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Die Fanauswahl: I liked them all!
Die Fanauswahl: Donald
Die Fanauswahl: Aladin
Die Fanauswahl: Mirage
Die Fanauswahl: Don Karnage
Don Karnage
Launchpad McQuack
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fansfunsz sagte …
i like Liebe the ducktales Zeigen it is very funny i have got see it recently gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
DDD1988Redux sagte …
I've heard from everyone, probably some staff from The Walt Disney Company, that 45 of Disney's motion pictures from the first 3 eras: RKO Radio Pictures Era (1937-1954), Disney's Pre-Renaissance Era (1954-1989), and The Disney Renaissance Era (1989-2000); are all being spun-off to 30 of the 35 of Disney's entirely hand-drawn animated motion pictures, and 20 entirely hand-drawn animated TV shows based on "Classic Disney" characters (and over 25 of the 35 "Walt Disney Classics" motion pictures). gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
ToonBoyDan sagte …
Bring back Toon Disney as a revival in 2013! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
BuddyBoy600alt Kommentiert…
I agree on that. But sadly, It's not gonna happen! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Pixiebell Kommentiert…
Well, if you're negative about it happening, then it probably won't ever positive! I am still sincerely hoping for a Disney revival of their older shows (cartoons), all that. It's not impossible. If Nick and CN can pay attention to their old good stuff, so can Disney. And heck yeah, I want Toon Disney back! Vor mehr als einem Jahr