Vampire Diaries – Fernsehserie Extended Promo for 2.20 The Last Day: Favorit part?

Pick one:
Klaus wanted me to deliver a message, the sacrifice happens tonight
Jenna holding a crossbow (lol!)
I Liebe Du so much
I can't lose you/It's my life, Damon
Close your eyes
(Audio) Oh, my God/What did Du do?/ Noooo!
Damon punching Matt
Caroline chained up
Someone falling from the stairs
Stefan punching Damon
Stelena KISS
Damon grabbing Katherine Von the neck
Jules chained up (yay!)
Damon smacks Tyler doen in front of Caroline and Matt
Get out of here, go! - Tyler transforming
I need Du to do something for me.
Klaus will kill Du and everyone you've ever met.
The ritual will happen tonight, be a good little vampire and don't screw it up
You're gonna screw it up, aren't you?
 iandamonfan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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