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So xxheartsUpx gepostet an link on this club's wall. I was interested and clicked on it to see what it was about...and boy did it piss me off!

The Autor starts off Von telling those who do not know about the show, what it is about. Oh, and should I mention that she knows nothing about it? She thinks the girls are still 16-17, even though we're in the fifth season now, and only seems to remember: Flora, Roxy, Musa and Tecna. Great job! Didn't even do any research what-so-ever when Du wrote this. That's always a good sign!

After that embarrassing bit, she begins her "true" first paragraph with...
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This chapter goes to Flora_Luna who's always Lesen my Artikel and being a Fan of my story. Hope Du like it, and all of Du too ;)

-Everyone was surprised to see who was walking out of the shadows-
Bloom: Flora!! It's you
-She run to where Flora was, apparently it was to hug her. But all of a sudden, before Bloom could get any closer to Flora, Flora took a step back letting her know she didn't approve that. Flora looked confident but in a evil way-
Bloom: What's the matter Flora?
-she took a worried glance at her and at her not -Floras-fashion-clothes-
Bloom: Why are Du dressed like this?
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