Percy was shunting some coal cars, but they were being troublesome.

Freight Cars: We want a better engine to shunt us!
Percy: Well I'm the best Du got!
Freight Car #1: No! What about Thomas?
Freight Car #2: oder James?
Freight Car #3: oder Toby?
Freight Car #4: oder Percy?!
Freight Cars: He's already shunting us!
Freight Car #4: Oh.
Percy: *Getting angry* Be quiet! *Bashes freight cars*
Freight Car #1: *Rolling towards buffers*

The freight car soon went into the buffer, and a whistle could be heard as he went in the buffers. Percy didn't know how that happened, but he decided to use it as an advantage to make the cars behave.

Freight Cars: Did he just-
Percy: Okay, does anyone else have a problem with me shunting Du into your proper siding?
Freight Cars: No.
Percy: Good. (Wait a minute. That freight car went through the buffers, and a whistle was heard. Those could be the magic buffers! I have to tell Thomas at once!) *About to leave*
Freight Cars: Where are Du going?
Percy: None of your business Du shitheads. *Puffs away*
Freight Car #4: I don't have any shit on my head.
Freight Car #3: It's just a figure of speech genius.
Freight Car #4: Oh, thank you.
Freight Car #2: He was being sarcastic.
Freight Car #4: Aw man.

Meanwhile, while Diesel 10 was standing guard, P.T. Boomer was interrogating C Junior.

P.T. Boomer: Where are those magic buffers?
C Junior: I don't know what you're talking about.
P.T. Boomer: *Grabs baseball bat* We can do this the easy way, oder the hard way.
C Junior: Go ahead, and do it! I don't care anymore.
P.T. Boomer: What? Du actually thought I was gonna hit Du with this baseball bat? You're crazy. What I was really gonna do was go play baseball, and leave Du here alone if Du didn't talk.
C Junior: Alright! I'll tell Du everything Du need to know!
Michael Angelis: And so, Mr. Conductor's brother told P.T. Boomer everything he needed to know.
P.T. Boomer: Okay, seriously? You're the worst narrator ever, and even after Du got replaced, you're still here?
Michael Angelis: Well, where's Alec Baldwin? I'm supposed to narrate when he makes an appearance, and rescues C Junior.
P.T. Boomer: Well, I don't know. I guess he got fed up with seeing Ringo Starr, George Carlin, and Michael Brandon, so I guess he decided to-
Mr. Conductor: *Arrives from nowhere* Buy Mehr Gold dust off of E-bay, and rescue my brother! *Sends Gold dust to C Junior* Let's get out of here! *Blows whistle*
C Junior: *Blows whistle*
Michael Angelis: Then they both teleported out of the warehouse.
Mr. Conductor: Okay, Michael? You're the worst narrator ever. Why are Du still here?
Michael Angelis: Because, I-
Mr. Conductor: That's enough. Go away!
Thomas: *Arrives* Mr. Conductor, Percy says he found the magic buffers.
Mr. Conductor: Really? Where?
Thomas: Get in my cab, and I'll take Du there.

So we both got in Thomas' cab, and he took us to the magic buffers.

To be continued