Bryce, and Jeff continued pulling the empty boxcars, and gondolas. Dragovich, and Josh were still chasing them.

Josh: How are Du going to stop them?
Dragovich: Grenades, and an AK47.
Josh: Grenades?
Dragovich: Yeah, with a grenade launcher. *Deploys the grenade launcher*
Bryce: *Shoots the grenade launcher off of Dragovich*
Josh: Du still got the grenades?
Jeff: How do Du think Lee's doing?

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Lee: This ain't entirely accurate, but it still sums up what we're doing.
Buick: Lee Brent! I will stop you, no matter what lies in my path!
Lee: *Going 95 miles an hour*
Buick: *Goes onto the side of the highway to pass a semi, and a pick up truck*

Dragovich was still chasing Jeff & Bryce, but he had a problem.

Dragovich: I can't believe he shot off both my guns! First the grenade launcher, and now the AK47 is gone too!
Josh: A grenade launcher is a gun?
Dragovich: Yeah, sure, don't correct me.

Buick Baltimore was stuck on the shoulder. There were Mehr Semi's than he expected.

Buick: How many Mehr semi's do I have to pass on this highway? I just want to catch two people in a Firebird!
Janet: I think we Lost him.
Lee: Good. If things keep going our way, this highway will get less crowded for us, but Mehr crowded for Buick.

2 B Continued