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posted by dxcfan
She was sad.

It was no doubt about. Only Courtney knew what kind grief and gloominess one could feel. Her whole world had turned upside down. Every since she found out about those two, Courtney was nothing other than a walking body of misery. Her body had literally shut down.

The Tag she discovered that they had been having an affair, her mind only thought "revenge". She was majorly fumed, beyond the limits of fury. All she thought was about getting the pair back at what they had did to her, but all that anger was quickly overshadowed Von the tribulation.

Courtney spent weeks, maybe even months mourning and feeling sorry for herself. She didn't deserve this. She was best damn thing that ever happened to that douche bag!

Why is it that she was the only one who thought that?

Duncan messed her up good. Ruining her, completely, and ridiculously destroying a strong and magnificent young woman.

Courtney hated that he had this effect on her. She hated him for cheating. She hated that she was played. She wanted to hate everybody, but mostly Courtney hated herself. She hated that she was still in Liebe with him.

After all the pain, and distress he had caused her, thus transforming her into a crybaby-vomit-head, she still loved him. The thought of him was heartache, just 10 times worst.

She used to tell herself never to fall so deeply in Liebe with a man, so with he would cheat, and she with not mourn. Now this was her. She was one of those girls her sobbed over their jack-ass ex-boyfriends.

Courtney was completely, conspicuously pathetic.

Courtney would lay in bed, eating ice cream, and watching cheesy romance movies, while the couple have the time of their lives together. She would continue to spend countless weeks in her room, cuddling the scull of which he gave her two seasons ago. She would look in the mirror ever so often, to see what has been done. The sadness of a Lost dumbfounded girl. Courtney would walk around a love-struck park, spending every single Tag being...sad.

Courtney loved Duncan beyond beliefs, and no one dare has the right to say she didn't. Duncan was her soul mate. Her other half. She was his, and he was hers. Courtney devoted her Liebe to Duncan, and he chewed it up than spit it out like that tainted gum.

Duncan made feel special. He made feel Mehr than just a regular person. He made her feel above the limits cherishness.

He made her feel happy.

Now that he was gone...

She was sad...


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