After the scottish won the battle for Tidmouth Sheds, they had a party, got drunk, and forgot all about the fight.

Meanwhile, Diesel 10, and his group continued searching for the magic buffers.

Splatter: How do we know which one is the magic buffers?
Dodge: Yeah boss. How do we know?
Diesel 10: If we send freight cars flying into them, and they go right through. We'll know.
Splatter: Oh. Is that all?
Diesel 10: Yeah! Now keep looking!!
Splatter & Dodge: Yes sir. *Looking for buffers*

Back at Tidmouth Sheds.

Thomas: It's good that we got the sheds back when those drunk soldiers left.
Percy: Yeah. If they didn't leave, that would be terrible.
Gordon: We'd make them leave.
Toby: Yes Du could, if they didn't shoot you.
Henry: Hey Thomas?
Thomas: What is it Henry?
Henry: I overheard Splatter & Dodge talking about something called magic buffers a few Minuten ago.
Thomas: When was that?
Henry: It was when the scottish were attacking. We left, and they accidentally told me about the magic buffers, thinking I wouldn't remember about them.
Thomas: And Du proved them wrong. Well done Henry.
Henry: Duh, thank you. Why are Du thanking me?
Thomas: Never mind.

At Sir Tophamm Hat's office.

Mr. Conductor: *Talking like Sir Tophamm Hat* Dear Mr. Conductor, where were you? My wife sagte Du would be here Von 1 PM, but you're at least 1 Stunde late. We'll telephone Du when we arrive at our strand house. Signed, Sir Tophamm Hat. *Sees his hat, puts it on, and looks at himself through a mirror* Now all I need is his suit.

The telephone rings.

Mr. Conductor: *Answers phone* Hello?
Sir Tophamm Hat: Where were you?
Mr. Conductor: At Shining Time. I'm very sorry for being late, but I think I'm running low on Gold dust.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Gold dust?
Mr. Conductor: It's that thing I use to go from place to place. Because on Sodor, I'm the size of a man, but at Shining Time, I'm as small as a toy.
Sir Tophamm Hat: That's really stupid, and fucked up.
Mr. Conductor: Sir, what would the kids think if they heard Du say that?
Sir Tophamm Hat: I've got Mehr things to worry about then children.
Lady Hat: Oh Tophamm... Come to bed.
Sir Tophamm Hat: I have to go. *Hangs up*
Mr. Conductor: Interesting.

2 B continued