The Wanted boys are Schreiben songs for their Sekunde album

The band, fresh from their Kürzlich No.1 Glad Du Came, are out to prove they are Mehr than just pretty faces, Von becoming songwriters.

‘We’ve pretty much written the whole Sekunde album ourselves,’ eichelhäher, jay McGuiness told Metro.

‘We went to a load of Schreiben places. We wrote a little bit on the first album but this time we owned it. We didn’t just sit in the room and watch it happen. We crafted this one. It’s really exciting. There’s one track we think is going to be our single and our record label Island are trying to line us up with some big USA artists so that is something to look out for.’

And McGuiness, 21, sagte five heads were better than one. ‘This album we did one track as all five and then we separated into twos again and with other co-writers but we are in the flow now of how to do it,’ he added.

With a first stadium tour on the way Weiter year, McGuiness sagte the fact they hadn’t come from a reality Zeigen felt even sweeter.

‘We’ve grown this,’ he insisted. ‘It didn’t just happen and we slogged for so long and didn’t really know what was going to happen and then I think when we got the No.1 there was a while when we thought we had won the lottery.’

But he and bandmates Nathan Sykes, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George and Tom Parker refuse to take anything for granted. ‘Over this Jahr it taught us it’s only going to last as long as we make this work,’ he said. ‘Then getting the No.1 at the end of the year, it’s made us realise Du have to put in a lot of effort and we have done. I think there is a bit of pride in there now.’

As for Weiter year’s arena shows, eichelhäher, jay promised: ‘We’re a lot better on stage now.’