Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Get Creative


Dart: Yellow Guy
Percy: ente Guy
Ian: Red Guy
Kinsey: Note Pad


Kinsey: *Falls down Weiter to Percy, and Ian* What's your Favorit idea? Mine is being creative.
Dart: How do Du get that idea?
Kinsey: I just try to think creatively. Now when Du look at this orange, tell me please, what do Du see?
Percy: It's just a boring old orange.
Kinsey: Maybe to you, but not to me. I see a silly face
Dart: Whoa.
Kinsey: Walking along and smiling at me.
Percy: I don't see what Du mean.
Kinsey: Cause you're not thinking creatively. So take a look at my hair. *Blows green smoke out of her funnel* I use my hair to express myself.
Ian: That sounds really boring.
Kinsey: I use my hair to express myself. Now, when Du stare at the clouds in the sky, don't Du find it exciting?
Ian, Percy, and Dart: No.
Kinsey: Come on, take another look.
Dart: Oh wait.
Percy, and Dart: I can see a hat. I can see a cat. I can see a man with a baseball bat.
Percy, Dart, and Ian: I can see a dog. I can see a frog. I can see a ladder, leaning on a log.
Kinsey: Think you're getting the hang of it now. Using your minds to have a good time
Dart: I might paint a picture of a clown.
Kinsey: Woah there friend Du might need to slow down.
Dart: *Watching black paint go over his clown painting*
Kinsey: Here's another good tip.
Percy & Dart: Yeah?
Kinsey: Of how to be a creative whiz kid. Go and collect some leaves and sticks, and arrange them into your Favorit color.
Ian: Blue
Percy: Red
Dart: Green
Kinsey: Green is not a creative color.
Dart: Oh.
Kinsey: There's one Mehr thing that Du need to know before Du let your creativity flow. Listen to your heart. Listen to the rain. Listen to the voices in your brain. Come on guys, let's get creative!
Dart: *Painting an elefant made out of popsicle sticks in blue*
Kinsey: Get creative!
Ian: *Pouring red glitter all over the ground in front of him*
Percy: *Draws the number 6 on paper with pencil*

The three engines started to turn into 8 bit versions of their selves.

Dart: *Putting confetti on a paper bee*
Ian: *Pouring Mehr glitter, making a large pile Weiter to the tracks*
Dart: *Drawing a spiral, and writes Never Ogre in the middle of it*
Percy: *Drawing a creepy computer with a face*
Ian: *Pouring Mehr glitter into his pile, making it taller*
Dart: *Smoking a cigar as he plays with his bee*
Ian: *Pouring Mehr glitter into his pile, making it taller*
Percy: *Eating a cake made out of confetti, and cardboard*
Ian: *Making a Sekunde pile of glitter, Weiter to his first pile*
Dart: *Drawing Snoop Dogg with the words Smoke Weed Everyday at the bottom*

After that, Dart, Percy, and Ian stared at Kinsey, waiting for her to continue singing.

Kinsey: Now let's all agree. To never be creative again. *Loses her face*

The End