St. Louis. Our Heroes were only five miles away from the BNSF yards they needed to reach.

Lee: This is it. Nothing can stop us now.

Multiple bullets hit the left side of the car. Several holes were in the door, and the window was broken.

Buick: *Driving towards him in his Fusion* I've got Du now.
Lee: He's got an automatic pistol. *Looks at Janet, and sees a bullet in her neck* And he killed you.
Jeff: Lee's in trouble.
Bryce: He's not the only one. Look behind us.
Dragovich & Josh: *Coming towards Jeff & Bryce with 20 GP60's, and 12 ES40DC's*
Jeff: Ah, this isn't good.
Buick: Nothing can stop me now.

Song: link

EL 1700: That's where you're wrong!
Buick: What the?
Lee: Who are those guys?
Bryce: Is that who I think it is?
Jeff: All 21 of the Heritage Units.
Bernard: *Taking cover with the executives* Hopefully, this'll all be over soon.

Dragovich and the other Norfolk Southern diesels turned around magically, and were facing the 21 heritage units charging towards them.

Dragovich: Start shooting!!
NS Diesels: *Using AK47's to shoot at the heritage units*
EL 1700: Return fire!
PRR 8102: *Shoots 5 of the GP60's*
DLW 1074: *Shoots 7 of the ES40DC's*
Buick: I better get out of here. *Drives away*
Lee: *Driving Weiter to Jeff & Bryce* Keep going towards the yard. I'm going to help those heritage units!
Jeff: Good luck. *Continues on with Bryce*
Dragovich: Josh, the N&W diesels are getting away! After them!
CNJ 1071: *Shoots a switch*
Dragovich: *Goes right* Du ruined my plans! Du haven't seen the last of me!!
NS ES40DC: We Lost Dragovich & Josh! *Gets shot*
NS GP60: Diesel down!
S&A 1065: We only got five more!
PC 1073: Good. I've taken a few bullets.
RDG 1067: So did I, but I should be okay.
EL 1700: Stand your ground boys.
NYC 1066: Yes sir.
Monongahela 8025: We got this.
NS GP60: Maybe Weiter time, we should have something superior to their M60's. *Gets shot*

Stop the song.

Lee: Hey, thanks for your help.
EL 1700: We heard Du were coming, and decided to make it easier for Du to get to St. Louis.
NYC 1066: Good luck with the rest of your Norfolk & Western recreation. *Leaves with the other heritage units*
Lee: Thanks. *Staring at Janet* I'll get back at Buick Baltimore for killing you.
Bernard: Well everyone?
Executive: Very good service. I will officially allow Du to run passenger trains throughout your entire system.
Jeff & Bryce: *Dropping off the empty freight cars in the BNSF yards*
Jeff: Bring them back whenever Du can.
BNSF Diesel: We will. We have a big variety of rolling stock, but the cars Du brought for us will help out until we get Mehr of our own back from the east coast.

Back to Lee.

Lee: *Has his hand on Janet's head* Well, since you're dead, here's something for me to remember Du by.

Song: link

Lee: If you're listening, I hope Du appreciate what I got for you.

The End


Sean Bodine as Lee Brent
Jeff & Bryce the Norfolk & Western diesels as themselves
Dragovich & Josh the Norfolk Southern diesels as themselves
Hannah Belle as Janet Gunray
Sir Topham Hatt as Bernard Moore
Tom Hiddleston as Buick Baltimore
Timothy Dalton as Gordon Sekkol
The Norfolk Southern Heritage Units as themselves
Lauren as herself
James A. Squires as himself


Cargo Movin' People: Norfolk & Western
Westbound & Down: Jerry Reed
The Westerner: Sam Spence
Eastbound & Down: Jerry Reed
Samus Aran's Appearance Fanfare: Metroid Soundtrack
Range Rider: Sam Spence
Classic Battle: Sam Spence

The End

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