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Strawberry0020 posted on May 26, 2012 at 05:03AM
In a village in the mountains, there's supernatural beings living among "normal" human beings. These "normal" human beings have gone through generations and generations of fear and hatred towards those who are considered demons in rural areas before. Now, all half-demons are part of a special elite team that are used as hitmen that defeat the full-blown demons. In this RP, you can be a human, demon, or half-demon.

-Demons are considered evil beings in this RP.
-No God-modding
-Violence is allowed, just don't go too far. ^^'
-This takes place in around the 1600's
-All members of the elite force carry some type of sword
-Have as many characters as you want, just keep up with them.
-Elite Force members ARE allowed to turn against each other.
-That's all I have. :p
-Enjoy! :D

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