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added by 123Jordan
Sarah: your so hot alejandro!
Alejandro: and so are u *looks at Lulu then frouns*

Alejandro's POV: Lulu dosn't like me! That makes me like her! I have to have her!

Alejandro: lulu do u wanna go out?
Lulu: with Du no! and also i'm taken Von cody!
Alejandro: That gay guy!
Lulu: Du take that back!
Alejandro:Make me!
Chris: all cast members come to the airport!
Zoey: where's the air port?
Chris: right over Von the 0 gravity room!
Jake: don't manchen that challange! That's when Penny left!
Chris: oh the 0 gravity challange! haha!

Jake's POV: yeah i hate chris!

Ray: so what's our challange?
Zoey: your so hot Alejandro!...
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*Total drama crazy meeting*
Chris: Ok chef this challange has to be hard!
Chef: how about that eating challang we did at the merge on the first season?
Chris: we have to do something new!
Chef: *looks at he's doder, sonny* Sonny what are Du looking at?
Sonny: that moutain up there! wouldn't it be hard to climb up!
Chris: hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............

Jax: ok where's breakfast?
Alejandro: a pice of bacon? that's it?
Chef: that's all i got! live with it!
Zoey: ummm....... chef! this speck is made of of hogdog meat! just skinning hotdog meat!
chef: you'll live with it!!!!!
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Ray: I can't belive we made it this far!
Sarah: i know!
Rayven: well, who will win!
Lulu: is zoey still asleep?
Ray: should i wake her up?
Sarah: no she needs her sleep!
Lulu: rayven! what are Du doing?
Rayven: Hey ZOEY WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoey: what???
Sarah: Rayven!

Sarah's POV: ok Rayven makes me sick!

Chris: campers come to the lake!

Ray: so wha...........
Rayven: Don't Du dare Ray!
Ray: I can ask if i want to!
Rayven: Not on my watch!
Ray: so what's our challange!
Rayven: .....................
Chris: Du guys will get on a cruse ship! then who ever barfs frist will get off...
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added by 123Jordan
there is also tyler,cody,bridggte,heather and izzy that would make the vid 2 long ....enjoy
Lulu: well........... looks like yuor my only friend left
Sarah: yeah..............

Sarah's POV: Sarah's Friends keep leaveing! First cody now Jordan! i better watch my back!

Jax: i'm sad that's Jordan's gone too.
Lulu: I wonder who voted for him. I didn't.
Sarah: I didn't
Jax: I didn't
Lulu: and i don't think jordan would do it!
Sarah: that leaves 3 other People!
Jax: That's inpossable that he lost!
Lulu: hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Chris: Guys! come to the recording studeo!

Bridgette: so what's our challange today?
Chris: Du guys have to write a song and then record it!
Ray: what kind of song?
Chris: any kind. The...
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posted by 123Jordan
Zoey: I'm so glad Sam is gone!
Jake: yeah
*a knock on door*
Zoey: who is it? *opens door*
Jax: Hi do u wanna go on a date?
Zoey: Jax come in.
Jax: what is it?
Zoey: it was just a kiss. Just for acting. just so that we would win. It was not real.
Jax: I know how it felt. and no one can fake a KISS like that
Zoey: trust me!

Zoey's POV: I didn't want to hirt Jax! But he was makeing me mad.

Jax: well i have to go!
Zoey: bye!
Jax: bye!
Rayven: what was that?
Jordan: I thinK it was chris!

Ray: did Du guys hear that?
Bridgette: yeah!
Zoey: what...
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Chris: ok we have alot to do today! Let me just say that we are brnging back someone!
All: not agin!
Chris: yes! we are! It's Rayven!
Rayven:Yeah i'm back!
Chris: she filed a lawsew on the Zeigen cause she got unfarly voted off Von someone *everyone looks at Jordan*
Ray: who's team is she going to be on?
Chris: she's going to be on team funny!
Rayven: no! I'm going on team random!
Chris: aaaaaaaaa........ why?
Rayven: because I want to vote off jordan!
Chris: ok! ummmmmmm....... Zoey! your moveing to team funny!
Zoey: ok!
Jax: No Zoey Du can't go!

Zoey's POV: Jax thinks we are really going out!...
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Gwen: it's time for.............
Geoff: The aftermathshow!
Gwen: staring.......
Geoff: me...........
Gwen: me.........
Geoff: Rochelle...........
Gwen: Penny...........
Geoff: and...........
Gwen: Rayven!!!!!!!
geoff: Hi i'm geoff!
Gwen: and i'm Gwen!
Geoff: and this is the total drama crazy aftermathshow!!!!
Gwen: while bridgette is on total drama crazy, i'm the co-host with geoff!
Geoff: yep!

Geoff's POV: I miss brodgette, but Gwen's ok. I still can't belive she kissed Jordan!

Gwen: Ok our first gusse is.........
Geoff: Rochelle!
Gwen: but first let's see some of her greatist moments...........
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posted by 123Jordan
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Bridgette: Hey jordan wait up!
Jordan: what?
Bridgette: do u wanna go out?
Jordan: for real?
Bridgette: yeah!
Jordan: yes! I got to tell jax!

Bridgette's POV: wow! He bought it! well me and him will have an aliaens and go to the finale 2 together!

Jordan's POV: Yes yes yes!!!!! me and bridgette! This is alsome!

Jordan: jax gusse what??
Jax: what?
Jordan: bridgette asked me out!
Jax: what?

Jax's POV: something fishy is going on!

Chris: guys come to...
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all campers: *watches the last eposde*
Zoey: i can't belive i talked like a baby!
Ray: i can't belive i licked chris's arm?
jax: yeah that was grose!
Bridgette: I wonder what our chalange is today.
Izzy: maby there wont be one like last week.
Sam: there was one. remamber? with the coffie?
Izzy: dosen't ring a glocke

Sam's POV: sometimes i think izzy is dumber than annie and lindsay!

Chris: campers!!!!!! time for your first chalange!

Jordan: what is it???
Chris: a 0 gravity chalange!
Jax: what are the rules.
Chris: Du have to try to stay the longist in here!
Sarah: are u sure this is safe?
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Lulu: *crys*
Sarah: i know Du miss cody. but Du have to get over him.
Lulu: *keeps crying* but ma ad cedy ar beastes rolationshape!
Zoey: what did she say?
Sarah: but me and cody are the bestist....... rolationshape??????
Lulu: Relationship! Relationship!!!!!!!!
Sarah: Relationship! sorry!
Zoey: Du have to get over cody girl!
lulu: ma and ceady lave each ather!
Sarah: me and cody Liebe each other!
Zoey: oh!!!!
Chris: guys i have a spuprise for Du guys! so come the the parking lot!

Sam: what is it?
Chris: we are bring back a new cast mambers!
Jar3d: more?????
chris: yep! 3 more! oh look here...
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Geoff: it's time for..........
Bridgette: the aftermath show!!!!!!!
Geoff: staring........
bridgette: me........
Geoff: me..........
Bridgette: Izzy!!!!!!!
Geoff: cody!!!!!!!!
Bridgette: heather!!!!!
Geoff: and Annie!!!!!!
Bridgette: in a speshle adishen of........
Geoff: Total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!
Bridgette: Hi it's me bridgette!
Geoff: and me geoff!
Bridgette: agin we are the host of total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!!!
Geoff: today we are going to have spelshle gusset!!!
Bridgette: let's starts with the first persin off total drama crazy........ heather!!!!!!
Geoff: But...
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posted by 123Jordan
Jake: we better go to the other team mates now!
Penny: yeah they might vote us off if we don't go.
Jar3d: where's Ray?
penny:oh she went to the restroom when we left.
*a can drops down on the ground*
Jake: what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Jar3d: what th..........

Rochelle: where are they??
Sam: I don't know.
Gabriella: lets go find them.
* can drops down on the ground*
Sam:what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Gabrielle: what th.........

Ray: that felt good. well i better get back now.
*a can drops down on the ground*
Ray: what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Ray: what...
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chris: wake up!
Jar3d: But it's 3:00 in the morning!
Chris: so?
Gabriella: where are we???
Chris: at hunted castle!
Sarah: *gulps*
Sam: So what's our chalange?
Chris: Du have to stay in this hunted schloss til sunwise.
Jordan: Come on guys it can't be hunted! *lighting strickes followed Von thunder*
Cody: *gulps* yeah, but why is it only storming over the castle?
Jordan: chris probley mabe it that way.
Jar3d: plus, it's a big schloss so it just could be a storm right over it.
Jordan: yeah!
Chris: Go in! team funny yuo go on the left side of the house, and team Zufällig on the right!
Jordan: ok...
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Chris: To make a circus!!!!
all: what???????
chris: Yes Du have to make a circus!
jax: how?
Chris: Du know what a circus is like.
Jax: right............
Jax's POV: The truth is i have never been to a circus.
Gabriella: I think he means what do we do?
Chris: all circus stuff.
Zoey: like what?
Chris: everything.
Jordan: for how long???
Chris: for 2 hours.
Jar3d: Du know how long it takes to make a circus for the real circus?
Chris: Yeah but this isn't the real circus!!!
ray: This is just grate.
Chris: Your time stats now!!!!!!!
Jax: So what do we do????
Sarah: let's start with the clown.
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Chris: Hi every one this is total drama Crazy! This season I brought 16 teens! we will be riding on one train to do some CRAZY stuff! haha get it! Our teens are comeing out of this airplane cause they are comeing from around the world! But don't worry, we made sure they speek english! Here comes to plane! *plane lands* Ok we brought 2 people back to the show! Let's welcome Heather and cody!! *Cody and heather come out**cody bumps into heather*
Heather: aw! Watch it! I'm going back in
Cody: sorry
Chris: And we got some new contestents. Penny,lulu, and Ray! *Penny, Lulu, and strahl, ray step out of the...
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