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*On the path* *9:53pm*

Claire: I think that scream was close

Chilly: It was probably some kids

Claire: I doubt it!

Chilly: Claire just calm down!

*A baum branch breaks in the distance*

Claire: *screams*

Chilly: just calm down, I'll go check it out *walks into the darkness*

Claire: ok....*scared*

*In the Abandoned house* *9:55PM*

Matt: *walks to another door, tries to open it* ugh this one's locked too

*The sound of scurrying is heard in the walls*

Abby: *screams and hides behind John*

John: would Du stop doing that

Matt: I think I know how to get out of here

Abby: how?

Matt: the basement

Abby: what are Du insane!

John: yeah yeah, I know what he's talking about, we can smash the basement windows and crawl out!

Matt: fine, I'm going in *goes down a set of stairs to the basement*

*Over Von Lynette's wrecked car* *10:03PM*

Demetry: *helping Lynette stand up*

Lynette: Demetry....I feel like s***

Demetry: well duh but we're gonna get help soon

Lynette: what....about *coughs up blood* leslie?

Demetry: yeah, I think she might have walked into the woods. Are Du gonna be ok till help gets here?

Lynette: yeah..sure...ugh

Demetry: *finds a flashlight and tries to walk into the woods*

*In the Abandoned house* *10:08PM*

Abby: Matt's been down there along time

John: its only been five minutes

Abby: maybe Du should go check

John: fine but your coming with me!

Abby: yeah sure whatever!

*In the Basement of the Abandoned house*

John: Matt, Du down here?

Abby: come on, this isn't funny

*The sound of a can hitting the floor makes the whole room go silent*

Abby: lets just find another way out

John: we have to find matt

Abby: *slips in a puddle of blood* AHHHH!!!!

John: AH!!!! *sees Matt on the floor, bleeding out*

John: Matt what happened!

Matt: *coughs up blood*

Abby: what?

John: a creature?


John: matt!! matt!!!

Abby: *screams* I'm out of here!!!

*On the Path*

Claire: chilly??? Chilly??? *scared*

Chilly: *jumps out from behind a tree* BOO!

Claire: *screams* AHH!!!!!!!!

Chilly: *laughs* Du should have seen your face!

Claire: not funny! I think I pissed myself!

Chilly: *laughs*

*A messer pops through Chilly's chest*

Chilly: ugh

Claire: chilly! chilly?!

Chilly: *falls down dead*

Claire: AHH! *runs*

Killer: *appears our of the shadows* where yah going sweet heart! *laughs, runs after claire*

*In the Woods*

Demetry: *calls out* Leslie? Leslie?

Demetry: how far could she have gone? she just went through a car wreck

*A wicked laugh echoes through out the woods*

Demetry: Leslie? *gets hit in the back of the head and knocked out*


The Weiter and FINAL part will be out on halloween.

If Du liked this part please Kommentar down below
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AN ok i have a few ocs but... i only have 3 i use like all the time so... there the only 1's im putting bio's for ok

name:stephenie oder "steph"


bio:steph has been izzy's step sister for teh past 4 years and she still hasent gotten used to izzys crazy ways and is forever sick of izzy iterupting private phone calls oder stealing her diary

likes:billy the intern,the Farben red orange and yellow and winning

dislikes:loosing and people who try stand in her way when she wants to accomplish something

crush:billy the intern

friends:courtney,lulu,zukki and izzy(sometimes)

anemys:owen(dont ask)heather...
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 met karamellbonbon, butterscotch those 3 other girls is Brittany Lizzy real hair and my new oc demon Gwen sister
met butterscotch those 3 other girls is Brittany Lizzy real hair and my new oc demon Gwen sister
Its our first Tag we wear something comfortable
come on bc u going to make us late sagte Ramona outside the door well im sorry we going to tv not a party i sagte out the door i had on rosa shoes and red pants rosa hemd, shirt ok lets go i sagte out the door we were going to get Lizzy Izzy sister she was excited to go on the Zeigen with her sister we saw the bus pull up we all ran in well hello im Cody who are u ladies sagte the boy beside karamellbonbon, butterscotch well im bc thats Ramona and thats karamellbonbon, butterscotch i sagte trying to find a sitz the bus hit a bump and i landing in a boys lap o chica u alright sagte the boy...
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