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Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run Von five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

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Episode 12: The Big Storm

Weather reports were going around the Island of Errol about a big snowstorm. At least fifteen inches of snow were to be expected.

All of the engines all over the island were being informed about the storm.

Mr. Baldwin: A big snow storm is expected to come this way. I don't know if it'll hit every single part of the island, but we need to get some snowplows set up. We'll have them in the trainyard.
Sean: Do they know when the storm is supposed to hit?
Mr. Baldwin: Sometime tomorrow. Now I want all of Du to do your jobs. Jeff, and Bryce, Bellette station needs refreshments for any passengers waiting to catch their train. I want Du to deliver them.
Jeff: Okay. *Goes to yard to collect his train*
Bryce: *Follows Jeff*
Mr. Baldwin: Leon.
Leon: Yes sir?
Mr. Baldwin: I want you, and the other PA's to bring a heavy passenger train to Impala Station.
Stan: Du forgot to call us Von our full names.
Sebastian: Du can't just simply call us PA's.
Xavier: We are the four Zufällig D&H Alco PA's.
Mr. Baldwin: Give me the extra info on your break. Now hurry up, you're wasting time.
Leon: Let's go boys. *Leaves the sheds*
Sebastian, Stan, and Xavier: *Follows Leon*
Sean: I don't know why, but that reminded me of a joke.
Mike: Heey, I Liebe jokes.
Mr. Baldwin: Not now Sean!
Sean: *Ignores Mr. Baldwin* What do Du get when Du combine a bee with a car?
Mike: I don't know.
Sean: A Hudson Hornet!
Mike: *Laughs*
Sean: For those of Du Lesen this that don't understand the joke, watch the movie Cars. It's kinda like this, only with cars.
Mr. Baldwin: That's enough. We are getting really busy with this snowstorm, and all Du do is joke around. Now if Du don't mind, I wanna give Du your jobs without any interruptions.
Sean: Sorry sir. Go ahead.
Mr. Baldwin: Thank you. As I was saying-
Sean: But do Du really have to get angry after I tell a joke?
Mr. Baldwin: If Du don't stop talking, I'll give Du to Mr. Bruce, and his cronies on the Northern Errol Line for free!
Sean: Okay. Forgive me.

Speaking of the Northern Errol Line, this is what was happening.

Robert: *Pushing freight cars onto a train* Mr. Bruce is taking this too seriously.
Matt: All he wants us to do is work work work, and he won't even give us snowplows.
Tony: One of these days, I bet he'll get replaced Von someone who actually cares about us engines.

Mr. Bruce arrived in his car, and saw his engines doing nothing.

Mr. Bruce: What is going on here?! I don't pay Du to sit around, and gossip!
Tito: You're not paying us at all.
Mr. Bruce: Of course not! What would an engine do with money?
Robert: The same thing Du do with yours. Buy stuff.
Richard: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I have a TV, and Blu strahl, ray player inside my shed.
Tito: Any movies?
Richard: Yeah, but they're all DVD's.
Mr. Bruce: Stop talking!! There will be a snowstorm on it's way here, and we cannot allow it to slow down our operations. We have to keep the trains moving!
Robert: Du can count on us.
Tito: We won't let Du down sir.
Mr. Bruce: Somehow I doubt it. Alright, carry on with your work. *Drives away*
Tony: We better do what he says.

As the hours passed by, the temperature dropped. It went all the way to seventeen degrees farenheit. Then, the Weiter morning, it snowed. Lightly at first, but then it started getting heavier around 10 AM.

Tabby, and Bri were doubleheading on the passenger train heading off the island, and to the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

Bri: It's getting really cold over there.
Tabby: A good thing for us, and those passengers on our train that we'll be out of the storm.

They got on the bridge, and were off the island.

On the Northern Errol Line, Kenny, and panzer were clearing the line with a rotary snowplow. A special type of snowplow that others refer to call a snow blower.

Kenny: *Pushing the rotary snow plow*
Panzer: *Behind Kenny* The snow is starting to get heavier.
Kenny: Yeah, but at least we are close to going over the bridge.
Panzer: What bridge?
Kenny: The bridge that goes over the Eastern Pacific tracks.
Panzer: Ah, I see. Our snow blower will blow the snow onto their tracks. Very smart idea.

But as soon as they got onto the bridge, the rotary snowplow stopped working, and they were trapped.

Panzer: This can't be good.
Kenny: This has proven to be... Very. Annoying.
Panzer: We need help.
Andrew: *Pulling a short freight train, and is plowing the line*
Panzer: Andrew!
Kenny: No. We cannot allow any engines from the Eastern Pacific to help us.
Panzer: Kenny, we are stuck here. For all we know, all of the other engines on our railroad are too busy to help.
Andrew: *Stops Von the bridge* Hey, do Du guys need help?
Panzer: Yes! Please hurry.
Andrew: Du got it.

Andrew knew he had to find help quickly, so he went into Hunterdon, where he saw Ethan plowing his line.

Andrew: *Stops* Ethan, we need your help.
Ethan: What's the matter?
Andrew: Kenny, and panzer are stuck in the snow, because their rotary snowplow stopped working.
Ethan: Okay. What can I do?
Andrew: Tell Mr. Wright about it. See if he'll let Du go on Mr. Bruce's line, and help those two get free.
Ethan: I'll go do it now.

Ethan hurried to Mr. Wright, and wasted no time telling him about Kenny, and panzer being stuck in the snow.

Mr. Wright: Are Du sure about it?
Ethan: Yes sir. Andrew saw them, and told me about it.
Mr. Wright: I'll send Jeremy to help them, and I'll call Mr. Bruce.
Ethan: Thank Du sir. *Goes back to work*

Jeremy was a big diesel. Mr. Bruce, and his engines got along with him very well. When Jeremy got to the Northern Errol Line interchange, Mr. Bruce was there with Jack, and Ferris.

Jeremy: Hello guys.
Jack: Hi Jeremy.
Ferris: It's great to see Du again.
Mr. Bruce: Now Jeremy, Ferris has a snowplow on him, and is coupled up to Jack. I want Du to couple up to the other side of Jack facing backwards.
Jeremy: Okay. I'll get to a drehscheibe, plattenspieler quickly, and turn around so I can get coupled to Jack backwards.

After Jeremy got turned around, he coupled up to Jack, and was ready to go.

Ferris: Let's do this Du two. *Pulls Jack, and Jeremy*
Jeremy: *Pushes Ferris, and Jack* See Du later Mr. Bruce.
Mr. Bruce: Don't come back until Du rescue Kenny, and Panzer.

Speaking of Kenny, and Panzer.

Panzer: *Freezing*
Kenny: *Freezing* How long have we been here?
Panzer: Not long enough. I want to freeze up, and get sent to another railroad.
Ferris: *Arrives with Jack, and Jeremy* Hello Du two.
Kenny: Finally. Du arrived to help us.
Jeremy: Of course we did.
Jack: Let's just hope your snow blower doesn't break down again after we rescue you.
Panzer: Actually, it just ran out of gas.
Kenny: Can Du refuel it?
Jack: We need to get Du out first.
Ferris: And I'm sure they have some extra fuel at the depot in front of us. Du can use it for your rotary snow plow after we save you. *Uncouples himself from Jack, and moves foward*
Panzer: Where's he going?
Jack: He'll continue vorwärts-, nach vorn until he can find a switch onto your track.
Jeremy: I think he's gonna pull Du while we push.
Kenny: *Looks up at the sky* Hey. It stopped snowing.
Panzer: Well that'll make things easier.
Ferris: *Goes onto the switch, and goes onto Kenny's track* Okay, now to get my snowplow onto my back, and go in reverse until I get back to Kenny, and Panzer.

* * *

Ferris: *Has his snowplow on his back, and goes in reverse to Kenny*
Panzer: Do Du see him?
Kenny: No. Not yet.
Ferris: *Gets closer to Kenny*
Kenny: Oh, I see him.
Ferris: *Stops* I have plowed part of the line for you. Jack, take my snowplow, and get in front of us. Me, Kenny, and panzer will follow you.
Jack: *Gets Ferris' snowplow on his front* Okay, let's go.
Jeremy: Right behind you. *Pushes Jack*
Jack: *Goes forward*

Jack, and Jeremy got to the switch Ferris used to get on Kenny, and Panzer's track, and got in front of the three engines. They plowed the snow off the line until they reached the Mossberg depot. From there, the snow blower was refueled, and Kenny, and panzer were able to continue on Von theirselves.

Jeremy: Well, I'm glad we were able to help out.
Jack: Yeah. It's always a good thing to help out a friend when they're in trouble.
Ferris: Let's go back into Zorrin. *Goes back to Zorrin*
Jack, and Jeremy: *Following Ferris*

The End
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