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Chapter 1

Regretting What I did

“Is anyone there” a voice came from behind the door. I guess I heard it twice but was ignoring it as I was really too much lazy to go out and open the door, so I let him shout till mom didn’t went to open the door. I really wanna get rid of this, I am too much lazy but this is how I am and I don’t regret sometimes. But...sometimes I feel desperate and lonely, since she is gone I am all alone. I wanna lie on the bett all Tag long, going to park for a little freshness isn’t such a fun as it was before. She made everything great, being with her was good and I want her back in my life.

Hello! I am Tecna and I am so called “smart” girl who have done hellish thing in this world. And the girl I am talking about is Musa.

“Why are Du so desperate Tecna? Du weren’t like that before. Du are too much skimpy and lazy these days. Is anything Du are hiding from me? oder do Du have had any problem with your school life? Tell me I am your mother” she sagte but I wasn’t listening to her, my eyes were on my laptop and I was dying for Musa to say one word, just one word actually it’s an expression ‘hi’. “I am speaking worthlessly Tecna? Why aren’t Du responding to anything?” she sagte with anger. “Hmm...Mom.” I waited and thought that if I will tell her everything maybe she’ll get Mehr tensed and she’s got B.P problem I don’t wanna disturb her all the time. I am no longer a kid. I rubbed my two fingers hard over my left eyebrow and sagte “No...I am not hiding anything and why would I? Everything is awesome it’s just I am kinda tired these days Du see?” and she stared me suspiciously, she knows me better than I do myself. “I know Du are hiding something but I won’t pressurise Du to tell anything that Du don’t want to tell me but remember one thing when one shares problem it becomes less and I am not only your mom but your friend as well. I hope you’ll be getting what I am saying” and I nodded.

Seriously I wanna share my problem and I agree with each single word she sagte to me but not with her as I have told Du before.
I almost was going to call Musa but then I realised calling her at this moment isn’t a good idea and after what I have done to her I must not call her instead I should go and talk to her. But not today as it’s too late night. Sometimes I become apathy and start to wrangle all around and as I am short tempered I don’t even think what I say which is the baddest things in me. I don’t mean everything I say while fight. Anyway I gotta go and take a nap because I am kinda tired after all the fight and so.
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kürbis Queen made this video 4 me. First is Winx. Sekunde is Charmix,I kno its kinda crappy. Third is Enchantix. And fourth is Believix.
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