Dragovich, and Josh were heading down the line in hot pursuit.

Dragovich: Okay, so they're out of Chatanooga, but they're not gonna make it to Norfolk.
Josh: They're far ahead of us. How do we stop them?
Dragovich: We'll catch up eventually. They have to stop to fill up the journal boxes on their freight cars with oil while they stop to fuel up. We don't have any journal boxes to worry about with freight cars. We just have to fill up our boxes on our trucks while refueling.
Josh: Okay. That's a good idea.

Knoxville Tennessee.

Jeff & Bryce: *Refueling at a depot*
Jeff: How are the journal boxes on the freight cars?
Worker 73: Just finished filling them up with oil.
Bryce: All of them?
Worker 73: Yep. You're good to go.
Jeff: Thanks. *Blows his horn twice as he departs with Bryce, and their freight train*
Dragovich: *With Josh, they get closer to Jeff, and Bryce* They're on the left track. We need to switch onto their line before they escape.
Josh: I don't see any switches.
Dragovich: Then we'll follow these two until we find one, then couple up to the back of their train. Let's go. *Increasing speed, and actually going faster than Jeff, and Bryce*
Josh: Wait for me.
Bryce: Oh Jeff, we got company.
Jeff: They're on the right track. They won't bother us.
Bryce: What if they switch onto our line, and wreck our train?
Jeff: Along with their selves? They wouldn't be that foolish.
Dragovich: *Sees a switch* I found a switch, but there's too many freight cars on their line.
Josh: We better slow down. *Stops with Dragovich, and waits for the end of the train to pass*

They moved vorwärts-, nach vorn when the whole train passed, but didn't realize the points were against them.

Dragovich: *Goes off the tracks*
Josh: *Pushes Dragovich, and also goes off the tracks*
Dragovich: Way to go Josh.
Josh: It's not my fault. Du should have taken a better look at the switch.

2 B Continued