I hate the nick version they really messed up a lot for me. This is mostly due to the fact that 4kids was the dub I grew up with and that I'm used too. Don't get me wrong I think Rai is okay too, but 4kids is my favorite. Before anything else; if Du don't want to see anything even close to an insult just do yourself a favor and don't read this. I'm speaking exactly what's on my mind, no sugar coating. My reasons;

1. The characters are all too girly in the Nick version. They took tomboy Musa and turned her into just another heel wearing typical girl. What happened to the sneakers and short hair? Of course this would've happened in the 4kids version too. But the voices make it even worse and it seems like everything not just characters are Mehr girly in this version. And a lot Mehr childish too. The spells, the cloths, the script. Season 5 is overdone with romance. 4kids balanced it out for the most part where as in season 5 girly romance seems to be a distraction for the Winx girls... and Icy.

2. They are all so... So the same as each other. It seems like all the Winx girls are Schauspielen exactly like each other to some degree. And rather than improving and expanding on each character they are down grading them. The Trix have been here for how many seasons now and we don't even know where their Home planet is oder what it's called. Von season 5 all of the Winx and the main villains should have back stories. Again this is probably Mehr of the writer's fault but at least 4kids claimed that they were from a place called Whispiria.

3. The whole go green thing is always rubbed in our faces. I'm cool with it once in a while I mean it's a good message. But they sang a whole song about it while picking up trash. It really contributes to the decline in plot. Sometimes I feel like they are Mehr focused on going green than the actual plot line. And that is not the Winx I grew up watching. A good example is the fact that the Winx know that Tritannus is a problem, but they are Mehr concerned with the trash he leaves around. Perhaps if they, I don't know, focused on beating him (instead of shoving GO GREEN!!!!1!! in our faces) they would get somewhere.

4. Voices and scrips. I have a lot to say for this one: for one they all sound too similar to each other unlike the 4kids dub in which all were unique. Another thing is the nick voice Schauspielerinnen just dont seem to have the same passion as the 4kids one's. In the Nick version they just seem like they are board all the time and very near monotone. The 4kids voice Schauspielerinnen seemed Mehr passionate about in their jobs. They actually sound mad when they are supposed to be mad and joyful when the time comes to be joyful as well. The nick Schauspielerinnen just don't have the passion. On oben, nach oben of that the nick voices are just not suiting for the characters. For one I loved Tecna's British accent is amazing, sophisticated and perfect for her. The nick version of Tecna sounds girly and boring and plain. And then there's the Trix their nick versions really annoy me. They don't even sound evil. They sound like snobby preteen girls and that bugs me. Icys voice in 4kids was just so suiting for her; cold and evil and it seems to pierce into the souls of her enemies. Nicks Icy just sounds like a sissy and I hate it so much. Darcy's voice was so suiting too; dark and seductive. Nicks Darcy was just so girly and pretty much like Icy's. I also really hate how they talk; for exsample when Icy says "I will never ever ever ever ever leave Tritannus" it was so immature and girly. 4kids never did that they kept their speeches in character.

5. Which leads to the fact that they are all so out of character. I already explained Musa. Not only is Musa different but so are the Trix, it's not just their voices that got to girly, it's like they aren't even evil anymore. When Du get a perfectly cold-hearted uncaring villain sacrificing herself and getting all touchy with another villain there's a problem. Even in the
Rai version Icy wasn't that clingy. I have a feeling that if 4kids still had the dub, that relationship would've been a lot Mehr tolerable and in character.

6. The names are kind of annoying to me as well. They called Mirta, Mista. I'm just not used to it. And I don't like Layla being called Aisha. I mean I can tolerate it but I'm not used to it.

7. The whole fairy of _____ is irritating too. Like it's alright the first time but after like episode 5... We get it already. It gets old. I know that Stella is the fairy of the shining sun, I've known that since I was 8 years old, since season 1! I know Musa is the fairy of Music. They don't have to remind us every time that they transform!

8. It seems like Nick doesn't even care about the series. How long have we been on a hiatus now? And with no indication at all of when the episodes will start up again? Nick is to busy promoting Spongebob and the new Janet McCurdy show. Where as 4kids seemed passionate about the show. They advertised it just as much as they did their best show; Sonic X. They even had little Valentine's Tag advertisements with the characters, like the characters actually had a mini discussion on the holiday (I can't be the only one who remembers those) I wish I could find them again because the memory is so vague. They even had blogs for each of the characters on their site, like they would go roleplay as the characters and actually type blogs from their points of view!

9. A lot of people complain that 4kids cut the transformation scenes shorter and I just don't get why. I'm glad they did, that was a "oh thank God" moment for me. The full thing in like the first episode is cool but it soon becomes repetitive and redundant, and looks like they are just filling time so that they don't have to work on the plot as much.