Bonnie turned to Keith. “Have Du ever been in this house before?” Keith nodded heavy. “Okay, find me five candles and something to lit them” Keith ran off to fetch those things and Bonnie walked to the cupboard. She opened the drawers and searched them until she found a piece of paper and a pen.
“What are Du up to?” Matt asked both curious and fascinated. While Bonnie wrote something down she explained.
“Months Vor I put a curse on Damon to keep him in check. I could follow his every word and move”
“Yeah, I know”
“It turns out there are some leftovers from that curse” Bonnie continued. “I was able to reach Damon while I was in the tomb. I want to see if I can do that again”
Keith returned with the candles.
“Use four of them to make a square and put the fifth one in the center. Then lit them” Bonnie ordered him. She walked to the tabelle and grabbed her glass of water. She walked to the sink for a refill.
“Earth…earth” she mumbled agitated. Then she looked up at Matt. “I need Du to take of your shoes”
A little stunned, Matt took of his shoes and gave them to Bonnie, who in the meantime had fetched a pot. She accepted the shoes and knocked them to one another, causing the earth to fall off.
“What are Du doing?” Matt asked confused.
“I don’t have my powers back yet, so I’m going to try to extract energy from the four elements of nature” Bonnie explained. She nodded at the pot. “Earth” She rotated her head to the glass. “Water” She looked at the candles. “Fire” She looked up. “Air”
She stepped inside the square and bent down on her knees. She held the piece of paper against the flame and closed her eyes.