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posted by Gretsel
 Flora's plant
Flora's plant
Morning in Alfea...
(the girls(exept Stella and Flora) are sitting in the sofa when....)
Flora:Oh,no....come back!!!!!(one big plant jumps in Stella's room)
(all they run in Stella's room except stella and flora because they are already in the room)
Stella:Flora!!!!!!What is that thing which is eating my cllllooo0ooothhhheeeesss????!!!!!!!!!
Flora:Oh,I'm sorry Stella:-( i do un experiment....and i try to give to some plants the ability to talk and to think but that plant is out of control.....
Stella:(cries)oh my god!!!!my beutiful t-shirt and my dressssss.......
Flora:i'm,really sorry Stella....i gonna pay them..:-(
Stella:(yelling)these clothes were the last and the only pieces of the ''Magix fashion''What i gonna do now????!!!!!Tell your plant to spit them!!!!!
Flora:I'm afraid that it can' eat them
Stella:grrrrrrrrrrrr.....AAAAAAAaHHHHHHHHHH i gonna kill that stupid plant......:-@
Bloom:Stella was only clothes..,
Stella:ONLY CLOTHES??????bloom are Du hearing what
are Du saying????
Musa:Come on ,Stella Du have so many clothes....
Stella:yes,but all of them are TREASURES FOR ME.....
Layla:Am....girls...sorry but the plant is going in musa's and tecna's room...
Tecna,Musa:OH NO!!!!!!
(all run in Tecna's and Musa's room)
Tecna:(She close her eyes)Oh my god...I can't Open my eyes!!!Musa had happened?
Musa:Oh MY GOD!!!!My flute is BROKEN and BITTEN!!!
Stella:(with a sarcastic tone)Come on Musa...It's just a flute...:-p
Musa:Shut up Stella!
Tecna:Sorry Musa...I mean that i am happy that it didn't eat my things...
Layla:Well,if that iS what Du believe then open your eyes..
Tecna(open her eyes):OH NOOO!!!My LAPTOP!!!My laptop!!!all my homeworks and informations were here!!!it's destroyed!!!
Layla:Oh no!!(runs to her room)My trainers!!!!they are....bitten!!
Flora:Girls,i'm soo sorry!!!:-((cries)i gonna pay for them..
Musa:MY flute was unique!
Tecna:And i made for my own my computer!
Layla:These were my Favorit trainers!
Stella:And what do Du say about My CLOTHES??
Bloom:Come on girls..Flora didn't want to..
Stella:You say that Bloom because it didn't eat anything yours!!
Bloom:What??i will say the same if that moment this plant was eating my thinks!!
Tecna:Well,it just do it!
Bloom:WHAT??OH NO!!my BOOKS!!
Stella:What do Du say now Bloom?
Bloom:i say that we must catch that plant before it destroys the school!
Layla:Not ''destroys''.The correct word is ''eats''
Flora:No girls!i have already made so many problems and it's my plant!I'll go to catch it(cries and start running)
Musa:Flora wait!
Bloom:OK girls we musn't leave her alone!
Tecna:yes!Flora is our friend!
Stella:Hello!This ''think'' eat our thinks!!
Layla:Come on Stella!
Stella:Ok Du are right!What we gonna do?
Bloom:Musa and Layla go on the left,find Flora and catch the plant and i Stella and Tecna will go on the right!
Winx(expect Flora):Let's do it!
(they run)
To Layla and Musa:
Musa:Flora don't worry we aren't angry with you!
Layla:yes Flora!Help us find your plant!
Musa:Where is she?
Layla:I don't know!Let's keep searching and for her and for the plant.
To Stella ,Bloom and Tecna:
Stella:Bloom!Bloom i saw it!!
Bloom:You saw what?
Stella:The stupid plant!It turns on the left!
Tecna:Then run!
To Flora:
Flora:(cries and thinks)What i do to my friends?I destroy their Favorit things!I'am an awful friend!What a shame!I wish i didn't born!

Bloom:Hey!everybody watch out!
Stella:Crazy plant in the corridors!
To Musa and Layla:
Musa:Did Du heard that!?
Musa:We must say it to Flora!
Layla:Flora watch out!
Musa:Your plant has been crazy!!
To Flora:
(the plant jumps with strenght on Flora,and Flora fall down and faints)
(All the girls meet)
Tecna:Flora are Du ok?
Stella:Can Du hear us?
In Flora's mind:
Stella's voice:Flora!
Musa's voice:Flora!

Flora woke up outside of Alfea's gates
Flora:ohhh...MY head...But why am outside of Alfea?Where are the girls?What happened?

Be continued>......

 Be patient!more is on the way!
Be patient!more is on the way!
 <<Ok!You are right!What we gonna do??>>
<<Ok!You are right!What we gonna do??>>
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Alright, now I've been out of Fanpop quite a while, because suddenly the teachers decided they find they haven't enough marks yet, so I'm bursting with tests at the moment. Just a small (horror) one-shot inbetween! I've had this idea for nearly a Jahr now and figured I should do something with it. Don't like horror, don't read! Also, little "language". Please enjoy :)

I've died. Though, I'm not dead yet. Technically speaking, yes. But, I'll Zeigen them. They left me. Left me to burn. And they dared to come back to me. My house.
They all came in, without noticing a thing. Without noticing me as...
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Outside p.o.v
Her Friends were told that she out of surgery, but it’s uncertain if she’ll make it due to the amount of blood she lost, and some traces of lead still remained because of how close to her herz it was. The doctors sagte she most likely has a week left if that. The Friends all cried. Helia asked when can they see her? To which the doctor replied as soon as she wakes up. The group of eleven continued sitting in silence while two Mehr text messages were received. Musa received a text message that read green eyed monster much? If I were Du I would tell them what Du did or...
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