Tyler woke up with a burning pain on his chest. Someone was caressing his exposed chest with a vervain flower.
“Good evening, Tyler” a woman said. It wasn’t Veronica. She had a paper bag with her, probably full of vervain and wolfsbane. Her hand disappeared in the bag, but she withdrew her hand she was holding up a sandwich. Tyler raised his eyebrows, something that didn’t go unnoticed. “What? A girl’s got to eat, right? And I don’t know how long I’ll be in here, because that totally depends on you”
“Why? If you’re going to kill me, why not just do it?” Tyler snapped hostile. The woman pressed the vervain blume against his chest and he cried.
In the same building, but another room, Caroline, Katherine and Stefan were locked in separate cages. Caroline heard how Tyler was being tortured and no matter how hard she tried to shut it out, she could hear Tyler’s cries perfectly clear.
“Tyler!” Caroline screamed terrified. One of the minions, Schauspielen as guard, shot her in the shoulder with a regular gun.
“Shut the hell up!” he barked. He walked away and Caroline cast him a furious look, while she took out the bullet.
“Caroline” Stefan whispered loud. Caroline looked up and stroke her hair behind her ear. She couldn’t see Stefan, but she could hear him. “Caroline, I promise Du everything will be okay. We’ll get out of here and we’ll be safe. But right now I need Du to stay calm”
Caroline swallowed and forced back her tears. “Okay” she nodded.
“I’m Charlene, Von the way” the woman introduced herself to Tyler. She spoke with a British accent “I’d ask Du yours, but I already know, and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t care. I do have other questions, though, and I’d like to have them all answered truthfully” She stood and walked to Tyler. “First question, we have Stefan Salvatore, Katherine Pierce, Caroline Forbes and you. We know where Damon is, we’ll catch him later. But is there any other Supernatural creature we should know about?”
Tyler figured Veronica and her army didn’t know about the Originals.
“No” he lied.
Charlene stroke the vervain blume against his belly and his screams filled the entire room.
“Let’s try that again, shall we?”