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Bonnie grabbed her head and fell on her knees. She’d been struck with a sudden brain attack and she imagined this was what Damon had felt when she attacked him.
“Bonnie!” Matt exclaimed. He wanted to help her stand, but she raised her hand at him. She then stood herself.
“Damon tried to talk to me” she started. “Veronica has Elena. She and Jeremy are in the same place. There’s fire”
“This is ridiculous” Matt muttered. “Can Du do something about it?”
“I’m going to try” Bonnie replied determined.
Katherine and Stefan felt their skin burn Von the sun, when suddenly grey clouds floated before the sun. A Sekunde later rain poured down on their sore skin.
“Damn it!” Veronica cursed. “Stupid Bennet witch. Hey!” she yelled at one of her minions. “Go to my house and kill the girl”
The minion turned around and came face to face with Kol.
“Hello” he smiled and he reached out a hand. “We haven’t been introduced yet. I’m Kol Mikaelson” The girl accepted the hand and Kol bent her arm painfully until he heard something snap.
Veronica gasped and tried to prepare her crossbow, while Kol drained the minion from her blood. He dropped the body and Veronica fired an Arrow at him. Kol didn’t even flinch. He pulled the Arrow out of his stomach. “Well, that’s no way to greet an Original Vampire”
While Kol distracted Veronica, Klaus and Rebekah rushed to the other vampires. Klaus stopped at Caroline and ripped off the chains, while Rebekah freed Stefan. She tried to pull Stefan away, but he freed himself to unchain Katherine.
“Are Du alright?” Klaus asked Caroline. Caroline nodded and Klaus lifted her in his arms, despite the fact that she could walk herself.
“Get Katherine out of here” Stefan told Rebekah. “I’m going to help Damon” He walked around the stake and broke the chains.
“No!” Veronica screamed as her prisoners escaped. Then she got an inspiration. “Damon!” she shouted desperate. “Elena’s in the fourth room. If Du want to save her, Du have to be quick”
Damon rushed inside the building and Veronica smiled evil. Elena was not in the fourth room. Kol noticed her satisfaction and he grabbed her arm. He dragged her to the building and entered it.
“Now, the sooner Du tell me where that girl is, the sooner we’re out of here”
Bonnie had managed to keep Elena and Jeremy’s room fireproof. However, any other part of the building was burning.
“Elena!” Damon yelled. Elena looked up. “Damon! I’m in here!” she shouted as loud as she could.
Kol was faster than Damon and he opened the room where Elena and Jeremy were captured. He walked towards their cell and ripped the door off.
“Who are you? Where’s Damon?” Elena asked afraid as Kol walked towards them.
“Don’t be afraid. I already fed” Kol sagte casual. He bit his wrist and forced his blood on Jeremy. “Your boyfriend’s walking around here”
“I heard him” Elena nodded. “What about the others?”
“They’re safe” Kol promised.
“Good” Elena sighed relieved. She looked at Jeremy to the exit. She was being torn between helping her brother and finding Damon, but help arrived in the form of Stefan. Knowing Jeremy would be safe, sicher with Stefan, Elena ran out of the cell.
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