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*On the path* *9:53pm*

Claire: I think that scream was close

Chilly: It was probably some kids

Claire: I doubt it!

Chilly: Claire just calm down!

*A baum branch breaks in the distance*

Claire: *screams*

Chilly: just calm down, I'll go check it out *walks into the darkness*

Claire: ok....*scared*

*In the Abandoned house* *9:55PM*

Matt: *walks to another door, tries to open it* ugh this one's locked too

*The sound of scurrying is heard in the walls*

Abby: *screams and hides behind John*

John: would Du stop doing that

Matt: I think I know how to get out of here

Abby: how?

Matt: the basement

Abby: what are Du insane!

John: yeah yeah, I know what he's talking about, we can smash the basement windows and crawl out!

Matt: fine, I'm going in *goes down a set of stairs to the basement*

*Over Von Lynette's wrecked car* *10:03PM*

Demetry: *helping Lynette stand up*

Lynette: Demetry....I feel like s***

Demetry: well duh but we're gonna get help soon

Lynette: what....about *coughs up blood* leslie?

Demetry: yeah, I think she might have walked into the woods. Are Du gonna be ok till help gets here?

Lynette: yeah..sure...ugh

Demetry: *finds a flashlight and tries to walk into the woods*

*In the Abandoned house* *10:08PM*

Abby: Matt's been down there along time

John: its only been five minutes

Abby: maybe Du should go check

John: fine but your coming with me!

Abby: yeah sure whatever!

*In the Basement of the Abandoned house*

John: Matt, Du down here?

Abby: come on, this isn't funny

*The sound of a can hitting the floor makes the whole room go silent*

Abby: lets just find another way out

John: we have to find matt

Abby: *slips in a puddle of blood* AHHHH!!!!

John: AH!!!! *sees Matt on the floor, bleeding out*

John: Matt what happened!

Matt: *coughs up blood*

Abby: what?

John: a creature?


John: matt!! matt!!!

Abby: *screams* I'm out of here!!!

*On the Path*

Claire: chilly??? Chilly??? *scared*

Chilly: *jumps out from behind a tree* BOO!

Claire: *screams* AHH!!!!!!!!

Chilly: *laughs* Du should have seen your face!

Claire: not funny! I think I pissed myself!

Chilly: *laughs*

*A messer pops through Chilly's chest*

Chilly: ugh

Claire: chilly! chilly?!

Chilly: *falls down dead*

Claire: AHH! *runs*

Killer: *appears our of the shadows* where yah going sweet heart! *laughs, runs after claire*

*In the Woods*

Demetry: *calls out* Leslie? Leslie?

Demetry: how far could she have gone? she just went through a car wreck

*A wicked laugh echoes through out the woods*

Demetry: Leslie? *gets hit in the back of the head and knocked out*


The Weiter and FINAL part will be out on halloween.

If Du liked this part please Kommentar down below
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XD Sorry,I've been getting into the Midnight Beast lately,and I thought it fit him relitively(Fail?) well X3
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Name-Honey Taylor Wilson
Nicknames-Hon, Hannah (long story -_-)
Hometown- Springfield, Virginia
Favorit song- Face Down Von Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Favorit color-Blue
School- Virginia Reginald High
Job-Cashier at Kholes
Personality-Happy, Funny, Bookworm, Bubbly, Talented
Hobbies-Singing and Dancing
Likes- Bunnies, music, TV, and Dancing
Dislikes- Raccoon, Make-up, Jerks
Friends- Gwen, Izzy, Noah, Heather, Katie, Max, and Goeff
Foes-Harold, Duncan
Bio- Lived in a small house with her 3 brothers and her dad. She would write songs and make-up dance moves whenever she needed to get away from her problems. She doesn't like making enemies.
Pets- Her hamster, Ham
Fears- HUGE spiders, Breaking things