. "oh...uh...ok boy oder girl??" "i haven't found out yet but we are going to the hostpital today to find out" "ok bye" gwens mom said. me and gwen got in my car and drove to the hostpital. after the test we found out she was having twins!! one boy,and one girl, a couple Mehr mounths passed and she was in labor we rushed to the hospital and out came 1 boy and 1 girl!! we named the boy zack,and the girl alex, alex had black hair with maroon highlights, and zack looked almost exatally like me except his mohalk was teal, knickente, blaugrün like gwens highlights. "there perfect" i sagte giving gwen a KISS on the fore head. "your perfect" she sagte giving me a small peck. alex and zack became good kids alex loved hard core Musik zack liked punk rock music, alex soon had a boyfriend names david, zack had a girlfriend named sofe, soon there kids had there own familey and lived happily ever after!!!