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this is like a flashback to what causes them to fall apart portrayed in each girl's view point, and why they act the way they do now.

----Just before Summer Vacation
The Winx all sat in their dorm talking. Everything seemed normal until one snapped. Flora had a few weeks off from set, and spent them with her Friends but regretted it every moment. The Winx all got into a huge fight right as they were leaving and it was never resolved.

----The Tag after the dance
Now here they are senior Jahr and nothing has been fixed from what happened just two months ago. Maybe if they had resolved the fight,...
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Just wanted to give my opinions (both positive and negative) on each of the main 6 couples. Yes they are in order from my Favorit to least favorite.

Tecna & Timmy

I actually really Liebe this one. I think it is super cute. The fact that Timmy is the clumsy shy one and Tecna is not. Usually it the other way around--the female is the cute, shy, klutz and the male is the one to go "it's cool I still Liebe you". I think it's a great twist for the roles to be switched. I also Liebe the fact that they are 'the nerd' couple. Typically in shows like Winx the 'nerd' either gets the 'hot' boy oder no one...
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I've been meaning to make an Artikel on this for a while now. As most of Du know I really don't like the Nick dub and am a big Fan of the 4kids version. Well I might as well share a few of the reasons why.

So the first and biggest reason; the actual dub itself. I think the scrip is kind of cheesy and boring. Where as the 4kids version is littered with jokes that are actually funny ("The Quiz in last month's Teen Witch sagte 'What would Du do if Du got to take over the whole universe?' I wrote 'You'll find out soon enough, loser,' and sent it in"). And the subtle adult references they slip...
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