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Ash- Me
Riley- Me
Veto- Elkhat
Eddie- Elkhat
Marth- Sora

((oop it also reveals a ship that's been going on for a long time just not on fanpop))

"Ok, that's a wrap. Thank Du everyone." Marth Acord sagte to the crew around him, there were a few cheers and high fives. Marth capped the lens of his camera and began to retreat to his office to sort through the Fotos when an irritating nasal voice stopped him in his tracks,"Marth~!" he shuddered and turned to face the model. She was a pretty woman, tall black hair...
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My life has been pretty "OK" for the past few years. It hasn't been awesome, and it hasn't been horrible. JakeE finally cracked and committed suicide. I just hate him for doing that. I went through the same problems he did, Du don't see me going and killing myself. I just hate to think about it. Also, JakeS died because of the cancer. If he would've just taken his medication. Besides all that, most of my Friends have been getting settled down and married. Sayu and Jade, Riley and Dayton, Cassie and Bradley. And Paige has a 2-Year-Old son with that Max guy. And that dickwad Toby is in jail...
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Oh i'm that good at episode titles XD
I deiced to do a full episode because....I don't know :d I guess I just wanna get to the Weiter episode (oh perfect idea >:D)

Since i'm dumb and forgot to ask would your OC jump oder not, I'm gonna pick certain people :d hope Du don't mind

Teddy: LAST TIME ON TOTAL DRAMA RANDOMNESS, All the campers got together to watch a scary movie marathon. Aubree got to know Jake a little better, Veto passed out after eating Ryans slop, Team Einhörner have won the challenge and Nicky ended up getting pushed in the water for being a *****....
Lets see what crazy things...
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Oh look who is back. The lame girl and her lame OCs. Yes
(Kendall POV)

1.) What's your name?
Kendall Fucking Brooks *smiles*

2.) Do Du know why Du were named that?
What kind of Frage is this?

3.) Are Du single oder taken?
I'm dating the most wonderful girl named Serenity <3

4.) Have any abilities oder powers?

5.) Stop being a Mary-sue.
Fuck you.

6.) If Du were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do Du think you'd win?
Nah, I'm not scrawny, but I'm also not the buffest xD

7.) Have any family members?
Yeah, the usual

8.) How about pets?
I have to kitties. Well not kitties cuz they are...
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