Thomas: *Going fast*
Diesel 10: *Chasing Thomas*
P.T. Boomer: Go faster!
Diesel 10: This is my oben, nach oben speed. That puffball is going faster than us.
Thomas: Of course I am. I'm Thomas The Tank Engine. Nobody can go faster then me!
Michael Brandon: Thomas huffed, and puffed. He wanted to get away from Diesel 10.
Mr. Conductor: *Shows up from nowhere* Shut up Michael! No one likes you.
Michael Brandon: sagte Alec Baldwin.
Mr. Conductor: *Shoveling coal into Thomas' firebox*
Michael Brandon: Alec Baldwin shoveled Mehr coal into Thomas' firebox. He hoped it wouldn't catch on fire.
Mr. Conductor: I sagte shut up Mr. Brandon! My name is Mr. Conductor, not Alec Baldwin!
Thomas: Mr. Conductor, I think we Lost him.
Mr. Conductor: *Looks behind Thomas* Yep. We Lost him. *Stops at windmill*
Thomas: *Sees Windmill* Hey, I remember this. It's about time they had this back.
Mr. Conductor: What are Du talking about?
Thomas: The windmill. No one has ever seen it in any episode for a long time. They only get to see it in the intro.

Meanwhile, on Muffle Mountain.

Burnett: *Sitting in rocking chair*
Patch: *Knocking on door* Mr. Stone? Are Du there?!
Burnett: *Goes to door, and opens it* Ah, Patch. What can I do for Du my friend?
Patch: Lilly. She went to Sodor with C Junior. Mr. Conductor's brother?
Burnett: Well, we need to go get her. Why would C Junior try to do that while she's coming to visit me?
Patch: I don't know, but we can ask them Fragen when we see them.

Back on Sodor.

C Junior: *Arrives with Lilly* Alec Baldwin! It's good to see Du again!
Mr. Conductor: Oh great. Everyone's been calling me that, I don't need Du calling me that too!
C Junior: Sorry Mr....
Mr. Conductor: Conductor?
C Junior: Ah, I knew that sounded familiar. Mr. Nutterbutter.
Mr. Conductor: My name is Alec Baldwin- I mean Mr. Conductor!
C Junior: *Sees Windmill* Oh, that looks like fun. *Climbing on oben, nach oben of windmill*
Mr. Conductor: Junior, get down from there.
C Junior: No way. *Holds onto windmill blade* This is just like the funfair!
Mr. Conductor: oder Dragon Ball Z.
Lilly: Why that?
Mr. Conductor: Because he's Schauspielen like Goku.
C Junior: I might be able to hit London with a Kamehameha. That'll scare them.

But the windmill was going faster.

C Junior: Whoa. Why is it going faster?!
Mr. Conductor: Get down from there.
C Junior: *Lets go, but goes flying away* AAAAW YEAHHHH!! *Lands on Diesel 10*
Diesel 10: Well well well. If it isn't the brother of Twinkletoes?
C Junior: Hello.
P.T. Boomer: Yes. Hello Junior. *Sees abandoned warehouse* Stop here. This'll be the perfect spot for an interrogation.
Diesel 10: Whatever Du say Boomer.

2 B continued