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posted by laylafly
Bloom: we been invited to a Halloween party over Mitzi's house
Stella: no thx the last time was enough
Layla: that's true I dont want to be pranced again
Musa: come on we were 17 we were young then
Stella: ok then we have a party to go to now
Bloom: the party is tomorrow
Stella: we have to go to the mall
Roxy: why
Stella: because I don’t have anything to wear
Flora: but Stella Du have the hole mall hahaha
Tecna: let's take the bus

Stella: these stores are all new
Tecna: wow
Mitzi: Hey nice Tag to Du
Layla: excuse me what
Mitzi: I said
Flora: we get it
Mitzi: bloom did u get the invitation
Bloom: yes Im very spriest because Du sagte I will never invite Du ever again
Mitzi: people can change Du know now bye

Mitzi: bloom sweaty Im so happy Du made it and your friends
Flora: wow Mitzi Du look beautiful but don’t Du think your wearing to much jewelry
Mitzi: it's my party no one here is a thief now have a gr8 time bye
Roxy: I will try
Layla: let's go to the dance floor Musa


Mitzi: ok now we all had abendessen now its time for scary Storys
Mitzi: all right who has a scary story
Mitzi: no one ok I will go first it is about the three ghost freaks
Stella: ghost what?
Layla: I have no idea what she is talking a bout
Mitzi: silent
Andy: but who are they Mitzi
Mitzi: they are the Elfen of the sky there powers were coming from there magic ring but a thief stall there ring and they promised to revenge who ever did that and now there souls still looking 4 the person who did that
Roxy: when did they exactly died
Mitzi: 13 years
Bloom: so u say they r coming today
Bloom: ok every one stay comas
Musa: Tecna see if Du can get the power on
Tecna: ok I will try
Mitzi: oh no my ring oh no my Favorit ring

To be continued
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