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Die Fanauswahl: Yes!
Die Fanauswahl: Alice
Die Fanauswahl: David Horton (him too)
Die Fanauswahl: no
Die Fanauswahl: The Vicar - Geraldine Granger
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littlefirevixen sagte …
Soz i no its Zufällig but havin vicar of dibley crave noticed in epusode the windiw and weather the Kommentar she made that she wanted 2b cremated and sit on her mums mantle n scare the crap out her but just popped in the episode of her bday i think when alice and hugo try to find relatives n pulled the old lady out she sagte no cant be mum she died when i was 10 watched these episodes loads n not notced wondered if anyone else has soz for randomness lmao xxx gepostet vor 7 Monaten
littlefirevixen Kommentiert…
Will add tho signed up with Facebook so got automated name i got littkefirevixen which seems perfect and fittinf my names roxy and sometimes get cakled foxy LOL x vor 7 Monaten
glelsey sagte …
Liebe the new Icon and banner here! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Nerdbuster2 sagte …
I just can't stop laughing whenever I watch it!

and I adore Alice <33 she is so sweet!

Liebe Du all!!!!!
gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
littlefirevixen Kommentiert…
Definitely agree with that daft as a brush but made the program thet all did wish it never ended haha xx vor 7 Monaten