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 Sweet cute, Tiere ! :)))
Sweet cute, ANIMALS ! :)))
Flora: Chatta, is he behind us?
Chatta: Im too afraid to look back !
*Flora turns around*
Chatta: Is he behind us?
Flora: No.. he's gone
Chatta: Hah ! he's such a scaredy cat !
Flora: *giggles* Chatta... Du talk to much
Chatta: I am the pixie of chatter !
*Before they could relax, Karel jumps in*
Flora: ... !!
Chatta: AHHH !
Karel: Grrr....
Layla: Where is Flora?
Amore: Follow us!
*they arrive to the cottage and see that its been damaged*
Stella: My goodness, look at this place !
Bloom: Tecna, scan it please
Tecna: On it !
*Tecna scans*
Tecna: My God !?
Musa: Why? what did it say?
Digit: Its warewolf...
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At the birth of every being, their story is written. Most are hidden in places where no one would look; in the creases of a palm, oder the strings of a soul. Most are undetectable. But there are some, some that are kept where they could easily be looked after.

The stories of princes and princesses are among these precious tales that are guarded from view. Because knowing your future is not necessarily the best thing. Knowing your future is not always safe.


Sparks was beautiful. There was no greater descriptive word Bloom could have used. Everything seemed to shine like a polished tiara,...
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