Lexington, Virginia

Dragovich and Josh met up with Buick at a train station.

Buick: They're not here.
Dragovich: I know, I told you! This is the wrong Lexington. They're in Kentucky.
Buick: I'm sorry for not listening.
Josh: Why can't we just leave them alone?
Buick: You're worse than Squires. Hurry up now. We must move.

Back in Roanoke.

NS Employee 75: *Staring at the bird*
Gordon: *Walks over towards him* What do Du see?
NS Employee 75: That bird has been there for well over half an hour.
Gordon: Du mean it hasn't moved?
NS Employee 75: Yes.
Gordon: I think Du should come with me. We're going to talk to Squires about this. *Puts his arm around the Employee's shoulder, and walks with him down a hallway.

They took a left turn into a room, but a gunshot was heard.

Lexington, Kentucky

Jeff & Bryce: *Stop at a station*
Bernard: How much longer until the rest of your colleagues arrive?
Executive 17: Five minutes.
Bryce: Where's Lauren?
Jeff: *Sees a 4-8-0 numbered 475 coming towards them* That's her.
Lee: *Arrives with Janet*
Jeff: When she stops, you're gonna see something spectacular.

As soon as 475 stopped, she transformed into a J-class northern, numbered 611.

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Jeff: This my friends, is Lauren.
Bryce: *His mouth is wide open*
Lee: How do Du do?
Lauren: Fine, thank you.
Janet: What happened to your eyes, and mouth?
Lauren: It's all behind my streamlining. I talk through the medal bar, and see through my number boards.
Lee: *Looks at her number boards above her headlight, and then at the bar below her headlight* What brings Du to Lexington?
Lauren: I am going to hold off Norfolk Southern for your Friends while they continue their trip to St. Louis.
Bryce: Du are? Thanks, but how are Du going to do that?
Lauren: Missiles, and a few energy beams.
Jeff: She has a big arsenal packed in her streamlining.
Man 93: *Arrives* Jeffery, me and my wife are the executives travelling with Du to St. Louis. Thank Du for stopping to pick us up.
Jeff: You're welcome.
Bryce: Get on board, and let's get out of here.
Man 93: Right Du are. *Walks to the passenger car*
Lee: We better get going then. Good luck Lauren.
Lauren: Thank you. What's your name?
Lee: Lee Brent. This is my girlfriend, Janet.
Janet: Janet Gunray.
Lauren: Have a safe, sicher trip Du two.
Lee: With Du helping us hold off Norfolk Southern, I don't see why it wouldn't be safe. Let's go Janet. *Walks back to his Firebird*
Jeff: *Leaves with Bryce as they pull the empty freight cars, and special passenger car*

2 B Continued