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posted by nmdis
Hello guys I know I have not continued HEARTBROKEN because that file suddenly got deleted I don't know how. I am so sorry that I won't be able to continue it :( So here's another Fan fiction.

Authors Note : This Fan fiction was started Von user NFO-07 on I loved it very much but s/he stopped on chapter 1 so I continued it. This Artikel is actually 2 chapters Half is written Von the user and half is Von me.

Chapter 1

I quickly opened the envelope in my room. We had been earlier informed that we would be doing a project in the Verzaubert woods in cabins for an outdoor project. The...
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After mrs.F teaches us, my head starts spinning. And my head only spins when somthing bad is going to happen. But i dare tell a soul. If i do, they will all run away like the last time we went out. I hit myself, but that only helps a little bit.
Alice: Hey, Anne are Du okay there?
me:yah,of corse......
toatally telling a lie, of corse. Clairece just glances and i pull away my hai like nothing even happened. Somtimes they annoy me like that. They know that too. Anyways, we walked down the straße of magix city when i collapse. All i hear is:
Alice:Oh no! Are Du okay Anne?
Clairece:Call a docter,now!...
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posted by LilyBeanie04
bloom: i'm sorry about what happened with helia yesterday.
flora: sniff, i know, but that's my problem.bloom, do Du ever get the feeling someone its taking your boyfriend
bloom: yeah.
suddenly,the door was aisha.
aisha: i heard flora crying, flora Du ok??
flora:yeah, i'm just sad about what happen with helia.

later outside of alfea.

Krystal: so what's the plan?
icy:we are going to capture flora
Krystal: sounds great!!!!!!
icy: we will have to do it at night.

that night

flora: i hear something.
she went out of the room to look around alfea.
suddenly,somebody grabbed flora Von the arms.
she was dragged to a portal.
suddenly, she vanished.

to be continued...
posted by laylafly
Winx Club In Concert-Heart Of Stone


I've tried to understand you
but youre still a mystery
sometimes I feel your close
sometimes were miles away

I wish I knew the secret
to reach your herz cause lately
you've got me feeling so alone

One Tag Du take me up
and the Weiter Tag Du would bring me down
stop playing with my feelings
I'm about to lose my mind

Just put your arms around me
why cant Du say Du Liebe me?
And I cant take this anymore

I've had enough of rainy days
just say you're sorry its too late
my life has just begun
Ill be okay

That's why I'm walking out the door
who can Liebe a herz of...
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posted by skyloom
One our special

Wins club echantix
Stella :18

Winx club movie1 and 2 and the power of belevix

Wins club beyond belevix
posted by WinxStellaStar
Oh, Enchantix
Polvere magica
Potere al massimo Enchantix, piu forza mi dara
Potenza massima
Mi Fata
Potere Enchantix
Ali di Luce, Super Poteri Winx!

Oh, Enchantix
Magical powder
Maximum power
Enchantix, powers upon me
Powerful magical,
Powerful, Enchantix.
Incredible vision,
Incredible power, Winx.

Fesd föl az égre,
Itt vagyunk végre.
Repülj a fénybe.
Ha mégsem szeretnéd,
Fagyaszt a, rideg tél.
Varázs átváltozás,
A hihetetlen csodaerő a kincs.
Így hát Winx!

Enchanti-x! Enchantix
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Bloom struted though the magix forest on the hot, sunny day. 'Good job i'm having a walk, because i really need one right now!' She thought, and she was right. She had so much on her mind that she couldn't help but walk her worries away. 'I am so lame going Von myself, i should bring the other winx girls and maybe this walk would be Mehr fun. I mean, this walk is about as fun as gizelda's detentions!' Bloom told herself, gently patting Kiko on his head as he curled up on Bloom's shoulder.
He was upset about alfea also. The fairy of the dragon feuer shuddered as she thought about the following...
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It was a beautiful morning in Alfea when Bloom gave birth to little Adelinda, who's name means dragon. Bloom smiled and sagte to Stella " Thanks for helping me, getting clothes and all." Stella replied " No problem Bloom." Bloom put Adelinda in the krippe and looked at her, she looked her only with Sky's color of hair. Her eyes were a brighter blue than her's. Adelinda looked at the Elfen wide-eyed, she knew who they where The Winx, powerful Elfen and who never backed down from a fight. Adelinda hoped to be like her mother one day, proud and strong. Two years later, Adelinda was now 13 years...
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 Flora in Believix
Flora in Believix
Hello! Me again! : ) Since some people liked my Artikel on Tecna, I thought that I would do another. But this time, on information on *Drumroll Please* Flora! :D Hope Du like this one!



Flora was born on March 1. She is the shyest, most quiet and generous member of the Winx Club.

In the first few seasons, she stayed quiet and really didn't have a strong connection with the Winx. But soon, her bond grew stronger especially with Layla (Aisha in RAI English and the original) princess of Andros due to that she helped Flora gain confidence to talk...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I am not sure if this 100% correct because I did find it on the sirenix Winx Club Wiki page and I have only seen the episodes up to 21, but I do know Bloom's is correct since we have seen Daphne in human form.
Tecna: wished that all of the people of her Home world would become Mehr open and connected to all of the thousands of people of the entire magical universe.

Stella wished that her parents-King Radius and Queen Luna- would listen to their hearts more.

Flora: wished that all people respect nature.

Aisha: wished for Nereus to be...
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It's freaking 2 in the morning! Du know what that means!

Fair warning, this one has an image of Miley's VMA performance.

Perfect. Everything was going right in Icy’s life for once—she had the dragon fire, she was about to take over the universe, and there was free wi-fi. Everything is better with wi-fi.
Wi-fi is love. Wi-fi is life.

Icy promised Darcy and Stormy that she wouldn’t get distracted Von the wi-fi during the final battle. She knew she was lying. I mean come on? What was Mehr important than checking her buttbook status oder her notsoinstantgram and she had to make sure...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So I was wondering what the origin of the names is for the characters. I looked each name up and here is there origins and meanings. Also if it's says feminine it's typically a girls name and if masculine it's typically a guys name.
Bloom: means flowering state, like the new blume just started to bloom.
Flora: it's origin is Latin and the root word is flos meaning flower. Flora was also the Roman goddess of Blumen and spring. It also has been a name dating back to the Renaissance in France. Feminine
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posted by Ilovetheway
Please read... It's my first fanfiction and article. Please read...


Bloom and Stella were best friends.

It seemed like no one could break their friendship... oder could they?? Icy, the leader of the Trix, thinks she can. She went to her sisters, Darcy and Stormy, and told them they need to listen carefully. An evil plan was about to take place....

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posted by florajames
( battle Musik forms)
Timmy: Merida - Legende der Highlands specialist follow me, riven use your saber, Brandon and I distract them at the front and sky and the other will attack those monsters from behind ATTACK!
Layla: no Nabu! Damned monster you'll pay for that!
Flora: helia!
Musa: riven!
Timmy: cold okay, monster too but why polymorphic?
Brandon: maybe for this
Timmy: there are too many, we can never do this
Tecna: cybernetic energy!
Flora: Tecna did Du hurt yourself? Stella careful!
Stella: the light without light of the sun and moon my powers are very weak ( Winx and specialist attack trix and monsters)
( specialist...
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posted by florasedge31
*The winx had already finished selecting what makeup they were gonna where to the dance the Zurück day.

The trix had already memorized the plan and knew what they were gonna where to blend in with the Elfen at Alfea.

since neither groups have anything else to do the Tag before the dance let's skip to the Weiter Tag shall we.

~May 3rd 5:30 P.M~
The winx were doing their hair in their rooms.
Since Tecna has the shortest hair she was finished first.
"How does my hair look Musa?" She asked.
"It looks spectacular." Musa sagte taking a quick glimpse of her hair and going back to curl her own hair.
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posted by florasedge31
Okay read this so it'll make some sense.
Bloom is in Aisha's body
Aisha is in Flora's body
Tecna is in in Musa's body
Flora is in Tecna's body
Musa is in Bloom's body
Keep this in mind. Good luck!
"WHAT DID Du DO!?" The winx yelled at Stella.
"I honestly don't know, what did I do?" Stella asked confused.
"We switched bodies and none of us sagte any spells." Bloom said.(In Aisha's body)
"Oh that's what it did?"
"YEAH!" The winx yelled.
"Wheres the book Du had?" Flora asked. *In Tecna's body)
Stella walked over and picked up the book.
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5. Diaspro - For starts her hair is so cool looking, I Liebe the long blonde locks. Really unique. Her hair piece looks pretty amazing as well. Her outfit in general is pretty cool, especially in her fairy form. She's a pretty unique character, look wise.

4. Musa - I only ranked Musa 4th because after season 3 her style went down hill. I really loved her shorter pigtails they suited her well. The one sleeved hemd, shirt from season 1 was really cool along side the baggy pants. Her eye shape and color really work for her character as well. And any Musik related accessory is a plus, considering I love...
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posted by nmdis
Here it is....


◘Power Jazz
◘Plasma World
◘Plasma Burst
◘Iridescent Flame
◘Aquarian Currents
◘Plasma World
◘Rising Tide

◘Super-Powered Morphix
◘Plasma Magic Bolt
◘Enchantix Morphix
◘Morphix Attack
◘Morphix Surfboard
◘Morphix Shield
◘Enchantix Bolt
◘Enchantix Plasma
◘Pure Verzaubert Morphix
◘Enchanted Morphix
◘Morphix Surface
◘Plasma Magic Ball

◘Morphix Tidal Wave
◘Andros Hurricane
◘Morphix Wave
◘Plasma Wall
◘Plasma Barrier
◘Spirit of Courage
◘Glacier Gush
◘Morphix Blaste.
◘Plasma Board
◘Underwater Breath
◘Morphix Staff
◘Morphix Net

◘Vital Beat

◘Hail Rain

◘Power Whirl
◘13th Seal
◘Mystic Wrap
 Winx believix
Winx believix
One of the guards fainted. "Liliane, Du ready for a convergence?" asks Stella. "You bet!" Antwort Liliane. "Convergence," they hold hands, "Solaria and Valeria power!" Then, three guards fainted.
"Harmony Attack!" blasts Musa. Two guards covered their ears and suddenly fainted. "Laser.. Ray!" Tecna blasts a laser to the last guard and it fainted.
"Thanks Du guys, now let's go to visit the king who separated us," thanked Liliane and they flew off.
They arrived at their destination. Liliane then meets the king. "Your majesty," she sagte and followed Von the Winx. "Lily, who are those strangers?"...
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posted by Winxlove
 Bloom has released her Dragon from inside to defeat Trix
Bloom has released her Dragon from inside to defeat Trix
Hey!As I gepostet the song lyrics "Mean Girls" I will post now the song lyrics of "Magical Bloom".
It's of season 1,and the problem it's that it's very short...but anyway,this song is very beautiful!Here are the lyrics!



Magical Bloom,
Du live on in my heart,
When Du be found to,
Thus strike our heart,
You'll be the heart,
On the secret and Du know,
Yes Du know how the dreamin' side u,
Bless and see, and now i'm fond to find out everything Du are,

P.S:This is a song for Bloom.

See Du very soon with another song!
 Magical Bloom
Magical Bloom