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Chris: Viewers! Welcome back! This is Total Drama YOLO! But, Du already knew that! The drama is finally beginning! Let’s view around, shall we?

**boys cabin**
**Timothy and Danny yelling at each other**
Timothy: …all Du ever want, Danny! Nothing more!
Danny: That’s not all I want, from Du Timothy! I want Du to be there for me!
Timothy: Oh, in bed? Man, ever since we did it, Du have had your hands all over me!
Danny: Well? I’m sorry I don’t want to lose you! Maybe Du aren’t putting yourself out enough!
Timothy: Oh, so this is my entire fault now? Maybe I don’t want to put myself...
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Timothy’s P.O.V.

**10 years later**

Looking into his eyes reminded me, he needed me as much as I needed him. But no, I think he needed me more.
I went to Danny’s house. After all the seasons of Total Drama that we aired in. We had broke up a few times. But, everytime we did, I could see nothing but hurt in that poor boy’s eyes.
He had done me wrong, I had done him wrong.
I knocked on his door 3 times and heard the rustling of cans.
Danny spoke. “Y-Yuh-Yeah? Who is it?”
Great. He sounded so buzzed. “It’s Timothy.”
“T-Timothy? Why are Du here?” he laughed, “Are Du her-here to...
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posted by Courtneyfan214
~after school~

Johnathan: jenny, the party is now changed to saturday night.

Jenny: oh, that's great.

Johnathan: ok. *smiles a bit and walks off*

Drake: *thinking: what a jerk!* Jenny, I have something to tell you.

Jenny: *turns around and looks in his eyes with her light-ish green eyes oder whatev* yes, drake?

Drake: *eyes widen then blushes a lot* *steps back a bit then he trips a falls over a skateboard*

Jenny: *giggles* That was some fall there.

Drake: *stands up* i feel light headed.

Jenny: *laughs*

Drake: *smiles*

Jenny: *smiles back*

Drake: uh, wanna go for a walk in the park?

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Chris: Hello! Didn’t see Du there c;. Anyway, today is the Tag of our cast’s first challenge. Lia has convinced me to do a couple of scenes from Romeo and Juliet. ;D. This will be fun~. oder maybe I should do A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ooh…I should do that one ;D. **on intercom: WAKE UP, SUNSHINES! Du ALL NEED TO Berichten TO THE DRAMA ROOM PRONTO! Du HAVE 10 MINUTES. **
Danny: **nudges Timothy** Darling, wake up.
Timothy: Mmmmmhhmmmm? **snuggles into Danny more**
Danny: We have to get-
Timothy: Don’t get up. I’m comfy~! O;.
Danny: We have to, though.
Timothy: Carry me.
Danny: Alright. **carries...
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Chris: Hello viewers! And welcome to Total. Drama. Spy Mission! The Zeigen where I send teenagers on dangerous missions to find rare items, capture criminals, oder o my grocery shopping!
Chef: -.- And they say I'm the evil one....
Chris: Anyways time to meet our campers that will be the cast, here at this awesome spy base! First up Bryce.
Bryce: *enters* ...........If i get killed I'm suing...
Chef: How will yo sue if your dead?
Bryce: I know people... *walks in the base*
Chris: Nice guy..anyway Weiter is Cody.....
Cody: *walks in* Hey guys...
Chef: Oh god....a faggot..
Cody: >.< Rude much...
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Chris: Welcome back, viewers! Today our campers started this game and tensions might get heated soon ;D. Stay tuned.
Sayu: **playing MW3 with Riley** ^-^. Riley, I am totally kicking your butt.
Riley: D:<. Nuuuuu. Du are cheating!
Sayu: …How?
Sayu: No need to be a sore loser :b.
Leah: I play winner!
Wyatt: **watching** GO SAYU!! O:<.
Imogene: **sleeping in the bedroom**
Jayden: Hey, Jade? Where is Imogene?
Jade: I have no clue. She is probably asleep. D:.
Jayden: Hmph.
Jade: Why do Du want to know?
Jayden: Just curious.
Jade: Um…okay then….
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Chris: Hello! Welcome to Total Drama Imagine! We have a new cast for this new show! Meet Danny!
Danny: Hello. **waves awkwardly**
Forrest: Welcome to the show, Danny.
Danny: Thanks, Forrest! :D. Nice to see Du again!
Chris: Weiter is Wyatt!
Wyatt: Hey! Nice to be here!
Chris: Yeah. Nice to have you. Weiter is Spike!
Spike: Haiiii Chris! :D. **huggles** Nice to meet you! **runs to Forrest** Hai! I’m Christine, but call me Spike!
Forrest: AWWW~~~! Hai, Spike c:. **hugs**
Spike: **hugs back** :D. **runs over to Danny and Wyatt** Are Du my competition?
Danny: Yes.
Spike: COOL! :D.
Chris: Isn’t she a doll?...
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I'm just gonna put the MAIN parts that are in episode one. So it won't be long :D

Chris: Hello viewers. And welcome to.....Total. Drama. Spy Mission! The hot new Zeigen blowing up the charts!
Chef: Shut up and Zeigen the campers.
Chris: -.- fine... And the campers are....--

*Next Part*

Cody: *throws a smoke screen and grabs Ryan* Come on. We gotta go!
Ryan: But......... *looks down at his leg*
Cody:Shit!! They got Du in the leg..
*smoke clears up*
???: There Du two are!
Ryan: What are we going to do?

*Next Part*

???: *fighting with Amelia and Stevie*
Stevie:Hurry it up Bryce!
Amelia: We can't hold him off...
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It's the beginning of school Jahr and it's time to prepare for the rest of senior Jahr and even college! The school Jahr of 2012 was quite a year; drama, big breakups, fights, and abuse. Now it's a new Jahr and we all get to start off fresh and meet new people, yet we are burdened Von our pasts.

so hear we are , the first Tag back .

* with lance*

lance was driving to school , like a lot of other kids , well maybe he wasnt as eager as the rest , but Du know .

while he was driving he began to think ,
Man. It's like I have everything; Popularity, an awesome car, I even made up all my high school credits!...
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Chris: Alright! We’re back! Our challenge is about to begin! But first, the campers will have to change.

**Girls Bathroom**
Riley: WOOO! FINALLY! Combat!
Marissa: I’m not too thrilled…
Madelyn: Me either…My clumsiness will mean, I’m going home…
Lia: Don’t be too sure! Maybe one of the boys will mess up and we’ll all be safe!
Madelyn: Lia, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, the boys remaining are really…um…coordinated. I’m not.
Lia: So?
Riley: Maybe we can get rid of Joey!
Marissa: Why him?
Riley: He is weaker than all of the boys…
Iris: This is kind of bad that we are discussing...
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posted by poophead4837ext
*where we left off*

Ryan: *yells* All contestants come back!

Elisa: *hears from where they are* Wow, he's loud. *hops on to Xavior's back* Off to the challenge! :D

Xavior: ._.

*they come back*

Ryan: I finally thought of a challenge.

Missy: If it took that long, I better be excited.

Ryan: Do Du like treasure hunts?

Missy: No, I'm not three.

Ryan: Well, that's the challenge.

John: What are we supposed to find?

Ryan: Each person finds their own stuff.

*hands papers to each contestant*

Elisa: *reads her Liste aloud* A pigeon, a penny from the ground, and a sunflower. In New York? There's very few plants here....
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Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama YOLO!
Forrest: **holds Chris’s hand** Our tech crew finally got the cameras fixed! So we are FINALLY back!
Chris: The campers have been spending time at Home oder wherever they wanted. Um...Yeah. So, they are in the mess hall eating right now! Let’s Mitmachen them, shall we?

**in mess hall**
Noah: I could really get used to this cooking.
Danny: This isn’t as good as my grandma’s cooking.
Joey: Du live with your grandma, STILL?
Danny: Where else am I supposed to go? My mom is dead and my father abandoned me.
All: **go silent**
Riley: I’m so sorry, Danny! D:.
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this Artikel shall be written in miranda's pov though may switch to story mode cause I can...Like a boss

Miranda's pov:
'Ask her, Ask her, Ask her!!' Angela squealed beside me. 'would Du stop that? serious! this is me and Lucy clements we're talking about...Lucy! Angela there is no way I'll have
the confidence oder guts to ask her!'

Ok...angela may be my best friend and she
may be smart but damn she can be dim when it comes to relationships. Then again she doesn't yet know how my break up with alice went a couple of months back...messy.

I must have pulled...
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posted by Zmidy313
Name: Bryce Anderson
Meaning of name: "It means speckled, oder spotted"
Nickname: "Nah, Dont really have nicknames."
Meaning of nickname: "I dont have a nickname."
Stereotype: "The British Rebel"
Age: "17"
Race: "British, oder European."
Hometown: "I was born in Dallas, Texas so I guess there."
Birthday: "July 12th"
Species: "Human."
Gender: "Male,"
Religion: "Christian, but I rarely go to church."
Allergies: "Penicillin. It gives me rashes on my arms and back. "
Sexual preference: "Straight, but I do get weird compliments from guys."
Occupation: "I carve pieces of wood into knives."
Way of speaking: "I have...
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posted by cupcakegirl31

at th bus stop
Sayu: wow this is boring *plays on her 3ds*
Riley: oh come on sayu breathe in the fresh air girlfriend
Sayu: IM NOT BREATHING IN FRESH AIR DAMMIT *removes goggles Wird angezeigt dark bags under her eyes* does this look like fresh air to you
Riley: uhhh nooo....
Corre: *walks to bus stop wearing a dark hoodie*
Riley: *looks at corre and whispers to sayu* he's cute
Jenny: *walks to bus stop*
Miranda: *walks to bus stop* oh my fucking goodness sayu,riley
Timothy: Hey girls
Riley: holy crap! Guys me and sayu totally miss Du guys
Rebecca: *walking to...
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Total Drama Future: Chapter 1 Part Two-Meeting the couples an contestants


*Marissa steps in the camera view and waves Shyfully*

Marissa: Hi everyone! Can't wait to unpack! *She runs over to a group of the girls. Trying to start a light conversation*

Chris: Now,we have a new couple coming by, meet Danny and Timothy!

*Two boys, with dark hair an pale skin, were holding hands*

Danny: Hi Chris! Glad to be here!

Chris: It's cool to see Du here too. We get major ratings for the viewers to see a real g- I mean, queer couple.

*The two boys glare at the host and look at their new house*

Timothy: wow,...
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Stella stood on the stage and yelled to the contestants, “Are Du ready?” She asked them.
The contestants roared with excitement. They couldn’t wait to watch the last chance performances.
“First, we have Caitie, who is Singen part of Firework Von Katy Perry,” Stella continued.
“Ohmygod! I like totally Liebe that song!” Keeley interrupted. “I was performing in a talent Zeigen last Jahr and I sang that song and it was like, so totally awesome!”
Melissa was in the recording studio confessional later that night. “That Keeley chick is getting on my last nerve, I need her gone.”...
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posted by Thedrawer11
this is all my oc's talking just sayin if i can i add 3
Personality: nice fun enjoyable
Bio: Stevie grew up with one little brother and a twin sister Caroline. Also a mom and dad. There life was pretty normal but there dad died in a car crash and there mom is suffering from cancer.(if any of Du want this part in your story than Du can make her mom die if Du want) She is going to die in a few months but Stevie wont let it happen. She will do whatever it takes if her mom dies to be like her and take car of her brother and sister.
Crush and/or dating: no one and hopes to find some...
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posted by Courtneyfan214
I got really bored and i wanted to do an Artikel as well.
Sabrina: *walks to school and sighs* it's my first Tag of *gulps* high s-school. *stands infront of the door* well, h-here i go. *shakes a little and opens the door*

*there's a crowd of people in the hallway and some are standing at their locker, some are making out, and the others were just talking*

Sabrina: *Walks in and runs to her locker* t-this is not gonna be a good year.

Jenny: *standing Weiter to sabrina at her locker* i'll say.

Sabrina: *jumps up* Gah! *looks at Jenny* w-who...
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Danny’s P.O.V.

I still thought Timothy didn’t want this. I thought he was doing this to make me happy. He got me so out of control. I mean, he had me almost to the point where I would keep fucking him all day.
After taking off his hemd, shirt and his jeans I started to KISS him all over. His neck, his chest, his lips, his cheek, and I moved to his stomach and right where his...
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