Evening fell and Stefan walked out of the hospital. There was no one outside, at first sight. Stefan headed to the parking lot when he heard a whoosh and turned around. No one was there. He turned around again and faced Rachel.
“Rachel, hi, I was wondering when I’d see Du again” he sagte calm.
“I’m sorry, Stefan, but I have to do this” Rachel plead apologetic.
“Do what? Stefan asked suspicious. Then he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Three of Veronica’s minions had snuck op him. Stefan turned around and grabbed the vervain stabber Von his throat. Stefan snarled and the minions cried from fear. It was the first time they saw a vampire in his true form.
One of them searched in their pockets and conjured a small bag of vervain herbs. Stefan, unable to watch all three at the same time, didn’t see him coming. The minion rubbed the vervain in Stefan’s eyes and Stefan, blinded Von pain, fell on his knees. Rachel grabbed his head and snapped his neck.
“Is he dead?” the vervain stabber asked trembling.
“For now” Rachel replied.
Caroline walked out of the Grill. After her visit to Elena and her bumping into Bonnie in the hospital she had needed a drink. Lots of drinks. She understood Elena’s point of view, but didn’t Elena understand theirs. Caroline wasn’t ready to lose her best friend. She wanted Elena to fight for her life. After all, Caroline had fought too. It hadn’t been easy, but with Stefan’s help she made it through and she came out better than before. But Elena wouldn’t even give it a chance. She could always stake herself if she really didn’t like being a vampire. Caught up in her thoughts Caroline stepped in her car, but the moment her skin touched the upholstery she shrieked. Someone had rubbed her seats with vervain.
“Yep, vervain’s a bitch” a female voice sagte from behind Caroline. Caroline turned around and looked at an unfamiliar girl. She grabbed her throat, but withdrew her hands immediately. The girl showed Caroline a bottle. “Vervain oil. Really good for the skin. If you’re human, at least” She aimed the bottle at Caroline a squeezed. A gush of vervain oil spouted on Caroline’s face and Caroline screamed.
The girl conjured a chain and chained Caroline’s hands.
Katherine was pacing up and down the Boarding House.
“Will Du relax, please?” Rebekah requested annoyed.
“He should’ve been here Von now” Katherine sagte nervous, referring to Stefan.
“Maybe he’s found someone better” Rebekah teased. Katherine was too concerned to notice.
The door opened and Derek rushed inside.
“Katherine, Du have to come with me” he sagte agitated. “It’s Veronica. She’s going crazy. She has Stefan”
“Stefan?” she repeated horrified. “I’ll come with you”
“Me too” Rebekah sagte determined.
“No” Derek replied quickly. “You should gather your friends. Damon, Tyler, Caroline and prepare them”
Rebekah nodded in agreement and Katherine went with him. Once outside she felt a sharp pain in both her sides. When she pulled the stakes out they were replaced Von two others.
Derek realized they would never get Katherine to the van, so they decided to bring the transporter, van to her. Struggling and throwing around punches, Katherine tried to escape. But with a new stake entering her body within seconds, she eventually had to give up.
Inside Elijah covered Rebekah’s mouth. As much as she disliked Katherine, she’d wanted to come her assistant when she heard the screams.
“If Du go now” Elijah whispered in her ear. “they’ll know what Du are and we’ll have Lost our only trump”
Tyler was having abendessen with mother and mayor Carol Lockwood. Tyler had been trying to talk to Caroline ever since Veronica broke up with him. He wanted to try and make everything alright with her.
“Something wrong, sweetie?” Carol asked worried.
Tyler shook his head. “Can I be excused?” he asked and Carol nodded. Tyler walked to his room, when his phone rang.
“Tyler, hey, it’s me” Veronica sagte with a heavy voice. She sounded like she had been crying. “I’ve been thinking. I think I made a mistake breaking up with you. I can’t stop thinking about you. I miss Du all the time”
“Ronnie, I’m sorry, but Du were pretty clear” Tyler Kommentiert a little annoyed. He hated these hot and cold kind of girls.
“I know Du must hate me right now, but can we at least talk about it?” Veronica asked tearful.
Tyler glanced at the door. If he was quick his mother wouldn’t have to find out.
“Alright then. I’ll come over” Tyler sighed indulgent.
“Thank you, Tyler” Veronica sobbed and she hung up.
Tyler walked to the window, opened it and jumped. The moment his feet hit the ground, a rope was wrapped around them and he Lost his balance.
He tried to get up and fight his attackers, when one of them held a stake against his heart. “I know this won’t kill you” he started. “But if Du try to resist this stake will go inside your girlfriend’s undead heart. And Von girlfriend I mean Caroline Forbes” He gave Tyler proof that they had Caroline and Tyler went with them.