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-Everyone was surprised to see who was walking out of the shadows-
Bloom: Flora!! It's you
-She run to where Flora was, apparently it was to hug her. But all of a sudden, before Bloom could get any closer to Flora, Flora took a step back letting her know she didn't approve that. Flora looked confident but in a evil way-
Bloom: What's the matter Flora?
-she took a worried glance at her and at her not -Floras-fashion-clothes-
Bloom: Why are Du dressed like this?
-Flora looked at herself confidently and putting a hand on her hip-
Flora: This is me now
-Before Bloom could say something else, she remember that Stella was hurt Von a strange magical attack. Bloom didn't want to believe it, but... it is true?.... it could... no, not her. But-
Bloom: Did Du did this to Stella?
-she looked at Flora concerned and pointed at Stella behind her-
Flora: She deserved it
-She gave her a big and evil smile-
Bloom: Flora, she’s your friend. Do Du know what are Du saying and what Du did?
-Flora nodded smiling while looking at each of them-
Layla: Flora what is the matter with you? Du have change all of a sudden. Your not Du anymore
-Flora walked over Layla was. Flora got closer to her and gave her a serious glance before talking-
Flora: Don't like it, deal with it
-Layla looked her angry but didn't say a simple word. She couldn't believe how Flora was acting-

The three evil witches were seeing all that Flora was watching through a magic ball. The witches were controlling her, they took most of the power of Flora and turn her into something evil. But Flora was trapped in herself, she couldn't speak for herself. The evil side of her was on the outside now, and she couldn't do anything. The witches were planning to destroy the winx and Diana, leaving Flora all the job to kill them. Flora didn't want that, but what she could do? The spell was very powerful.

Stella: Flora... I can't believe Du did this to me. I thought we were friends
-she sagte while laying on the floor with Brandon Von her side and the others standing up around her-
Flora: Friends? After what Du told me? hahaha Du made it clear, we are NOT Friends anymore
-She looked at her very serious and smile at her-
Sky: How Du can say that? Du know even when Du girls fight, you're friends
Flora: That doesn't go with me anymore. Look...all of you, I'm not anymore your peaceful little stupid fairy who always had to endure all your Kommentare and insults
Tecna: That's not true Flora
Flora: Don't let me start talking about you
Musa: Flora, I think Du need to calm down a little
Flora: Don't tell me to calm down
-everyone looked at her surprised, they haven't seen her like this, NEVER EVER-
-Flora turn to leave but someone grab her hand from behind, that was just a moment when she angrily push back the person who was, he fell to the floor. Now she could see it was Helia-
Helia: Flora... why are Du doing this to us and me? What have we have done to you?
Flora: That's a very silly Frage Du know. I'm not your muppet anymore, and to them too
Helia: What are Du talking about?
-Flora just turn her back and kept walking. Bloom couldn't stand what she was seeing, she decided to run to Flora and talk to her seriously. But before she could pull her Von the arm,Flora turn her back and hit her with a magical power-
Bloom: AAAh!!...
-She hit the ground very hard-
Everyone: Bloom!!
Layla: Bloom are Du okay?
Bloom: Yeeah.. but Flora, she is not okay, that is not Flora
Tecna: I think is the time for us to use our powers
Musa: But we don't wanna harm Flora
Tecna: She leaves us with no choice
Bloom: All right, let's go WINX!!
-Every girl was in her believix except Stella who was very hurt still-
-Flora transformed too-
Bloom: feuer arrow!!
-Flora dodge it with any difficulty. Flora maked giants vines came underground and wrapped around everyone. She was Mehr powerful. But all of a sudden someone appeared-
"Stop there Flora oder may I say Du witches"
-Flora look at her and without saying any word she made like a skeleton out of vines and started to chase Diana. But the powers of Flora were very harmless to Diana. Evil Flora knew she had to fight Diana Von herself-
Diana: Flora... I know Du can hear me, I know that those witches are taking control over you, and they're not gonna stop until Du kill us all. Du have to fight with yourself to broke the spell. Your the only that can help you, please
Flora: Shut up
-that was the voice from Icy who was mad-
Icy: Du now Du can't do nothing about it. Poor you, Du haven't knew the truth in just a few days before and now Du will lose her again
Diana: If Du were here I will make sure you'll regret everything that Du have done
Icy: hahhaaha
Flora: AAAAH!!
-Diana look at her scared, then it appeared a small smile on her face-
Diana: Du can do it Flora
-The girls got out from the vines and helped the boys-
Stella: We need to encourage Flora. That will give her strengh
-Stella walk to Flora-
Flora: Get away from me!
-Flora threw her a magical power but Stella could dodge it. Stella grabbed her arms in some way she couldn't hurt her-
Stella: Flora... I'm sorry for what I said, please forgive me. I miss Du Flora and I want Du with us, I need Du Von my side, your my friend. Du have to come back, fight please
-Flora sweetened her face for a short moment and then coming from nowhere Flora push her back and was going to hit her with a very giant magical power dark ball when someone screamed, that got her attention-
Diana: Don't do this Flora. I know Du have to hate us for what happened, but I know your a loving, sweet and calm girl and that's what we Liebe about you. We need you, I need you.
-Diana sweetened her face and had watery eyes-
Diana: Since the Tag I knew Du were born, I loved Du so much. I want to get to know Du much better, but Du have to take control over yourself now...
-The witches were talking in her head lies and mean things about her Friends and mother-
Flora: You're all lying. Quit it!!
Bloom: We are not Flora. We Liebe Du and care about you
Flora: SHUT UP!!
-She put her hands on her ears, growling-
Flora: AAAHH!!!

The Trix knew they were in trouble. They knew they had to do something about before it was too late

-Flora push Diana to the floor and she fell. Diana look at her hopelessly. Flora was going to attack her when then, Helia stand up in front of her and got in the middle of it. Flora was going to attack him now but he sweetened his face, he looked at her deeply in the eyes, like everytime he starts thinking how beautiful she is. Flora was going to shoot him but he touch her arms gently. She looked at him mad but in a peaceful way-

Helia: Flora... I Liebe YOU. And I am not lying, I will never lie to you. And yes, I know I hide one secret from you. But Du have to understand, I didn’t want to lose Du cuz that will mean that.... I can’t live without you, your the most important thing for me. And I am ready if I have to sacrifice my life so Du can be okay. I need you... I NEED Du FLORA
-He was crying very emotive, he let go off of Flora’s arms. Flora looked at him concerned but in a strange way. He was in his knees crying-
Flora: I... I lo..
-Everyone turn to look at the sky, they could see the witches-
Icy: Flora, don’t believe him. He’s just acting. He just want to play with you
-Flora looked at him undecisive. Then, she fly up where trix were, she gave Helia a evil glance-
Diana: Now Du decided to come, good to know
- Diana started to use her powers of nature. She was a very powerful fairy. The witches fight with difficulty. Icy was very occupied with Diana and Layla, Darcy with Musa, Tecna and Riven, Stormy with Timmy, Nabu and Sky. Stella was very hurt still. Bloom and Helia were fighting with Flora, but in the same way trying to convince her to fight with herself, with her evil side. Flora didn’t listen to them, she threw a big powerful dark magic. Flora knocked them out, it was super powerful. But inside, Flora was dying, she knew that if she didn't fight more, she would die. That was a very strong word for her, so she decided to try-

-She had her hands over her ears, growling-
Evil Flora: NEVER!
Flora: This is not were Du belong!! Get out!!
Evil Flora: NOO!

-Everyone was trying to see what was happening to Flora but the witches didn’t rest for any Sekunde and kept fighting-

Flora: NOW!!!!

-Flora was.... changing. She was fighting with herself. But before Flora could change at all, the evil side of her glance at where Stella was. She throw her a gigant dark electric and sparkly ball before dissapearing. Leaving Flora to know what was going to happened-

Flora: Oh NO! Stella!

-She saw the gigantic dark magic ball going in her direction. Flora fly as fast as she could. Stella only looked at what was coming towards her. When the ball was near her, Flora step in front of Stella and opened her arms widely. The gigantic magic ball hit her. Everyone turn to look instantly of what happened. The witches laugh evilly. They knew one fairy was down and 5 to go-

Diana: FLORAA!!
-Diana fell to the floor near Flora. She was crying very sadly-

Icy: The plan has been completed, let’s get out of here
-The witches left-

-All the guys gathered around Flora and Diana, who were very hurt. Diana felt her pain , she laying on the ground. She rolled to look at Flora-

Diana: My Flora, wake up please
-Flora was......-
Bloom: Diana... what is happening to you?
Diana: We... I’m dying
Bloom: But why?
Tecna: And why did Du say We?
Diana: Flora is dying, I’m dying too. This is what unite us.
Bloom: That can’t be. We can do something still, right?
-Bloom started to cry-
Diana: Wait for us to go
-Everyone was very sad. Then Bloom started to think. Stella threw her arms at Flora crying really hard-
Stella: Du can’t go, I feel very stupid for letting Du get in the way. I was supposed to protect you, to give Du my life if that is what it takes. Flora I’m very sorry. Don’t go please. You’re my sister, I Liebe you
Bloom: I know
-she sagte in a low voice-
Bloom: Make space
-Bloom was on her knees-
Bloom: I hope this works
Sky: What you’re gonna do Bloom?
Musa: Bloom?
Bloom: Strength of life! Help me this time, not lose my friend but to heal my sister
-Bloom used all her powers to make it work. After a long moment she got tired and sighed. She looked at Flora and Diana, but nothing. They started to cry, they Lost Flora and Diana-

Stella: It didn’t work
-She cried on the arms of Brandon-
Helia: Flora.. no
-He bent to KISS her for the last time. She looked very peaceful-
Musa: I will miss Flora
-She hugged tightly Riven-
Riven: Everyone is going to miss her


-Everyone looked at Diana who was waking up-

Stella: What this means?
Tecna: Flora is still alive!!
-Everyone smiled-
Flora: uuuh?..
Helia: Flora, you’re still....
Flora: Alive
-She gave him a small smile-
Stella: Floraaaaaaa!!
-Stella gave her a big and strong hug-
Flora: ouch!
Stella: Sorry
Bloom: Stella
Stella: Hey... I sagte sorry
-Everyone giggled-
Musa: Flora we’re happy that Du survived
-Flora gave her a short glance-
Flora: I don’t feel so good
Helia: We know that
Flora: Oh my... Diana!
Diana: uuh! Don’t worry about me, I’m gonna be fine
-she gave her a small and delicate smile-
Flora: I Liebe Du mom!
-That final word made smile bigger Diana-
Sky: Let’s get out of here
Brandon: Yeaah! It’s dark already

-That night Flora went to sleep feeling still hurted. Flora thought about all that the winx have gone through because of her, she knew they were real friends. But, she had to talk to someone else. She had to know what happened to Helia and what he did. He never spoke about that during that hard time-

The Weiter Tag at Alfea

-Flora waked up and made a big effort to stand up-
Layla: What are Du doing Flora? You’re very weak still
Flora: I’m not
Layla: Yes Du are, look at you
Flora: I’m alright Layla. I can walk Von myself
Layla: Are Du sure?
-Flora happily nodded-

-Flora communicate with Helia. They got into an agreement to see each other at the forest near the river when the sun goes down-

-The girls were sitting on the couch. Flora entered-
Stella: Flora...I’m very...
Flora: Don’t say nothing more. I forgive you. And for the record, Du will always be my sister too and I will always forgive Du no matter what, I Liebe you
Stella: aaaww... Liebe Du too
-They hugged each other until Layla came to them-
Layla: And I’m sorry for not believing and being with Du
Musa: Me too
Tecna: Me three
-They hugged the 5 of them-
Bloom: I’m sorry too
-Then all the girls gathered around Flora and gave her a group hug-
Flora: aaaw... I Liebe Du girls
Every girl: We Liebe Du too
-Then they laugh loudly-


At the forest

Helia: So that's why Diana took Du away with her?
-Flora nodded, she had told him all the story, as him too. He told everything about how he confronted his father and leaved him and the princess behind-
Helia: So now I will have to call Du princess Flora
-He bowed-
Flora: Don't be silly
-They laugh, but then it became silence and awkward at the sudden look face to face-
Flora: Helia... I didn't know that...
Helia: What Flora?
Flora: uuum... I guess Du should have done what your father told you, now he will not talk to you
Helia: Flora I don't care
-Helia took her Von her arms and approach her closely to him-
Helia: All I care now is for Du and me, and I have to say that Du demonstrate that Du really Liebe me Von trying to find me and confront me. It's the best decision that I had made and I don't want to lose Du anymore. Flora, I was scared cuz I thought I will never see Du again
-Flora was very speechless. Then, Helia came closer to her-
Helia: I Liebe Du Flora
-Flora's face was like a tomato-
-Helia came closer to her, and sweetly and carefully KISS her passionately. It lasted much Mehr than any other kiss-
Flora: I Liebe Du too
-Then they sat on the border of the river that was near, and together they saw the sunset-

-The End?-

-They sat to see the sunset, listening to the humming of the bees, the sweet and funny Singen of the birds, smelling the sweet scent of the trees, Blumen and mostly all the nature-

" I found her"
-A manly voice spoke under the trees and bushes. He had been watching for a long time-
"I need her"
"I will Flora, You'll be mine"...........................

Finally, THE END!

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