Daryl has to escape at some point, he won't always stay a prisoner at the Sanctuary. And I think he'll end up at the Kingdom. Here is how and why.

Daryl & sherry ~ 7x03 ~ The Cell

I think in the end, Dwight and sherry will help Daryl escape. He can't escape alone, that's pretty much impossible, he needs help. At least from Sherry, but I'd like to think Dwight will be in on it too.

Dwight ~ 7x04 ~ Service

After he does escape, he can't go back Home to Alexandria. That's the first place Negan will go looking for him, and Daryl would put everyone at Alexandria in danger for going back there.

The safest thing Daryl could do is go to the Hilltop. He knows where it is and Negan might not think to go look for him there. But then, he might after all, because the Saviors know that Hilltop was dealing with Alexandria.

This is why I think that when when he gets to the Hilltop, someone, probably Jesus, as he's the one who goes out the most to deal with other communities, will tell him about the Kingdom. It would be the safest place for Daryl to go after his escape, because Negan deals with the Kingdom outside of the Kingdom. The Saviors don't go at the community to make their deals. Daryl can hide there for a while.

Daryl ~ 7x04 ~ Service

Another small prediction about this story, is that once he get there, he'll see Morgan. morgan will tell him about Carol being in that little house. He'll probably want to see her, after everything that happened. I think he's going to be the one to tell Carol and morgan about what happened to Abraham and Glenn back on that road.

When Daryl tells Carol about Glenn, it's going to get very emotional, and I think actually talking about it will help Daryl deal with his guilt about Glenn's death.

Daryl ~ 7x03 ~ The Cell

These are my predictions on Daryl's storyline for Season 7.

What do Du guys think?
Completely wrong?